UPDATE: Tesla CEO Elon Musk Answers Questions On Twitter – Discusses Entry-Level Model X, Model 3 & Model Y


Elon Musk On Twitter

Elon Musk On Twitter

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took part in a rather lively Twitter discussion in which he revealed that either the Model 3 or Model Y will have falcon doors, similar to the Model X.  This was but one of several revelations made by Musk.

*UPDATE: Elon Musk has deleted all of his Tweets discussed in this post.

We were tipped off about this discussions when friend of InsideEVs, Brian Henderson, asked the following question via Tweet:

Elon Musk On Twitter

Elon Musk On Twitter

Henderson’s question, as well as several other questions, were answered by Musk after he posted the CNN falcon door Tweet seen above.  The Twitter thread can be found here.

Below is a sampling of some of the Q & As you’ll find in the thread:

Elon Musk On Twitter

Elon Musk On Twitter

Elon Musk On Twitter

Elon Musk On Twitter

Elon Musk On Twitter

Elon Musk On Twitter

Please do check out this Twitter thread for more on the lively discussions, including Elon’s responses to several questions.

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Thanks, Eric. Looks like you culled everything there worthy of reading.

Re temporarily mounting a roof rack using suction cups: Maybe now Sven will quit complaining about not being able to carry his expensive skis on the roof, instead of using the trailer hitch rack like, apparently, almost everybody else does. Or at least, with a Google search I find many different trailer hitch racks for skis, so if they’re selling that many different kinds, I presume a lot of people are using them.

Nope, I’ll still complain, more so now that the Model Y will now have falcon-wing doors. 🙁 Suction cup racks suck! 😀 “. . . instead of using the trailer hitch rack like, apparently, ALMOST EVERYBODY ELSE DOES. Or at least, with a Google search I find many different trailer hitch racks for skis, so if they’re selling that many different kinds, I presume A LOT OF PEOPLE are using them.” Wrong again! I’d say about 5% of the ski racks in a ski mountain parking lot are hitch racks, mostly on convertibles and Jeep Wranglers, which have fiberglass roofs with removable panels that can’t use a roof rack without modifications. FYI, I used to own a Jeep Wrangler with a hitch (actually a spare tire ski rack). So when I say hitch ski racks suck, it’s from personal experience. The amount of road salt and road grime coating skis on a hitch ski rack when driving on snowy roads is orders of magnitude greater than when the rack is on the roof. Inside the vehicle (if 3 or less passengers) or a cargo box is the way to go. When the only safety equipment protecting you from needing reconstructive… Read more »

Just to add to this, in Europe pretty much everyone who is upper middle class goes skiing in winter. Alps are within a few hours of driving to most Germans, Austrians, French, Swiss, Northern Italians, Czechs, Slovaks and Hungarians. All those A6 Allroads, X5’s, Touaregs etc have Thule Boxes on their roofs, so if sales of the S are rather poor in Europe, sales of the X will be even worse. Can’t imagine getting out of that car when it’s rainy and windy, it will feel like an eternity waiting for those doors to open and close. Hope to be proven wrong however

I really don’t believe that human culture is that inflexible…

It’s not that people are inflexible per se. It’s that we’ve already got a strong culture of using roof boxes and most European car roofs have fixing points for roof rails. Folk who already own a roof box won’t want to consider a Model X because the box won’t be compatible; there are plenty of other vehicles to choose from, so why bother making a change?

Thule and others will make compatible boxes, of course.

Europeans don’t like huge cars like Model S. There is some trend for bulky SUVs, so Model X may actually get even better than S. Wait for the Model ☰. I will be a hit here in EU.

Well I wouldn’t say we don’t like large cars; indeed the number of large cars is not only rising but it’s becoming favoured.

It’s more a case that a lot of our roads were designed long ago and are thus very narrow, and a lot of people park on-street so small cars are easier to navigate around these road layouts.

Actually, I see quite a few SUVs here in Germany. Same in the Netherlands.

