Tesla To Offer CCS Adapter For Model S, X In Europe

FEB 3 2019 BY MARK KANE 26

Model S/X will get up to 120 kW through the CCS adapter

Tesla recently updated its support page about charging connectors with a description of CCS adapter, which will be offered in Europe (and many other CCS markets we believe) for Model S and Model X (the Model 3 in Europe is compatible with CCS chargers).

The info clearly says that the CCS adapter will be standard to all new Model S and Model X, ordered from February 1, 2019, but that’s not the case.

“*** From February 1, 2019, all custom order Model S and Model X cars will come with the CCS adapter as standard.”

Tesla responded to Electrek’s article on the matter, saying that the website was inaccurate and the adapter not only will not be standard, but it’s not yet known when it will be available as an accessory.

Tesla CCS Adapter info (inaccurate)

The only new thing here is charging power of the CCS adapter – it will handle up to 120 kW, compared to 43 kW in the case of the CHAdeMO adapter.

Tesla said also that the ≈120 kW limit is on the car side. Maximum of the adapter was not revealed.

Tesla CHAdeMO Adapter info

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Article title: “Tesla To Offer CCS Adapter For Model S, X In Europe”

That is excellent news!

Hopefully also soon offered in USA on the online Tesla accessories store:

Tesla owners will have a wide range of charging options between the already robust Tesla Supercharger network, the already thousands of Tesla Destination Chargers, and the emerging CCS fast charge networks.

I hope so too in US. I actually expected Model 3 in US might have had it in the port itself, but an adapter would be welcome.

That the power is much higher than the CHAdeMO adapter is as I expected and I suspect the pricing would be lower too.

TL/DR: Tesla CCS adaptor still vaporware.

That’s ok so is CCS in the US so far.

Not around me… It’s getting more and more popular at ChargePoint, EVgo, and Electrify America stations. I’d love to be able to use CCS. I’m just concerned we won’t get it in the US…

More CCS heads than Supercharger heads in the US?

Not sure what you’re smoking, but CCS is well on its way to becoming the standard fast charging format in the US. Electrify America is making sure of it almost single handedly.

I’m really hoping Tesla releases a CCS adapter in US. Always better to have more charging options.

Another sign of death for Chademo.

Yup, it’s a dead man walking in the US and Europe.

The Honda clarity and the first crack in the “solid Japan makers” is the end.

Not just US & Europe. China uses its own, purposely incompatible for political reasons, standard, and essentially all other places which have a standard it’s CCS .

So the cars of Tesla are now the only ones that can charge at any single charging station in Europe?

yes, tesla engineering is superb!

Happy that they will add the adapter, but honestly, why put it on the website if you aren’t ready? To be honest here, the Tesla Europe websites are managed by someone who just doesn’t care.

They also had Model 3 trunk volume shown in cubic feet for a very long time in countries where nobody knows what a cubic foot even is.

Oh great, if I ever find some very cubic looking feet, I know how many will fit into my trunk!

Not that it’s hard to find out how much that is in liters, you just google it. But also I’S NOT THAT HARD TO CONVERT THAT INTO LITERS, TESLA, JUST GOOGLE IT!

Edit: same goes for 0-60 and driving range in miles, of course…

It’s a constant reminder to slacker Europeans that Tesla is a US company. Suck it up, buttercup! 🙂

Yeah, the US and Liberia. . At least 2 countries in the world where that system is used..
It’s good to mix units too: http://edition.cnn.com/TECH/space/9909/30/mars.metric.02/

Tesla is US, not Liberia.

As for $125M loss, that wouldn’t have happened if the world adopts totally confusing imperial units instead of insisting on easier metric. Besides, that’s also made in USA. Remind me again how many rovers from Europe are on Mars?

well remind me which UNIT of measure NASA is officially using
ps the official US definition of how to define the ft, is that it’s 0.3048m long

Do I read that correctly that also CCS charging of the Model 3 is limited to 120kW?
I’m disappointed. There’re already 350kW chargers. Even if the EV can’t handle 800V but only 400V that are still 175kW. And an expensive Tesla Model 3 while Tesla is calling itself like the most advanced BEV manufacturer can only handle 120kW even with the biggest battery? While Audi can already charge with 150kW and the next Audi BEV will be able to charge with 350kW?


Peak charging rates are less important than tapering rates and miles of charge added in a real world setting in 20 or 30 minutes. I’m not really a Tesla fan but I don’t see Teslas as having any issues with charging rates. In fact, that appears to be their strength. What is the issue you’re seeing?

A higher charging rate on a third party outlet would be a marketing disaster.

Those 150kW and 350kW chargers are liquid cooled. The rules don’t even allow for an adapter, so not sure (and the story does not say) about such an adapter being truly 120kW compliant. North of that is certainly a bad idea, which is why some Teslas are coming with CCS built in.

Hope Tesla will bring the CCS adapter to the US. If reasonably priced I would buy one and keep in my Model 3. Haven’t had a situation yet where I would need one, but more charging options is a good thing.

The Tesla CCS-2 adapter will only be for EU Tesla Model S/X cars, which come equipped with a Type 2 Mennekes connector (charging jack) instead of a Tesla connector. The adapter will enable these EU Teslas to charge on a CCS-2 dc ultra-fast charger and might eventually be required to satisfy EU regulatory compliance.
Tesla might eventually choose to offer a Tesla-to-CCS-2 adapter for use in North America and elsewhere, but this comes with difficult politics. There are currently a relatively limited number of CCS-2 ultra-fast dc-charging stations in comparison to Tesla Superchargers, and it would likely generate considerable ill will in the fledgling BEV community for “privileged” Tesla drivers to “hog” those few available CCS-2 chargers. Eventually this will change as EV charging networks become well-established.

I hope they bring it to the US…

Why not just for everyone?