South Korean Chevy Bolt Sales Crush U.S. In June

Bolt EV South Korea sales numbers up in 2019


The Bolt EV charges past Malibu in domestic sales and is the 2nd best-selling model for GM Korea in June.

We have noted that Bolt EV inventories and sales in the US have been very low for months now. One of the primary reasons for this has been a focus on exports. After a solid performance in late March + April selling over 500 units, the Bolt EV jumped to the top of the Korean EV charts for May with 1,014 sold.

Thankfully, this was not a fluke. In June, South Koreans scooped up a shockingly high 1,621 Bolt EVs.  This puts GMs plug-ins at 17% of the brand’s domestic sales for the month. Year-to-date totals have reached 3,122 units. This is a 1,015% increase from the same period in 2017.

In less than 4 months, South Koreans have taken home more of the electric hatchbacks than Canada (~1400 estimated through June) and Europe (~1,450 estimated through June) combined. For the first half of the year, Bolt EV sales are up well over 40% globally.

We don’t expect Korean numbers to continue at this pace for the entire year, however. In Q4 we expect GM will primarily focus deliveries on the U.S. market.

General Motors announces a boost in Bolt EV production for the 2019 model year.

At least 5,000 Bolt EVs are expected to be sold in South Korea in 2018. They’re already over halfway to that total and are likely to exceed it. In their Q2 quarterly sales report, GM provided guidance on the Bolt’s production increase:

U.S. and global demand for the Chevrolet Bolt EV has been very strong in 2018, with global sales estimated to be up more than 35 percent year over year in the second quarter and up more than 40 percent in the first half. In response, GM is increasing fourth quarter production by more than 20 percent compared to the average of the first three quarters.

“Demand for the Chevrolet Bolt EV, especially in the United States, Canada and South Korea, has outstripped production,” McNeil said. “The extra production coming on line should be enough to help us keep growing global Bolt EV sales, rebuild our U.S. dealer inventory and bring us another step closer to our vision of a world with zero emissions.”

The South Korean government would like to reach 250,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2020. While South Korea does not have a ZEV mandate, they are taking a carrot approach to EV adoption. Regional subsidies for electric vehicles can exceed $23,000.

The Chevy Volt continues to trickle into Korea as well, but sales remain soft at 77 units for the year. The plug-in hybrid import is expensive and the very generous financial incentives do not apply.

From GM Korea:

June domestic sales of the Chevrolet Bolt EV were 1,621 units. This was a massive increase of 4,056.4 percent year on year. The Bolt EV has gained a solid position in the domestic electric vehicle market, as more than 1,000 units were sold in both May and June.

Chevrolet South Korea Sales Numbers

Chevrolet Bolt EVs - finding more US driveways every month!
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The introduction (and US reception) of the Chevy Bolt EV has pulled forward GM's 200,000th sale by at least a year (now expected in Q2 2018) Chevrolet Bolt at the recent GM Official autocross event near Detroit. Chevrolet Bolt EV (wallpaper 2,560x) Chevrolet Bolt EV Chevrolet Bolt EV (wallpaper 2,560x) Chevrolet Bolt EV (wallpaper 2,560x) 2017 Chevrolet Bolt EV Chevrolet Bolt EV The best option overall is generally to drive at normal speed Chevrolet Bolt Chevrolet Bolt Chevrolet Bolt EV Interior Chevrolet Bolt EV:  Lots of useful room inside...and a fair about of standard finishes Bolt Interior Chevy Bolt Chevrolet Bolt EV - right-hand-drive?! Chevy Bolt rear seats The rear seating area offers plenty of room for passengers Inside the 2017 Chevrolet Bolt

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That’s because it’s an LG car………ROTFLMAO

Only an idiot won’t buy a car that does 0-60 in 6.5 sec and get 120 MPGe for $22K because it doesn’t have LG content that was designed by GM. Koreans aren’t idiots.

0-60 I suspect many don’t even give a damn. Efficiency, you bet that’s what gets them. They sure are not idiots, but GM is for not making a bigger push to recover their r&d faster on this car. Their international sales could embarrass US sales any month.

Tesla sure gives a damn. Or its fans anyways.

No, the only ones who sees this as a zero-sum game are GM fanboys like you. Thank goodness Tesla understands that the real competition is with gasmobiles, not other brands of EVs.

Bro, did I miss something or Bolt was never advertised as a performance car. You can’t compare this to a Tesla.

Though to be fair, GM does keep flying journalists out to autocross it against GTIs then write about it. But they’re not exactly advertising it as a hot hatch.

It’s hard to categorize the Bolt; it’s not really a “hatch”, as it is good 5-6″ taller and a lot roomier on the inside than let’s say the Golf or the Focus hatchbacks ..kind of like Kia Soul or Honda HRV. At the same time, the instant torque and the low center of gravity do make it kind of “hot” to drive … can we say “hot compact minivan”?