Well, sven, there are now three ways for you to carry your skis in/on a Model X without exposing them to mud and rain from the roads: 1. Put the skis in a case and fasten that case to a bracket or rack attached to the MX’s trailer hitch 2. Get the “six seat” configuration, to allow you to carry the skis inside laid on the floor 3. Use, as Elon suggested, a temporarily attached rooftop carrier which will block use of one of the falcon wing doors. Now, sven, if you don’t want to buy a Model X, then it would be wrong of me or anyone else to try to talk you into one. I’m certainly not going to buy one! As I’ve said, if I had the money I’d buy a Model S, not an X. But your objection to carrying skis on/in the Model X… is not a reasonable objection. I’ve pointed out alternative solutions several times now, but for some reason you keep ignoring my entirely sensible suggestions. * * * * * “P.S.: Pushmi-Pullyu, I responded to your post wrongly claiming that all H2 valves and tanks leak. Just in case you missed it,… Read more »

I think Pushmi-Pullyu is correct on his claim that there is no hydrogen tank in existence that doesn’t leak. There are just tanks that leak so slowly that it is acceptable in the given application.

Polymer liners have long term target leak rate of 0.05 g/h/kg H2 (other way to put it is a tank using such a liner will take 20000 hours / 833 days to leak out all of its hydrogen).

Sven says “Suction cup racks suck!”, but if you look up Stickypods, I am pretty sure you woill see the professional camera mounts they use suction cups on for hanging movie cameras on the hoods, roofs, and sides of vehicles for making movies! And those cameras aren’t too cheap either
…probably cost more than kayaks or paddle boards, but they trust them to…suction cups, just not the dollar store variety!

Maybe someone will come up with a linkage support for roof racks that can actualy tie in and work with the movement of these wings! Aircraft Slats and Flaps, as well as PAX and Baggage doors havs some interesting elements in them for reference, as well as Satellite Solar Panel deployment systems, so there are likely the tools in Tesla/SpaceX Engineering departments to tackle this, once production is flowing.

I find it disheartening to hear that doors are still up in the air, this late in the design phase for the Model III. Crossover or otherwise.

But it’s good to hear him mention Model Y again. Tesla needs a electric F-150 killer. 🙂

Model Y is meant to go against BMW X3, Audi Q5 etc…

Those are smaller crossovers, not pickups. So the Model III crossover would compete against those.

Model Y was supposed to be the “Macho” F-150 killer.

Model Y = the next roadster?

No, I don’t think so.

In total agreement about an electric F150 competitor. America loves their trucks, and are willing to pay ridiculous amounts of money for “platinum” versions and other such nonsense.

I’d love to see an EV pickup which could actually compete with the F-series. But I doubt current battery tech is good enough to supply enough energy to haul freight, or push a very unstreamlined vehicle down the road at highway speed for long distances.

I would love to be proven wrong, but I think a compelling EV pickup will have to wait for batteries with significantly better energy density.

And yet we have battery buses that can do 200+ miles per charge, and charge in a matter of minutes.

200+ miles? Do you have a citation for that?

I thought all the EV buses being bought by city governments were used for local bus routes only, and were relatively short-range.

Citation, from right here on this website.. “bus drove 250 miles with 17 percent battery power to spare on a trip from Richland to Seattle“.
And see…
And for some more fun, dig into the Superbus comments on this one http://www.greencarcongress.com/2015/01/20150128-byd.html

There is a subculture of truck owners who are ideologically opposed to EV’s. So just building an EV F150 competitor doesn’t mean they will come.

That’s true, but there are other types of pickup users. I think that buyers of the most expensive Cadillac and Lincoln pickups probably think more like luxury SUV buyers than the stereotypical rural pickup buyer. Also, I’ve just done more research based on the report that GM is claiming its Bolt batteries will cost 14.5 cent/kwh. The most aerodynamic pickup truck ever seen was the Holden Commodore pickup, at cD .309. Tesla might be able to get enough cheap batteries into a truck like that to get close to Model X performance. I’d never really thought it was possible before this.

Sure this Y isn’t the Model 3 crossover? If it is a pickup, we will have to wait sometime for it, I don’t think they will bring such a thing before they have massively reduced the battery costs, especially if they want to afford putting fancy falcon wing doors on it.

i don’t believe the Y and M3 Crossover are the same. Elon was quoted as saying the pickup truck would be built on it’s own platform, unless they’re going for a Dodge S-10 market with it. *shrugs* F-150 is a FULL SIZED hauling vehicle, so I don’t think they are related.

So its going to take a reduction in battery cost and they will need to build a new platform, if they don’t decide the MS platform is sufficient.

“I find it disheartening to hear that doors are still up in the air . . .”

