Tesla Australia Will Add CCS Chargers To Support Model 3

NOV 17 2018 BY MARK KANE 30

Tesla CCS to spread around the world

Tesla Model 3 in Europe will get a CCS Combo 2 inlet for DC fast charging standard and AC charging (single- or three-phase), but the change to CCS2 (the European version) will be conducted elsewhere around the world (outside North America and maybe a few CCS Combo 1 markets like South Korea).

The latest news is that Model 3 with CCS Combo is coming also to Australia and New Zealand. Superchargers will be retrofitted with the additional plugs, while Model S and Model X owners will be able to purchase CCS combo adaptors to use public infrastructure.

First deliveries of Model 3 in Australia are expected in mid-2019. New Zealand probably will need to wait a little longer.

“In advance of Model 3 rollout in Australia and New Zealand, we will be retrofitting our existing Superchargers with dual charge cables to enable Model 3, which will come with a CCS charge port, to use the Tesla Supercharger network.””Model S and Model X customers will continue to have full access to the network and a CCS adapter will soon be available to purchase, if desired,” the spokesperson added.”

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I don’t really understand this, does this mean that Tesla’s will be able to use someone else’s charger?

Yes, the Euro or RoW version. Finally they got a clue, congratulations 🙂
Doesn’t apply to Americans who are left behind with non-standard plug.

I don’t know if it will work other way around, non Tesla car coming to Tesla owned DC charger and charging. As previous Tesla announcement had some obnoxious nonsense in it, like other automakers should pay to us to share our toys with third party drivers, blah blah. As if they never seen a gas station on a corner where you come with credit card and no questions are asked.

Z, it was about a Fair Exchange, and for Charging Infrastructure Expansion! Among simpler things, like (At the Time Elon put out the Offer) offering Free Charging to All users!

“Obnoxious nonsense”… You must be referring to your Tesla bashing, where you assert that Tesla has some obligation to support cars made by other auto makers, altho those other auto makers haven’t lifted a finger, nor contributed even a penny, to help Tesla build its Supercharger network.

The Supercharger network was never intended to generate revenue, and Tesla has no plans to force that round peg into the square hole you describe.

I can’t tell you how many Tesla drivers I’ve seen using Chademo at the Nissa dealer in my area with an adapter. The Nissan dealers are usually very nice and let them charge for free.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“The Nissan dealers are usually very nice and let them charge for free.”

That’s a very rare event. Usually they have them blocked with their cars and mean mug you if you even dare to ask.
Tesla has an adapter for the Chad. Any other manufacturer could’ve worked with Tesla to be able to use the SC network but none even tried.
Eventually there will be a CCS to Tesla adapter just like there is a j1772 to Tesla destination chargers where non Tesla cars can use Tesla Dest chargers and nobody is complaining.


So, what’s the issue with non Tesla cars using the Tesla CCS chargers??? Before you rant, scroll up to see what this thread is about.

Others have tried. Rivian, Bollinger,…Tesla has no real interest in other taking part in the SC network. It was a brilliant marketing move, however.

Asking on Twitter is not trying.

The fact that other makers don’t like Tesla’s approach doesn’t mean Tesla isn’t trying.

Well I certainly hope Tesla makes it’s charger available to non Tesla’s but obviously non Tesla’s would need to pay for charging. This would provide more charging stations available.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

They also need to meet their rate of charge. Not many can sustain that.
Otherwise they’ll be clogging up the SC network for over an hour.

Troll so the Tesla chargers end up charging non Tesla EV at a slower rate. Is it because of the charging unit or the non Tesla vehicle.

Like Tesla’s using a Chademo adapter at a high rate CCS station?

Zzzzzzz So are you saying that Tesla vehicles can use the CCS in Europe for free and who installed these CCS in Europe?

Not for free. They’d need to pay just like the rest of us. The the CP is free then the Tesla can charge for free just like anyone else.
Lots of Charging networks have installed CCS CP’s. For the UK, goto
https://www.zap-map.com/live/ and apply a filter. Then you can see for yourself.
Ok, most of these are 50kW at the moment but many will be upgraded to 100kW or 150kW in the next year.

That’s been the case for years in the EU due to the rules. I often see a Model S using a free Type 2 CP at a local supermarket. CCS is a superset of the Type 2 we use here. So a car with CCS can use a Type 2 CP (at a slower rate naturally) without the need for a second and different plug or an adapter like the CHAdeMO to Tesla one available in the USA.

So will the Japanese version get native CHAdeMO support?

Chinese standard is said to be based on chademo ?

Not any more than Tesla is based on Chademo. The Chinese GB/T standard, along with Tesla, and Chademo all use the same CAN bus. That is why it is so easy to build an adapter from Tesla to Chademo. CCS uses a completely different bus architecture. You’ll never see an adapter from Chademo to CCS or Tesla to CCS. The amount of electronics required inside the adapter will make it huge and expensive. More likely, you’ll see the cars themselves use the appropriate charging technology inside the car given the region they sell in – CCS for the Americas and Europe, Chademo for most of East Asia, with China on the GB/T.

Except they all use different variants of the CAN bus…

And Tesla already announced CCS adapters for Model S and Model X. Doing the impossible?

The Chinese GB/T standard isn’t really based on CHAdeMO. But they both use the CAN communications bus to communicate between the car and the charger, as does Tesla.

They are both working on a new, backward compatible to both, ultrafast charging standard, called HPC.

Since it uses the same communications bus, Tesla is able to put a GB/T port in the cars they sell in China and can offer a CHAdeMO adapter and will probably offer an adapter to this new HPC standard if it ever comes out (I have my doubts).

The European Tesla Model 3 will have a CCS charging port. I don’t know where that will fit into all of this.

Chademo and Chinese Standard authority are developing new 900 kW charging standard “HPC”.
Rumors are that the plug may be different, so I don’t know how it will stay 100% backwards compatible. Charging stations would need to provide second legacy plug then.


Given that Tesla sells something like 200 cars per year in Japan, who cares.
German automakers provide Chademo inlets in their Japan spec cars.

And people called me crazy for saying Tesla should switch to CCS. Crazy like Musk apparently. How long before they switch in North America?

What do you think supercharger v3 is going to be?

CCS for sure cuz Musk wants to “reinvent” the supercharger with “350 KW.”

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Tesla cars in Australia and New Zealand had the same modified Type 2 port as their European cars, so it makes sense they’d change those as well.

The European shift was forced by legislation that barred installation of Superchargers without CCS support.

But, in the USA, there’s no legislative pressure, the Supercharger network is a much bigger competitive advantage, and Tesla is dominating EV sales in a big way. Combined with also having to switch Level 2 charging to J1772 to accommodate CCS, I think it’ll take longer for Tesla to switch. They might as well wait until they want to upgrade charger power.

Awesome! I can’t wait for Model Y with CCS in USA.

Same for us, DownUnder. Bring on the Y!~

As far as I am aware Tesla has not specified the charging rates via CCS.
What will be the maximum charge rate using 3rd party ultrafast chargers?
Will taxis etc still be banned from charging when using ultrafast 3rd party CCS?
PS: Tesla has been saying ‘fast’ charging via CCS, which includes 50kW, rather than ‘ultrafast’ charging which refers to 150kW/350kW chargers.