Steel Supply Deal Signed For Tesla Model 3 (update: or not)



Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

At the request of the parties involved in story, the article has been removed from Business Korea and subsequently from InsideEVs, as we would not like to further contribute any misunderstanding/tension between Tesla and South Korean steelmaker POSCO, as the original report has now been denied by POSCO.

Source: Business Korea

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Friction steel welded aluminum lithium like in the falcon 9?

Would be awesome!

The underside of the 3 is completely enclosed, so salt / corrosion will be less of an issue.

However, wheel wells will still need to be undercoated for vehicles purchased for colder climates…

I don’t see a problem with using steel. My 2017 Volt is made out of steel (as far as I know) and I’m perfectly happy with it. I wonder how much cheaper the i3 would be if it were made from steel. I realize it would be heavier, of course.

Your hood is Aluminum and I think the rear hatch is also.

Um… the Koreans have been caught lying (on InsideEVs posts) about being suppliers to Tesla Motors. *Please* verify this with Tesla Motors.

I am ever so slightly concerned about corrosion protection in the 3. I have only read of two corrosion issues with the Model s, both of them in extreme circumstances. Will the 3 be well protected?

Tesla said a long time ago that the Model 3 would use a lot of steel; in fact, that question was asked and answered during the Reveal test drives on March 31.

That statement by Business Korea reads like broken English. All it *really* says is that POSCO is supplying material for A-pillars, which is practically nothing.

Again, aluminium DOES in fact corrode. That is why military aircraft have green anti-corrosion paint on the inside of the aircraft.