In the US, they sure do give a Damn!
It’s the clown car fugliness “turn in your Man card” appearance of the car that hinders the sales in the US.

A secure, well adjusted adult male does not worry about “turning in his man card.” 😉

True, but it would be hard to walk out your car morning and night, and think to yourself,
“I wish it didn’t look like a clown car.”
They chose to make it look silly, the Buick Encore is just 4″ longer and it has a much better look.

Bolt is not beautiful, but I do not thin it is ugly either, I see the design as practical.

It is ugly but practical… that is the truth and sales are fully reflecting that as Americans care more about looks than anything else.

Ugly is too strong I think. It’s generic GM styling in a practical shape. If you want ugly (mixed with bizarre) you want to look at vehicles designed in Japan.

True, it’s not the ugliest. In fact, if no other good ev was available for me to buy, I would definitely buy a Bolt.

You want ugly? See any current Prius.

I still think sales reflect only two things:

1) Relatively high price, even accounting for incentives.
2) GM just isn’t producing that many. You can’t sell something that doesn’t exist.

I think GM is also basically “managing” their tax credit by sending more over seas. If GM really wanted they could probably sell a ton of Bolts–it would just require a ton of discounting and probably losing money. They just don’t see a reason to do it.

Do you really think you are contributing to the discussion?

It’s clearly a consideration for some people. The looks aren’t great but the car is not bad.

“turn in your Man card”

My, my, apparently someone’s manhood doesn’t measure up, and he is trying so hard to compensate.

I like the appearance of the Bolt and the 3 but you can easily call the 3 Fugly.

Beauty and ugliness are subjective, but to deny that the odd styling of the Bolt EV is off-putting to many or most American car buyers, is to ignore reality. There’s no question the Bolt EV would sell better in the U.S. if it looked more like a “normal” car.

It pretty much looks like a small version of the SUV bricks that most Americans long to buy, so I’m not sure that appearance is really the issue. At the very least I think the importance of appearance is extremely exaggerated.


I guess that’s why people were standing in line for hours for the Chevy Bolt, sight unseen…oh, wait.

They didn’t need to stand in lines for hours like fools (for nothing apparently). They just had to call up their local dealer once the order books opened.

No, it’s the price. When people see a Chevy that stickers for more than an entry-level BMW that looks like a Honda Fit, they’re liable to shy away and just buy the fit outright at half the price.

Fake MSRP, knock $10k off plus the discounting last year and they were $22k in California.

Awwww, your manliness is threatened by driving a Bolt? Poor thing

Clown car? Do you call it that because it has a lot more interior space that what you perceive from the outside? 😀

Nah, it looks like a clown car because of the exaggerated window line and the snub nose. It looks like the GM designers made it as a parody of a normal car, much like the clown car at the circus.

It looks the way it does because that’s the way an EV wants to look. There really isn’t any need for a hood.

For me, the ugliness of the Bolt was the major hurdle I had to get over. Glad I did. Looks like a $20k car inside and out. Performs like a $25k-$35K car. Is as quiet and smooth as a Mercedes. Will save the average driver $1k-$2k/year in gas, repairs, and maintenance. Seats 5. Decent cargo room. I paid $28.5 from a $39.5 sticker in a state with no extra incentives. If you can get past the looks, it’s a brilliant choice for a commuter car.

You’re half correct, majority of people don’t give a damn to pay over $100k for a car that does < 3 seconds. For a day to day car that does 6.5 seconds matters, it makes a world of difference changing lanes and merge onto a freeway traffic.

Lol. They will recover their r&d costs whether they sell in the us or internationally. Your CA math is a little dull.

GM is a large automaker in Korea. Many GM models have been designed there over the years, and yes, it made working with LG as a supplier much easier. It is still very much a GM car.

South Korea Bolt can be had for about $22K after subsidy. When US dealer had a sale for $32.5K ($22K post subsidy in CA), they sold out of their inventory after bit over a week. When the price is right, Bolt will sell.

Yep, plus the range is far better than many of the alternatives at a similar price. With those subsidies, it can continue to fly off the lots!

I’ll bet in Q4 there will be a lag in korean sales. GM will need to sell as many in the US as it can. But The production increase should keep them in stock in the three major bolt markets next year.

PSA doesn’t seem interested in selling more Ampera-es than they need to though. They have their own plug-ins in the pipeline.

It has a lot to do with the price they have to pay for it too.
PSA knows pretty well what the manufacturing cost of the car is, and when they have to pay a lot extra – they will try to sell an ICE car insted, which they make themselves and make the profit from.

I see PSA models start to replace Opel/GM models this year. Slowly.
It will og course hurt Opel/PSA sales in Norway, not being able to offer an EV. Especially in Norway, which had many thousand people waiting in line to buy this EV made by GM.

EV from PSA will not be for sale before 2020?

By then 70% of all car sales will be EVs of some kind I think.

“When the price is right, Bolt will sell.”

