Teardown Expert Test Drives Tesla Model 3, No Longer Compares It To 90s Kia – Video



During his teardown of the Tesla Model 3, he compared its build quality to that of a 90s Kia, in a negative way. But now, after spending some time behind the wheel, he’s got a completely different view of the Model 3.

When Sandy Munro of Munro & Associates discussed some major flaws found when tearing down the Model 3, he likened it to a 90s Kia, in terms of quality. Munro pointed out issues such as door handles are very difficult to use, requiring two hands in most situations. Door/window seals are haphazardly pieced together. High-effort trunk. The hood is difficult to open.

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Munro Drives The Tesla Model 3

Of course, he was critically examining the car, but his comment of “These are flaws that we would see on a Kia in the ’90s or something…I can’t imagine how they released this,” really irked a lot of Tesla owners.

Munro recently spent some drive time behind the wheel of the Tesla Model 3 and his take on the car is now entirely different. Yes, there are still build quality issues, but the Model 3 impresses on the drive side.

Eventually, Tesla will solve the build issues, so that won’t be a problem. What matters most is that it’s a pleasant car to drive, so Tesla got that right from the beginning. The same can’t often be said of cars from some of Tesla’s competitors.

Video description:

“In Autoline’s prior video with Sandy Munro, he pointed out build-quality problems with the Tesla Model 3. But when it comes to driving the car he has a very different opinion.”

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Get Real

Uh, oh–what are the shills, shorters and haters like MadBro and 6 Fool Cells/Tesla shorts going to say now!


The Germans who took theirs apart, seem to be really impressed with the build quality and the innovative features. Maybe these individuals are trying to save face?




Do you have a link to this?

john Doe

There is no sources here, just a news article about the car in general.

Can’t tell if it’s made by a fan (but looks like it based on the text), or if they have data to prove what they claim, since there is no link it facts that supports the article.

In other words, it’s useless as evidence.

Not that is matters for Tesla anyway, as they can sell all the TM3s they can produce over (at least) the next 2 years. Probably 3+ years, as they have a lot of people waiting in line.


Sometimes people make outrageous statements for the purpose of generating controversy, and then to backtrack on it.

I won’t bother reading the article, but will be on the lookout for articles from more knowledgeable people.

I have participated in a few vehicle teardowns, so have an interest in knowing the result of a serious study.

Six Electrics

I have a 3 on order. I’ll let you know in a few weeks.

Robert Weekley

6, have you finalized you order already? What color choice did you pick?

Six Electrics

I went with Midnight Silver, to match the X. Most colors look pretty good, in my opinion. I took a pass on the aero wheels (yuck).

This car, along with a Bolt, will replace the i3. The i3 is an exceptional car, but I need more range and refuse to use gasoline to extend my range.

Most Model 3s I’ve seen in person have body panel issues at the trunk or frunk. A darker color should minimize.


Orders from reservations of non-Tesla owners have not begun. So unless you already own a Tesla, and given your previous posts, there is only one conclusion: You are lying.


Ya think?


He has made claims that he owned/owns a Model X.

Curious George

I thought he wrote “… to match the X”.

Get Real

And for 6 Fool Cells/Tesla Shorts, who talks as much @#$% about Tesla., Elon Musk, and his pretend Model X, why would anyone believe a word he writes that he is going to get another (pretend) Tesla???

Get Real

6 Fool Cells/Tesla shorts translation:

In a few weeks I will start posting even more FUD and lies about Tesla and my pretend Model 3 in between watching my short positions.

There, fixed that for you!


Where are the TSLA trolls that accused Munro of being a TESLA shorter?
Now that he says nicer stuff now he’s great. Lol


Yea , He thinks Tesla has a “Transmission” LMAO This guy is a Pro???…No wonder he’s got everything all goofed Up …He Should Research & “Know” The Car Before he starts to assess it. ….I think he has too Little Knowledge of The Car to be doing this.However,Constructive Criticism is always Good.


It has an transmission. jokes on you.

Volt Fan

A “gearbox” is a transmission because it uses gears to transmit the power (and multiply torque) from the motor to the wheels. No shifting is required. Only EVs with direct wheel motors have no transmission. Therefore, all Tesla and GM EV models use a “transmission”. For the FWD, it is named as a “transaxle”.


Who exactly accused them of being shorters?


I don’t think anybody here accused those shills for Detroit auto makers of being short-sellers, but of course facts never get in the way of MadBro’s Tesla Hater cultist posts!

Given the almost ridiculous level of bias in the previous “review” in question, the (if I recall) three reviewers responsible for the hit piece masquerading as a “review” certainly had an extreme level of collective anti-Tesla bias. Nice to see that at least one of them was capable of changing his opinion when confronted by reality.

Not all Tesla bashers are motivated by short-selling Tesla stock. Just most of ’em.