Let’s hope that the falcon-wings doors function reliably over time. Otherwise Model X owners will be calling Tesla to complain that they’re hitting the close button, but their falcon-wing “doors are still up in the air.” 😉

I have never seen anyone from Tesla imply the Model Y would be a pickup truck, rather it makes far more sense for it to be the name of the crossover that will be based on the Model 3.

I’m guessing the Y is the crossover version of the 3 then?

It has to be. I would really love to get the crossover version but if it ends up being a huge premium over the sedan because of it’s CUVness and now falcon wing doors then I may be out of luck.

I think it will be the same as it is now, only awd and bigger battery plus a 5% premium as it is now. If you are planing to buy the 90D equivalent of the Model 3, you might be able to buy it as a CUV with lets say a $2500 premium.

More falcon wing doors, wtf??? I thought they learned their lesson already. Why can’t I just have a regular door on a smaller Tesla SUV, I’m not asking for that much, am I?

You can also ask for a gas engine version – not much to ask, just the answer is no.

I agree Boris, the Falcon doors are a failure and I also hope they don’t end up on the smaller cuv.

I just hope the model 3 is available as a rwd 2 door.

Bold statements of “fact” require bold proof. Please elaborate as to why FWDs are a failure– the vehicle’s just begun production.

‘ARE a failure’ ??? How would you know? I think I would have preferred these doors to be bypassed for a number of reasons, but you talk in present tense when you have no way of knowing the future.

And Elon stated that a lot of engineering went into these things- money and time that is only profitably spent when the efforts can play out in more units. I think it is a no-brainer to hear the promise of more falcon wing doors…assuming all that engineering worked out as designed.

WTF? Haven’t you learned your lesson?

FwD are a success. Tesla has access to the new orders and reservations turning into orders.

Looks like a given Model 3 will have conventional doors and Musk already said base version will be RWD.

Model Y Gen III compact CUV will have FwD and probably a base price of $38k. If it is proportional to price increases of Model X over Model S.

I know Musk said there would be a two wheel drive version, but did he specify rear wheels? I haven’t seen that.

As far as I’m concerned a feature like the FWD should always be an optional extra – NOT standard.

I agree with Boris. The Falcon-wing doors have been a mess. They delayed the Model X for a long time, they complicated to build, they increase costs, and overtime they might become a maintenance problem.

KISS principle FTW. It is OK to have fancy doors on the super-high end model that they can sell for $80K to $130K. But get rid of them for lower end models.

You mean like electric self-closing sliding doors on Mini-vans?

They are a failure too, because KISS?

I did not know that….

Ya functioning super practical falcon wing doors are a failure, makes total sense.

You should work for Tesla

Cutting edge innovation sometimes appears to be madness. It goes against the grain and we are conditioned to be suspicious of change.

Hoping The model 3 will have less 0omph & More Range…. 6.5 to 7 second 0 to 60 times is fast enough for most people & a good compromize ,for added range…

There is no correlation between the two in an EV.

There is a lot of correlation, even if it’s not 100%.

Example #1: The reason why low-range PHEVs can’t accelerate rapidly without engaging the ICEngine is because the small battery pack doesn’t provide enough power.

Example #2: Tesla Model S’s with larger battery packs have a faster 0-60 time. The 85 kWh cars have more range than the 60 kWh cars, too. Neither correlation is a coincidence.

Don’t worry. Lots of smart people get the correlation between physics and drive trains wrong; like Toyota pushing for a highly corrosive, metal embrittling, massively pressurized (seven atmospheres!) containment system for their hydrogen vehicles.

These are the same folks who have recalls because of simple environmental corrosion on their windshield wipers, causing failures. And yet they think they can do better than aerospace companies at handling all the issues of accommodating all drawbacks of Hydrogen in passenger cars.

Hysterical Madness!!!

Careful with absolutes. Much less correlation between the two. Batteries and power electronics can be less efficient at high energy levels. Gearing ratios can also have an effect. You can have a more powerful motor with similar of even better efficiency but higher power levels in the same motor can be less efficient.

I think there is a Goldilocks zone where you get plenty of power and enough range. Of course how you drive will also affect range.

The simple solution is if you want to go further on a charge, don’t accelerate hard?

It’s illogical to take away the acceleration potential in the interests of saving range when all the driver need do is not put their foot down quite so much.

That way, you can drive conservatively long-distance, or enjoy the G-forces on short drives.

