Tesla Critic Changes Stance On CEO Elon Musk


As the year comes to a close, the unexpected positivism surrounding Tesla is refreshing.

Is Tesla flawless? Nope. Is Elon Musk perfect? No, and he’s the first to admit that he’s far from it. It’s surely not difficult to poke holes in Tesla’s successes and discount CEO Musk for one reason or another. In fact, over the holidays we’ve received an influx of email tips from short-sellers and haters pointing us toward a slew of unsubstantiated speculation talking about how the electric automaker is destined to fail miserably.

Despite this, we are also seeing a flood of positive Tesla press, in which critics are converted, the Model 3 is winning awards amongst gas-powered vehicles (in Detroit!), and mainstream media is supporting EV adoption.

We’re clearly in a transitional period here, and while we are sure to see many more negative articles in the future, the fact that this type of coverage is in the mainstream is truly compelling.

Is Fox Business host Stuart Varney becoming an Elon supporter?

If you’re unaware of Varney, he’s surely not an Elon Musk fan. He’s spent many a broadcast discounting Musk, Tesla, and SpaceX. Varney has a specific issue with subsidies, but his hate has seemed more deeply rooted, far beyond tax breaks. The host also voices concerns about Musk’s Twitter engagements and has gone so far as to say the:

 … writing is on the wall …

… to run Tesla effectively, (he has to) calm down and maybe close (his) Twitter account or retire to a nice corner office and let an adult run things.

However, recently, Varney has decided it’s time to re-evaluate the Silicon Valley CEO. He admits that Musk is “brilliant,” and a visionary that actually makes his dreams a reality. Varney says that the CEO’s achievements have simply been overlooked by many, due to some controversies. He explains (via Teslarati):

In the age of social media, we tend to fixate on the negatives. It’s easy to pour scorn on someone who behaves like Elon Musk. But step back, and look at what he has actually done: He’s in the car business, the space business, the mass transit business. He’s got a product in all three industries. That is tangible success. Give the man credit.

This is yet another huge positive for the EV segment as a whole. Check out the short video above to hear Varney’s words for yourself. Then, let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via Fox Business on YouTube:

Elon Musk is surely the prime example of a brilliant entrepreneur: Varney

FBN’s Stuart Varney on Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s achievements that are often overlooked due to his controversies.

Source: Teslarati

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Finally some recognition from Fox.

Tesla’s agenda helps Trumps Agenda.
-Makes USA Cars.
-Exports USA Cars to Europe and China, helps Trade Imbalance.
-Creates American Jobs.
-Stops money flow to Arab States.
-Makes Trumps Economy look better.

I think Elon is not so much focused on Make in the USA as he’s putting up a big plant in China. So I don’t think he shares President Trump’s imperatives and agenda of make in the USA.

Well, if Trump could somehow convince China to remove Auto Teriffs, and Tesla had More Homegrown capacity, he might ship more cars from the USA to China; However, Shipping cars is in itself contrary to all “Make It Local” aspects of reducing Fossil Fuel Usage, his bigger goal!

Elon Musk had as much focus in producing most products in USA as he was able to do. As of now all Tesla cars are made in America, including the battery packs in Nevada. Most rocket parts are made and assembled in Hawthorn, CA.
It is very costly to make cars in America and ship to China and add the 15% tariff to compete with the cheap labor force in China. Tesla plant in China is mostly producing cars for the Chinese and possibly for Asian buyers.

“Tesla plant in China is mostly producing cars for the Chinese and possibly for Asian buyers.” – Exactly! Moving more towards Local Production, as fast as they can!

Just as the Supercharger Network uses Locally Produced Electricity as much as possible, at the Moment! In due time, even those will get better, with More Local Solar!

(I would like to see more focus on Smaller “Run Of The River” Hydro too! Many tiny creeks can also produce stable power, and even some daily peak power, but arent being used yet!)

Even Wind Power: our Farm Home in B.C. experiences a typical Summer “Daily Wind” increase at about 2 PM, Daily! Right on time for extra Power needs for conventional Air Conditioners (Which, in many cases could, and should, be replaced by Ground Source Heat Pumps!).

It’s good when an American company sets up a plant in China. Seems like it is mostly the other way around these days.

Let’s not forget: By lowering demand for gasoline, it makes gas prices cheaper. That’s not exactly what we want, but it helps Trump’s agenda. We know that falling gas prices are not due to cheaper crude oil prices, because 1) crude oil isn’t getting cheaper, and 2) diesel is getting more expensive.

So, it follows then, that a Tesla Semi (and some Electric ones from Daimler, Volvo, and others), will in time make Diesel Less Pricey?

What will it require for us to start hearing of an Oil Refinery Closure (not just a Maintenance Shutdown)? 2 Million Electric Vehicles? 3 Million? 5 Million? 10% of yearly US Sales? 20%?

When the First Refineries close their doors, AND pump Prices stop Rising, we Will know EV’s have made a Noticeable Dent in Fossil Fuel Usage! (Is Oil realy “Made From Fossil’s?”)

That’s too many things for Trump. He won’t get it.

That was fun to watch. And the YouTube comments from the anti-Tesla people are even funnier.

No thumbs down from me

“brilliant leader” – didn’t you mean, “Dear Leader?”

That’s when they talk about trump.

Fox Business is the libertarian wing of Fox News. They tend to not worship the OF as much as their mainstream channel.