Munro’s credentials were rightly questioned by making unprofessional, personal comments/attacks that went beyond just reporting his findings. Completely unnecessary. Then when German engineers doing a teardown of a Model 3 a week later actually found the craftsmanship and build quality to be both high quality and innovative, it left even more questions about Munro’s actual work/findings and possible bias.


Yeah, there might be bias, but far more likely is that he got a much earlier car. The fact is, that QA WAS having issues and as parts of the line become more automated, the QA gets better.
To be fair, this was expected.


I thought most of that guy’s complaints about emergency access were completely off base. If first responders need to open a hood, that is what pry bars and cutting tools are for.

The Model 3 I saw in the showroom had no build issues. I assume they tweak all those before displaying them.


Yes, First responders have to deal with dozens of different high voltage, compressed gas (CNG) and air bag configurations. Model 3 is no different and that is why the emergency access issue by Munro was off base. First responders have a whole catalogue on how to deal with each individual vehicle
here: http://www.ncdoi.com/OSFM/RPD/PT/Documents/Coursework/EV_SafetyTraining/EV%20EFG%20Classroom%20Edition.pdf


Totally agree with you about the EMS stuff. There were 2 places to kill high voltage, and 1 of them was clearly seen . Iow, he was WAY off base WRT frunk, and both high voltage clip areas.
And his gripe about door handle had more to do with his medical situation, then the handle.

The only real gripe that he could have had, was build quality.


So, what he’s saying is “The whole is greater than the sum of the parts.”

Sounds like a good summary of a Tesla car. As at least one team of reviewers noted (see video linked below), it’s how everything in a Tesla car works so well together, and so intuitively — that is, intuitively after you get past the new driver’s learning curve — that makes it such a great driving experience.



Munro couldn’t figure out how to open the doors with one hand… just how smart is this guy?

Robert Weekley

You think it’s easy going through life with two left hands? ?


He said he has arthritis in his hands and found it less painful to push the thumb part with one hand and grab the handle with the other. I really think he was overly critical arguing handles should be easier to open if you have arthritis. He found one weather strip on the driver’s door that had been cut and glued back together at the factory. I am sure nobody else would ever have noticed.
The trunk mis-alignment was severe, that I would take back to Tesla to get fixed. Probably easily fixed just by loosening re-alignment of trunk lid and re-tighten bolts.


I find it hard to believe the trunk mis-alignment made it out of the factory that way. Maybe the mounting bolts were not tight enough and it shifted position sometime after?


That the trunk shifted after Beijing driven is a quality issue. Next, you’ll tell me an engine blowing up two seconds after driving off the lot had nothing to do with build quality because “it didn’t leave the factory that way”.


He said that hand had been broken; it wasn’t a case of arthritis. Complaining about a door handle not working right when it was his hand that doesn’t work right, is just one example of the bias in the previous anti-Tesla hit piece “review”. That said, another reviewer did say that the door handles pinched his fingers a couple of times before he figured out how to use them, so Tesla does need to make some modification there — just not for the reason that the Munro guy said.

And what you are wrongly calling a “misalignment” of the trunk wasn’t anything any normal person would even notice. It was a perfectly normal very slight (1mm-2mm) variation in a panel gap, the same as found on any mass produced car. Here is a screen shot of what he was talking about:

comment image

Here’s hoping everyone who isn’t a Tesla hater will spread that link all over the internet, on every EV forum, to counter at least one tiny bit of anti-Tesla FUD. The best way to fight FUD and lies is with Truth.


Manual dexterity issues are a fact of life for many people. I can almost guarantee my elderly father would have difficulty with these door handles. That would be the same for lots of people with elderly parents or grandparents. And if it’s a problem for them, it’s a problem for you, every time they ride in your car.


Tesla sucks so bad…buy we can’t do it though! hey! let’s tear it apart and see how they did it, oh hey this is a nice car


Hmmm, you’ve got it backwards. They did a teardown of the car without bothering to try it out first to see how nice it is to drive.

Kinda like a computer programmer, without actually trying out the game, examining the code of [insert name of your favorite video/computer game here] and concluding the game must suck because the program has a few modules in it which aren’t coded according to best practices.


No, more like a programmer claiming the code sucked, was hard to read, will be ed harder to maintain, did things in a convoluted manner. The game being good is just a consolation prize. If the innards are that crapppy, you can be sure it would be a one hit wonder. That’s the real comparison.


Has Munro yet said who paid for the Model 3 reviews as he did acknowledge it wasn’t Tesla? Let’s see, he is located in Michigan. I wonder if that gives us a clue. Any of us who own Teslas know they have issues but when I see news organizations like the LA Times quoting this guy who is being paid by an ICE manufacturer to badmouth a very threatening competitor I start to buy into the fake news assertions of you know who.

Let me now get back to Fox and Friends so I can get an objective view on how the President is performing.


The whole series that Autoline (“the voice of the automotive industry”) did on the M3 was a smear campaign. I searched to see what other cars Munro had done videos on and guess what? Couldn’t find any.
Just a paid for anti-Tesla ad. The LICE industry is getting scared.

