Tesla Deliveries Up 229% In California In Q2: Model 3 Outsells Prius

AUG 23 2018 BY MARK KANE 21

Tesla is the fastest growing EV car brand in California

During the second quarter, the number of Tesla registrations in California – according to the California New Car Dealers Association – amounted to some 14,099 electric cars, which is 229.1% more than a year ago. Only the Alfa Romeo (part of FCA) was able to achieve a better result, however at 10 times lower volume – 1,431 and 268.8%.

Tesla is able to push forward despite overall sales of cars decreasing, as currently, consumers are more willing to purchase trucks (sales of trucks are growing and exceed cars).

In the first half of the year, Tesla registrations in California reached 21,629 (up 139.4%).

The Model 3 is the top-selling model in Near Luxury Car category (8,951 in Q2 and 12,674 in H1), far ahead of the Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3-Series.

Moreover, Model 3 was in Q2 ahead of all Toyota Prius sales (8,515).

Tesla, in comparison with some other brands:

  • Mercedes 21,246 (+8.7% y/y)
  • BMW 18,347 (+9.4%)
  • Lexus 14,580 (-8.7%)
  • Tesla 14,099 (+229.1%)
  • Audi 10,623 (-3.0%)
  • Porsche 3,476 (1.3%)
  • Jaguar 1,305 (-44.4%)

Top Selling Models in Each Segment – New Light Vehicle Registrations (YTD ’18 thru June) (source: California New Car Dealers Association)

Above Right: Hybrid and Electric Car Market Share in California (source: California New Car Dealers Association)

Source: California Auto Outlook – Q2’2018 – California New Car Dealers Association

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I don’t see the Honda Clarity as being a subcompact.

Agreed, it’s basically the same size as an Accord.

Should have made an Accord PHEV again

That’s essentially what they did, but in the wrong skin. Honda should put a stake in the Clarity line and just do an Accord PHEV while sticking to the Fit EV for their EV fix and completely ditching the fuel cell delusion.

I don’t see a legend for the graph. Is blue fossil fueled hybrids or just Prii? Presumably green represents BEVs while red represents PHEVs. If so we don’t see a significant bump from the TM3. Regardless it would appear CA is over 6% EVs which is significantly better than China.


Klick on the graph and you’ll see the legend

Thank you!


Please add a caption under the 1st graph above, saying “Click on graph for more detail” or words to that effect.

Thanks for the article!

Fixed. Captions screw up those charts. I removed it and put the source at the bottom of the page. Now, you don’t have to click to see it all. Thanks!

Man did Jaguar get hammered. I can see why they are developing an ev.

Lexus doesn’t have an EV or a Plug-in, looks like it’s hurting the brand.

If you look at the trucks/SUV/CUV section – Toyota and Lexus are doing well. The main issue with the model 3 it’s a car in a truck/SUV/CUV world at least in the US. In it’s class it’s doing well, but I would put it in the entry Luxury category – not near luxury. It’s probably only in that category due to price.

Surprisingly the Bolt is doing well against it’s class competitors. In California it doubles the Chevy Impala sales.

Error in fourth paragraph:

The Model 3 is the top-selling model in Near Luxury Car category (8,951 in Q1 [should be Q2] and 12,674 in H1), far ahead of the Mercedes C-Class and BMW 3-Series.

Thanks for your work.

Thank you.

Based on the graph, it looks like all “electrified” vehicles now account for 10% of sales in California and they’re still ramping up over a bunch of models. Also intriguing that i3 is outselling the 2-series.

A little depressing that the entire “green car segment” only went from ~9% in 2013 to ~10% in 2018.

2018 isn’t over 😉

Toyota was a precursor with its hybrid cars. Very bold approach at the time. Now it seems to be awfully late. And I have no doubt that its communication despising the plug in aspect of the EV will be remembered.

Wait, what’s up with the headline? The Prius clearly notched ~4k more sales than the Model 3.

In Q2 (Prius 8,515 / Model 3 8,951). The chart is 2018 through June. Those numbers are in the story and there’s also an embedded tweet about it:


Dear InsidEvs team, I’m sorry to bother you with this. I am not sure if it is a problem which only occurs with my browser, but for a while now I get bothered by something… Maybe since the big redesign… btw. I got used to it… luckily humans adapt to new things… well…

The legends? of the graphs are often unreadable, because the headline? at the bottom… ahhh need sleep. sorry. strg-C
“Hybrid and Electric Car Market Share in California (sou”
covers hybrid, plug in, electric +(line colors)
wouldn’t headline be sufficient? could read which line is what car type.

screenshot might explain better… feel free to delete this post or leave it for others to remember not posting while sleeping…

keep up good work.

Yes, we fixed it. Since the redesign, captions sometimes cover the bottom information on charts. You can click on the chart and see it. However, I just eliminated the caption, so it should be fine now. Thanks for the kind words.