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Tesla Ranked #1 For Safety Feature Availability Via Edmunds

Despite Tesla having long-time update issues with its Autopilot 2.0 software, it’s still significantly ahead of the pack when it comes to what safety features are offered and available. According to Bloomberg, Edmunds refers specifically to autonomous safety features in this assessment, but those are the true features of tomorrow,…

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Tesla Model 3

VIN # 2136 Tesla Model 3 Registered With NHTSA

Tesla recently registered another ~1,000 Model 3 Vehicle Identification Numbers with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that Tesla has suddenly built another 1,000 Model 3s, but it gives us more of an idea of the automaker’s intentions and forthcoming progress. Fortunately, we should…

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Tesla Model S refresh

Tesla Model S Regains Top Rating From Consumer Reports

Tesla finally brings its automatic emergency braking feature up to speed, and Consumer Reports gives it the rating it deserves. Back in April, the Tesla Model S and X received downgraded safety scores from Consumer Reports (CR) because they didn’t have standard automatic emergency braking (AEB). The cars were equipped…

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Self-Driving Model X

New Legislation To Open The Door For Self-Driving Cars

If the House Republicans’ new legislation passes, state and local lawmakers won’t have the ability to govern autonomous vehicle design, testing, and deployment. A 45-page draft comprised of 14 new bills would officially put the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in charge of all regulations regarding self-driving cars….

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Tesla Semi Rendering

Experts Talk Tesla In The Semi-Truck Business

According to experts, successfully bringing electrification to long-distance trucking will prove a monumental task for Tesla. Although research firm IHS Markit speculates that the electric hauling industry will grow by a whopping 10 percent over the next decade following 2020, the research shows that it will be slow going over…

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