It doesn’t work that way. You can get fast 0-60, and still be very efficient, and still get good range.

For example, the BMW i3 is quicker, more efficient, and better range than many other EV’s. Even while not being the lightest EV out there.

Check out this story:


The roof rack with one door opening is interesting. They should have shown that at the release event. I’m not sure I trust suction cups, though.

There are some good quality suction cups but still scary to me. For just carrying skis this doesn’t make much sense to me. Put them in the cabin or on a trailer hitch carrier. Makes sense for large or long objects like paddle boards, kayaks, etc.

Ambulator said:

“The roof rack with one door opening is interesting. They should have shown that at the release event. I’m not sure I trust suction cups, though.”

Yes, I wouldn’t want to trust precious cargo to suction cups, either. I’d like to know more about how the MX is designed. Are there no rain gutters to fasten a rooftop rack to?

There are magnetic ones if you prefer.

I have tried one with skis on the room on the french highways (@130km/h). They didn’t move a single centimeter.

Aluminum is not magnetic, though it does exhibit the Lenz Effect:

The something like a 70 probably being available in about 12 months is the most notable comment to me.

How many people reserved based on comments long ago by Musk that X would be similar in price to the S and kept or made reservations with more recent comments that X would be about $5k more than comparable S? How many if those will drop off now? I would not be happy in this situation, especially since I view the Falcon Wing doors as a cool but mostly non-value added gimmick.

Probable availability in 12 months sounds like “when the next gen battery cells are implemented” to me. Likely 75-80kwh to keep range similar to a current S70. Look for a bump from 90 to 95-100 at the same time. Falls in nicely with Gigafactory timeline.

I agree completely. The battery out of the 70 might not be enough to power the X between Supercharger stations when fully loaded with 7 people and lots of cargo in frunk and in back.

The X will likely need an 80 battery pack, and that’s too close to the 90, so the 90 will have to jump to 95 or 100.

Hoping Bjorn will het his X soon and tests the hell out of those doors in all kinds of conditions.

I’m sure he has the styrofoam test, all set up in his mind, already. 😉

I’d like to own a Tesla some day but for now I am happy that Bjorn has one and will get the X for our amusement.

And there won’t be an X70D as Elon said that there will be “something like that in 12 months.” Will it be X75D and X95D by then, we can only guess…

I’m waiting for something like a Model 3 CUV, but if it’s got the Falcon Wing doors, forget it. I sometimes have to carry kayaks, and besides, the last thing I want is heavy, expensive,complex doors that are likely to have low reliability in adverse conditions. And there’s no way in hell I’d trust expensive kayaks to suction cups, even assuming there were room to carry them on the roof.

You’ll adapt and figure it out. 😉

I can think of no good reason why I should have to adapt, when a far simpler and cheaper alternative which meets my needs has been available just about forever.

Or, to put it another way, for anyone who actually places a high value on the ‘U’ in ‘CUV’, Falcon Wing doors are an affectation for people with too much money who have to stand out from the crowd.

“…Said the Dinosaur.” 😉

If being unwilling to pay for unnecessary as well as less useful features makes me a dinosaur, I happily admit to same.

More like a curmudgeon and if it ain’t broke why fix it approach. I appreciate the demeanor but disagree in this case.
Innovation often seems impractical, useless, and over engineered at first, then once you have gotten used to it, or now rely on it, you see just how much better it is.

Simple. Buy an old VW Microbus. No new technology to get in your way at all.

I predicted (you’ll have to trust me because I never told anyone) that Tesla would allow for a roof rack on the Model X. I said to myself, “why not just tell the car never to open one of the falcon doors when there is a roof rack on that side?” problem solved… although I did NOT anticipate the suction cups.

Where are you going for EEStor information?


Uh . . . so what the heck is this Model Y?

The Tesla F-150 Killer. A supposedly full sized pickup truck.

The Model Y is the crossover Model 3. So it will be for the Model 3 what the Model X is for the Model S.

The eventual truck is still far away into the future, if they will ever do one. The 5th model will most definitely be a Roadster since it’s already been promised in a timeframe that is barely enough to get the 3 and Y out in front of it.

Tesla has trademarked “Model Y”, but despite what a lot of people have asserted here, it’s much too early to say what Tesla plans to make as a Model Y. My guess is that they’ve merely reserved the trademark for future consideration, without having any serious plans for it yet.

