Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Enhanced Autopilot Being Released Fleet-Wide Today

Tesla Autopilot


Autopilot Data - Image Via Mitch Turck

Autopilot Data – Image Via Mitch Turck

Via Twitter, Tesla CEO Elon Musk says that Enhanced Autopilot (aka Autopilot 2.0) is being released to the entire fleet of hardware 2 Teslas starting today.

Elon Musk Tweet About Enhanced Autopilot Rollout

Elon Musk Tweet About Enhanced Autopilot Rollout

Just a few days later than promised, Musk says that the Enhanced Autopilot being pushed out will operate in Shadow Mode (passive) for now until enough data is collected to begin to make the switch over to active mode. Musk believes this changeover will happen sometime later this week.

When asked about hardware 1 vehicles and when updates would come for those, Musk issued this tweet:

Hardware 1 Updates Coming Too

Hardware 1 Updates Coming Too

So, whether you’re on hardware 1 or hardware 2, it seems updates are coming across the board.

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Eggcellent. 🙂

Cannot quite resolve why Tesla is allowed rollout latest “Autopilot” to its rank & file customers yet Uber is threatened by CA DMV court order not allow its supervised autopiloted cars on the road. Obviously these instances are not identical but it seems politics are playing an potentially inappropriate role over safety.

If you don’t understand the differences, I don’t think anyone is going to be able to explain it to you.

See the syllogism:

1. Uber threatens most cab drivers.
2. Cab Drivers have political power in CA.
3. People with political power can shut down opponents, if politicians can be bought.

Can you see why Uber is banned or restricted in some places and Tesla is banned in other places like Michigan? Its not because of self-driving, its the buying of political power by old special interests. Shutting down free markets is most intense, where political corruption is greatest.

If the teamsters guild kept absolute power, they would have banned all cars and we would still be riding horses to work! 🙂

SMH! They need to get a license! NO ONE is preventing them from getting it!

Pretty simple. Uber was testing true autonomy, that is, the human only gives the car the target address to navigate to, and the car does the rest. There was always a person at the wheel to intervene if necessary (and it was necessary quite often, not surprising for a new tech being tested). Not sure why Uber would trial that with real-lifepassengers on board (maybe the PR value?) but whatever. Tesla is also working on true autonomy, but that’s not what its customers are using — the “autopilot” is a collection of driver-assistance features, that still requires a driver at the driver’s seat controlling the vehicle at all times, and physically holding the wheel at least every couple of minutes. Actual full autonomy (google SAE Level 5 autonomy) is not legal yet anywhere except for tesitng purposes and is decades away from being legally allowed. Uber got slapped because they refused to get a license for testing experimental autonomy — which California requires, and 20 carmakers & other companies have obtained with to issues. Including Tesla. Oh, the license costs $100, and requires filling out forms, and undertaking to provide the test data to the CA DMV. The reasonable assumption… Read more »

Probably because Tesla’s system has a proven record of reducing accidents by 40%:


Why wouldn’t they be allowed to use a system that reduces accidents by 40%?

I figured it already operated in passive move. A big part of Tesla’s advantage is the amount of data they’ve collected by watching while people drive. To hear their new cars haven’t even been doing that is odd.

I rad a comment on Electrek post of this, suggesting that this mode is one step above ‘Shadow’ mode, in that in involves the cars software to make position decisions, beyond just watching, it just does’t deliver those decisions to the servos to drive the car, instead it watches to see if you drive it differently than it would, and notes the variations. Next step, send the position information to the drive (Steering) servos.

My Tesla has zero auto-pilot tech. in it, but every mile I drive ends up in their database, including little things like how I take the train tracks near a place I go a little to the side (there’s some mangled pavement), and everything else, including temperatures. The Service Center told me that data gets collected and sent into the hive mind.

Resistance is futile.

Borg says, “just shut up and drive”.

Borg Kids, in the back seat, say, “are they here yet?”

I think the kids in the back might say:
“Are we assimilated yet?”

Is this with the 35mph limit?


The first version of Tesla’s autopilot/collision avoidance reduced accidents by a whopping 40%! It will be interesting how much better the new system does.

I would not be surprised if the new system reduces accidents by over 50%.