Robert Weekley

Ha ha ha! “The LICE industry is getting scared.” Hmmmm…. Let’s see: LICE: Lazy Internal Combustion Engine => “The Lazy Internal Combustion Engine industry is getting scared.”

Am I close?


It’s well known they hate Tesla and laugh and snicker at them, denigrate their success and highlight their mistakes.
Every panel guest say Tesla will fail, and theshow does too, repeatedly.
Their views on Tesla are reputable nor accurate.


not reputable, sorry.


G2, I guess you can’t search then.

Here’s a teardown of the i3: https://youtu.be/uDr4L6BzpP8

And the BoltEV: https://youtu.be/Sl3cUMIX9Uo


His company does the teardown and then they sell the info to whoever pays up.


Munro is an independent 3rd party that tears down cars for a living. They do a comprehensive report that they sell (for a lot of money) to anyone that want’s to pony up for it. I suspect their Model 3 report will fetch a number of customers.


So you are saying they produced the results that they thought would have the most buyers. Who do they traditionally sell all their reports to? To the ICE car makers. Their entire business is to sell to the ICE car makers.

As always, follow the money.


Banks and investment firms also buy these reports. I’m sure investors in TSLA will pony up the money.


I’m sure they’ll find something egregious when they rip it apart. And what’s that mysterious pounding at 100 mph?
As far as praise goes they are just saying great things like everyone else, about ride, handling, responsiveness, etc…
..and what’s with lame excuse about the brakes not getting tested properly. The machine broke?


Has Munro ever stated what the VIN number is? Is it in the first 1000 cars built? 2000?

We know that the very early cars had significant body panel misalignments as the robot welding line wasn’t fully tweaked into alignment. But once that is done the issue is solved. It would be very interesting for Munro to acquire another Model 3 after 6 months of production has gone by and do the FFQ over again. Since this is measurement only and no teardown, perhaps a local Model 3 owner could volunteer their vehicle for updated measurements.


“We know that the very early cars had significant body panel misalignments…”

No, absolutely not.

What we know is that some serial Tesla FUDsters took a few extreme examples of early production Tesla Model X body panel problems and spread those all over the internet to bash Tesla… and now they’re trying to do the same with the Model 3.

Of course, you can find similar very minor panel gap mis-alignments on virtually any mass produced car, if you use a magnifying glass. But such minor variations, since they are perfectly normal, wouldn’t even be noticed by the average car buyer.

If you doubt this is true, just look closely at every car you pass the next time you walk through a parking lot full of cars.

Give the Devil his due; the Tesla bashers have managed to make a non-issue into an issue! Pardon me if I don’t cheer. 🙁


When we contacted them 3 weeks ago, the Munro buyer said they had the black one you see in the video, another on the way and were looking for a third. So the first two were less than VIN ~3000. Apparently they got their third car, because they went silent on our deal.

philip d

Did anyone notice that they had the aero wheel covers on the right side and had them removed on the left?


He referred to a “5 bar link” using the word transmission in the sentence. does anyone know what he meant? It almost sounded like he was referring to a suspension system. What are bars and links in a gearbox?

David H

I think he meant suspension.
In this video (watch?v=RGzwnPgow8U) at 2:55 you can see the 5 steel bars/links that are used to hold the wheel assembly.

James Looker

Eric, it’s more intrinsically difficult to make an unreliable car reliable or a poorly built car higher quality than it is to make a reliable, high quality car interesting to drive. Whether Tesla can satisfy owner expectations is separate from whether they will close their reliability deficit with the industry.


Despite the annoying interior design (my personal view), the questionable approach to things such as no mechanical release for rear doors, glove boxes control on center screen, no easy way to jump the car, I think the awesome driving dynamic will be the things that will sway me over to convert my reservation.

Can’t wait to try out the D version.


Thank goodness Tesla doesn’t put grab handles in their cars. That way we don’t have to worry about old people or the physically impaired driving or riding in their cars!


Old people probably wouldn’t appreciate the dentures jarring rough ride of the Model 3 anyways.

Get Real

Well then, I guess you won’t be getting one MadBro!


You bro just because you live in the bad part of town where they don’t fix the potholes and the dirt road to your trailer is bumpy doesn’t mean everyone has to put up with that. Then again most of the old people that would sit in a bolt would probably break a hip from the poor seat design everyone complains about.


After Munro’s thoughtful reviews, Chevy dealers can’t keep up with demand for Bolts. I normally pass a Chevy dealer on my way to work but am taking a different route for a couple months to avoid the increased traffic. This could be the end for Tesla.

Get Real

LMAO at troll Azzred.

I guess its a good thing for Tesla that GM is only going to make 30,000 Bolts/year since it is basically built for getting ZEV credits.

And your “different route” is a definitely dead end because certainly your lame FUD is!