SsangYong Wants To Make World’s First Electric Pickup Truck

AUG 3 2018 BY MARK KANE 34

SsangYong hints at an all-electric pick-up, based on the Musso model.

The South Korean brand that is part of Mahindra & Mahindra is expected to introduce its first all-electric model around 2020, using the e-SIV Concept as a base.

In the longer term, like five years (2023), electrification could include also a SsangYong Musso pick-up and there is a possibility it will be first BEV pick-up in the world (but here a lot depends on other manufacturers).

The news about a pick-up BEV was confirmed by SsangYong’s managing director of product planning, Sungchin Park, during a media conference in South Korea.

The target is a dual motor, all-wheel drive powertrain and battery for 450 km (280 miles) under NEDC cycle (it would be some 300 km or 186 miles real-world).

“The cost and the weight is going down, while the range is going up. Our target is 450km, NEDC, for a C-segment SUV.”


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Even a PHEV truck would be awesome, something like 40-60 miles would be a huge benefit. Also it looks like a re-badged Ridgeline.

Workhorse is working on a PHEV. I imagine it will be available in a year or two.

Pick Up trucks are the biggest source of gas drinkers in Virginia.

Specially for pick-ups, i think it would need to have an high range so that when they tow something, they can still manage to do a good amount of km.

2023? Tesla will be selling at least 200k pickups per year.

Hmm, I don’t know about that.

The TM3 can address the sensible crowd.

When it comes to pickup trucks, the non commercial buyers aren’t very sensible. It’s a status symbol of the suburban cowboy. It’s gotta be tall, large and loud. The Tesla pickup we’ve seen so far fits the first two criteria but not the third.

I’m guessing the 0-60 time will eliminate the desire for the loudness once it comes out….

Digital Sound Sampling, and the Stereo can solve the 3rd!

First they will do the Model Y, truck and roadster. I doubt they are done with all three and have ramped up a pickup before 2023. 😉

the semi and model Y are coming in 2019. I would assume that roadster would be 2020. Pick-up will be either 2020 or 2021.

“the semi and model Y are coming in 2019.”

Definitely not.

Tesla needs at least two more auto assembly plants, one in China and probably one in Europe, before Model Y production begins. And the Semi Truck has pretty much been moved to a back burner project. It may be moved to the front burner if Tesla partners with an existing semi truck maker, but otherwise that’s going to be put off for some years. Even as a front-burner project, it’s certainly more than a year away from production. All Tesla has shown for the Semi Truck is a concept vehicle or technology demonstrator. A production prototype is years away, and won’t be seen in 2019.

(All above is my predictions and opinions… not facts!)

Why would Tesla need China/Europe plants before they begin Model Y production? These are entirely orthogonal matters.

I also haven’t seen any indication whatsoever that Tesla is putting the Semi on the back burner.

With Model 3, Tesla went from first design sketches to first production in 2 1/2 years. (And to significant mass production one year later.) We don’t know how long exactly the Semi has been in the works; but going by Elon’s tweets, it surely must have been sometime in 2016. Going by that, first production in 2019 and mass production in 2020 seems quite plausible.

While I wish you were wrong, I think you are right.

Sweet Lord in heaven, please deliver a BEV pickup soon!!

Tesla EV
(Tune: “Mercedes Benz” by Janice Joplin)

Oh Lord, won’t You buy me a Tesla EV?
My friends all drive Beemers, just as You decree.
I’ve worked hard, but can’t pay that steep monthly fee.
So Lord, won’t You buy me a P90D?

(alternative last line:)

So Lord, won’t You buy me a new Model 3?

Lyrics copyright © 2018 by “Pushmi-Pullyu2” 🙂

They are a bit late to the party, seeing as a few manufacturers have been making electric trucks for years.

There are no electric pickup trucks available and on the market in the US whatsoever. Workhorse is one on the companies that has been talking about a range extended pickup truck for a couple years now, but it’s still a couple years til it’s going to be built.

Plan deliveries in the next 6 months. They are available for preorder NOW.

really? By all means, show us there you can buy an electric truck with decent range, speed, torque, for a decent $.

Hilarious, that’s like saying every one is late to the party because GM made the EV1. You can’t currently buy any of those EV’s, that market is only now starting to ramp up.

There was an early EV Conversion Company that wanted to do this, back around 2008 or so. I think the range back then was around 100 miles, so, it seems decent, even at 185 miles range, for some markets, now.

Phoenix did this ten years ago.

On the timeline of the on-going rEVolution, 5 years is a lot of time. So, here we have a hypothetical electric truck – with vague specs – that may or may not come out sometime in future … excited already? Somehow I am not.

(nice pic, though).

Considering the number of start-ups and established companies alike venturing into electric trucks right now, I have a very very hard time believing that not one of them would start selling a pick-up earlier than in five years…

In terms of specific announcements, let’s not forget about Rivian:

I certainly hope Rivian succeeds, but they are very much still in stealth mode, which means production is more than just a few months off. I hope they do get a vehicle into production in less than 5 years, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

See the linked article: they want to officially unveil the truck soon. And they already have a production facility. They have worked on the design for years. There is no reason why it should take them five years, or anything close to that.

But ugly.
I would love to own a EV pickup, but it wouldn’t be this one. My current fav is the Atlis (, but they have a looong way to go before production. 🙁

Yeah, I saw them on “Now you know” and was not impressed. I fear they suffer from the ‘we want everything shiny super-duper more perfect than everyone else mentality’, instead of aiming for what works and being realistic about what you can achieve as a start-up. A bit of an FF mentality. Stick to KISS principle I’d say to them.

In this segment I’m more of a fan of Rivian, Workhorse and Bollinger.

What does “KISS” stand for?

Keep it simple stupid

Ford may beat all of these folks to a high production BEV pickup, I hear they are working on a BEV small unibody pickup, even smaller then the Honda Ridgeline.

Rivian is supposed to have one at the LA auto show this year, production starting by 2020

There are still some EV Chevy S10’s out there, I’d call that first in recent history

Ugly truck

Who really cares about, “we want to do this”, “we hope to do that”. What we are really interested in is “here is our production intent EV. Place your order, it’s going to be available in 12 months”.