I don’t pay attention to what is said on Fox news. Most of it is gibberish. So when they say something that agrees with your point of view, don’t get too excited.

Regardless of people’s feelings on Fox. The fact that critics are one by one taking more neutral or positive tones means that it is becoming closer and closer to mainstream. To the point they can’t ignore the trend.

Yep. It’s like the old saying: Even a broken clock is right twice a day.

It isn’t Fox News, it is Fox Business Network — a separate channel.

Sensing where the wind is blowing everything ain’t so difficult, ain’t it?

That Depends! If you are in a Twister, with your Eyes Closed, it’s hard to see any “Prevaling Winds!”

Notable fact, Elon’s brother Kimbal trolled this guy on live TV, with plant-a-tree day.

Now that was, and is, TV worth watching! One of the most memorable TV moments of 2018, in my book.
😆 😆 😆


And he did it brilliantly! 😆

Seeing the first successful landing was enough proof. Seeing the first successful droneship landing in choppy waters and 50mph crosswinds was amazing. The video of the two boosters landing after the maiden flight of Falcon Heavy – that’s the proverbial mic drop. With the Model S, X and 3 success, there’s nothing more to say.

Sure there is! Lots to say:

A Successful Launch and Landing of BFR!

The Boring Tunnel (LOOP) in Chicago, opening to the Public! (On Time!)

SpaceX’s first Successful Crewed Flight to the ISS!

The sale of the 100,000 Semi!

The sale of the 1,000,000th Model 3!

Model Y reaching 20,000 per Week Production, with growing demand!

Opening of China Gigafactory and its Production!

Opening of a European GF!

Opening of another GF in North America!

Tesla Buying up All Closed GM Factoies (From the First, right to the current 4th one)!

All these things will each, in their own right, be something more to cheer! And each will likely remove a Short or Two, Convert a Detractor or Two, mess up an Old Industry (Or Two!), and more!

A Successful Launch (1 Million+ Reservations) of Tesla’s First Pickup Truck, would be Another item!

The video did not mention the most lucrative part of Musk’s enterprises: Energy.

Tesla uses the energy factory to build battery packs for the cars as well as stand-alone packs for homes and grid storage. In addition, he rescued US-based solar panel manufacturing and innovated solar panels that mimic standard roofing materials in appearance.

Go in to buy a Tesla car. I’m pretty sure you will be shown how home battery and solar can enhance your experience!

It’s good they don’t see it coming.
Stock undervalued, even at this price.

I don’t trust Stuar Varney at all. Perhaps he has been advised that negative coverage of Elon Musk is bad ratings. There is no other logical explanation.

Surely Stuar doesn’t write his own script. Whatever he says is given by Fox.

So just a talking head, or here is our view and he can play to that scenario.
This could be and indicator as pea brain says, that the worm has turned at FOX.
Months ago some affiliates did some positive reviews of Tesla, maybe they are seeing
that Tesla is a success, and to continue to attack them is just showing how old fashioned
and out of the loop they are.

Sure, he’s just a taking head, just like most (not all, but most) of the pretend “reporters” on TV “news shows”. (If they are just reporting news, then why is it a “show”? Because, of curse, it’s not really news; it’s “infotainment”.)

This guy sums up what I’ve been trying to say: it all comes down to what one decides to focus on- Elon’s exceptions or his norms. He’s definitely a genius savant, with that comes with issues. Some hate him for his Tweets, others love him for his achievements. At the end of the day, I believe we’re all better for having him than not.

I find it interesting that his biggest critics have actually accomplished next to nothing.

@JoeThePlumber9000 said: “I find it interesting that his biggest critics have actually accomplished next to nothing.”

Speaking of…

Is Jimmy in hiding?

One year ago he was here…

Jim Chanos says Tesla is worth zero:

Like most of Elon’s critics, he has accomplished less in his entire life than Elon does in a typical workday.

Chanos’ anti-Tesla campaign of pravduh and FÜD has been such a miserable failure, and such a waste of time by his “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf”! pack legion of followers — a few of which, sadly, are still wasting their time posting anti-Tesla B.S here — that I almost feel sorry for him.


As I use to say; Elon Musk know how to start and run a car company, Bob Lutz know how to run them down.

No you didn’t.

I expect lots of one-time critics will quickly flip in 2019. They just can’t afford to be professionally known as the last anti-Tesla Luddite crank who got it wrong.

Even I am a concerned fan – concerned about his Twitter use. Far bigger than Tesla is Spacex Project and we desperately want to see him succeed and make us interplanetary species. I also wrote a blog earlier this year voicing my concerns and fears – http://randomlatte.com/elon-twitter-tesla/

Another Faux NEWS set up?

Wut? “Fox Business” is “mainstream”?!?!

Erm… no, not by a country mile!

I have to laugh at the cognitive dissonance regarding Tesla coming from the hard-right wingnut echo chamber. Tesla is a “green tech” company solidly dedicated to fighting climate change, a “green” cause which the wingnuts decry as “fake”… yet Tesla is an all-American company, growing rapidly, and is one of the biggest current success stories in American manufacturing!

So the vacillating, waffling “Tesla good/ Tesla bad” coverage coming from Faux Noise Fox News isn’t really surprising.

Stuart Varney’s approval is about as useful as herpes

Wow, Stuart! You have finally discovered the obviuos. How did you do that?