Elon has mentioned at least once or twice that he’d like to do a pickup in the future, but I don’t know that anyone at Tesla ever connected the Model Y to a pickup.

The crossover version of the Model ≡ will likely come along sooner than a pickup, so it seems possible that this will become the Model Y. But that’s merely an educated guess, it’s rather far from actual evidence.

Some people look at things and say Y, others look at the same thing and say Y not.
Y? Because we like you.
Ours in not to reason Y, ours is but to do or die.

elon musk reportedly stated that the Model X was “the most difficult car in the world to build” and so complicated that he wasn’t sure whether anyone should have built it. i tend to agree with this sentiment, primarily because the Model X strikes me as being a kind of rube-goldberg contraption. the falcon wing doors are a neat innovation for a concept car, but they aren’t particularly practical and the cost of implementing them far exceeds the benefit that you would get from them. the problem that musk was trying to address with the falcon wing doors just wasn’t that important to make it the central design feature of a car.

the net result is a car that is even more expensive than the Model S, and probably too expensive to be practical. my prediction is that the Model X is going to be the last falcon wing door that you will see.

Humm…I’m not so sure. A model 3 cross-over would make my day, AT THE CONDITION of having second raw seats folding (as model 3 will be a smaller car, cargo space will be precious). For kayaks I much more secure with towing it that having it in my roof (and lateral wind will not mess my drive). For skies, maybe a 6 seats configuration with adaptive rack in the middle of the car will be better than have it in the roof.

And for the last but not the least, the Martian rover in the movie “The Martian” HAVE Falcon Wings, so maybe Tesla will built it and SpaceX will launch it!!! GO ELON!

I assume that the Model 3 CUV (Model Y or whatever) will only have two rows, and the back seats had _better_ fold flat. As to towing instead of roof carriage of kayaks, not a chance. Not only don’t I want to have to buy and then find somewhere to store a rarely used trailer, but even less do I wish to be limited to 55 mph, or where I can park.

Ok, I’ve done a mess between Model X and Model CUV number of rows. Second row folding needing absolutely. I would not bother with the limited speed and if it would be a limited number of time you will use the trailer, why not renting it instead of buying one and to have to bother with finding a place to store it? But which is ok for don’t have to be okay for you. Each of us know what they need or what they can afford (in my case I will never be able to buy a Model X, but I would love to have the Falcon Wings as my cargo or transport needs are not the same as yours, and maybe neither the taste for these unusual doors).

Looks like Elon is already talking up the price.

Would also be interesting to see a Model Z (Zenith) by 2020 – a toprange 120kW limousine beating Maybach, Bentley and RR Ghost.

Wait, that is 30% more battery, but looks maybe just 20% longer! Why not go full double length Model X Stretch Limo with 180 kWh Battery, max continuous speed of 160 Mph for 200 miles, normal range of 450 miles, and top speed of 180 Mph??

lol, 120 kW. Cute. This a little more than my little Skoda Fabia.

120kW = 160HP
450kW = 600HP

Get your units straight!

Model 3 better not have Falcons

The model 3’s goal is to be accessible to the masses. (At least the entry level luxury market). The #1 way to be accessible is to lower the cost.

Falcons cost a ton.

Ergo no model 3 Falcons

AwesomelyOZ: Please tell me the Model III crossover will have these doors!
Musk: “there will be a Model 3 and a Model Y. One of the two will.

If one attempted to read these tea leaves I think one could conclude that the Model 3 and Model Y are the two versions of the gen 3 platform. It’s interesting that he doesn’t just say that Model Y will, perhaps it isn’t set in stone that the next model will be a smaller sedan? Musk has said before that the Model 3 won’t be a scaled down Model S, and how different can a sedan be? Perhaps something more interesting is coming, something that is differentiated on more than size and price.

Musk: “there will be a Model 3 and a Model Y. One of the two will.
My first reaction: S***, FWD on the 3X?
But this Model Y (which I previously believed would be a truck) must be a car Tesla have worked on for some time, since they already know how the doors will look like.
Can the Model Y be the new roadster and with Falcon-wing doors?

“Can the Model Y be the new roadster and with Falcon-wing doors?” Can you say ‘Maximum Plaid’ with (Falcon) Wings?

Elon already confirmed that new Roadster would be called Model R. For weight purposes I can only imagine scissor doors for that one.

What are scissor doors? I bet they are a deathtrap ^^