Other than the price the only knock I have on the Bolt is the charge rate of 180 MPH. If GM waits too long to drop the price then 200 mile Leaf and Ioniq May be better choices or be close enough to wait to see what they can do and at what price. The ability to charge at 400 MPH would be worth a few thousand more to many.

I’d also add charging infrastructure, or lack of. If CCS is as well placed and multiple handles per site (more than 4 and no free charging), Bolt could be a real alternative to Tesla at $22K or even $25K. But as it is, Bolt is only a place holder for me until Tesla becomes available.

That’s not true,Tesla has awful quality, poor service, no parts, and has gone over the 200K limit, they will soon have a $7,500 increase in the US. The Bolt will soon have more cars to sell, the 3 has an overabundance of the wrong type of 3’s other needing rework or they type no one ordered as there is a huge lots with thousands at the Burbank Airport.

I knew it was just a matter of time before the true ‘you’ came out.

“…there is a huge lots with thousands at the Burbank Airport.”

Thanks for reporting yet another sign that Tesla is growing in size, and looking more and more like a “real” auto maker, with thousands of cars awaiting shipment.

P.S. — I guess nobody told you that GM will soon go over the 200,000 limit, too. 😉

Go Tesla!

GM can have more Bolts, dumbo…THEY DON’T WANT TO! Understand? It’s really not that hard…

They only designed it for 15k sales/yr, with a max of 30k/yr. There is a good chance they are supplier constrained as they are using a first time tier 1 supplier who built a factory for manufacturing and assembling the drivetrain. They got a sweetheart deal for doing it, which is reflected in the price, and part of the reason why Tesla hasn’t been able to match it.

GM is good at manufacturing, very efficient. Bolt was right at 30K in sales last year, and will exceed that this year… Make sure to look at total sales, not just USA sales.

Yeah the lack of Tesla parts has been a bit of a mystery for me, as mentioned on TMC. But the huge number of cars I suspect is just cars awaiting delivery. They’re making a lot of ‘3’s these days.

BroncoBet you expertly show that you don’t know how the tax credit works… but you’re still happy enough to type away in forums. The $7,500 tax credit falls to $3,750 for several months. Saying “they will soon have a $7,500 increase” is flat out wrong, or lying depending on what your motive is.

The fact is that very few, if any Model 3 buyers will be paying $35k AND getting more than $1800 back at tax time. That makes the Model 3 price actually much higher than the Bolt. Add to that the fact that the millions of people who live in areas that receive snow need to pay up for the AWD Model 3. AWD is best, but FWD is ok in snowy areas. RWD is not.

Bottom line is that a Model 3 that would work in northern areas will start at $39k (probably more) with very little if any tax credit available. And it’s most likely a year away from being available.

Let’s see how the Electrify America network turns out as that would meet your requirement.

Fast charging is a vastly overrated feature. Most buyers live in a home with more than one vehicle. At this time, that other vehicle probably runs on gas. I don’t expect to ever need to fast-charge my bolt while traveling because we would just take my wife’s SUV anyway. It’s a non-issue for most people.

Personally, I think roadtripping any EV, including Tesla, is just kind of dumb. Why would you add inconvenience and hours to your travel time?

GM has some time to figure out the market regarding the 200+ mile Leaf, and the $35k Model 3. No pricing details for the Leaf yet, but I expect it to be in the same ballpark as the 3 and Bolt starting prices. The Model 3 will be entering the phase out by Jan 2019 where it drops to $3750, Bolt will still qualify for $7500 and will still be cheaper than the 3. And GM can start offering good lease deals, or other incentives to get the price down. Going to be interesting to see how things play out.

If a 200+ mile Leaf is against a Bolt at about the same price, I’d say the Leaf has the potential to win out, especially if the rumors of it charging at 102kW turn out to be true. That’s on top of the Leaf being more comfortable and having ProPilot available. Of course, that’s not really a problem unless Leaf sales are cannibalizing Bolt sales instead of other econoboxes.

Ioniq is already a better choice for those looking at fast charge rates. Given optimal charger spacing, it actually already can outpace a Bolt on a trip after about 300 or so miles.

I hope one can be had for that kind of price when my PHEV lease is near its end (in one year). Any thoughts on what time of the year the best deals are likely to be available? In CA.

There’s now a Bolt with DCFC here in Ohio use for $27k

Thats great… I had wondered where all the Bolts were going, because the factory has been running all year, and the sales and inventory in the USA is low.

Low inventory? Not in CA.

Low inventory here in Washington state. The volume dealers are showing two to none on their lots. They must be sending what they have to California.

Yes, try to buy from southern CA if you can. They do volume, and WA dealers tend to jack the prices for rich Seattle techies.

Just 2700 Bolts in all of North America. There may be car dealers in CA with many of them, but it is the exception, not the rule.

Thats just over 60 days of inventory, about normal. In the Seattle area there are very few in inventory, but I see quite a few of them on the road, and with smiling drivers!

“60 days inventory” is only relative to their current sales rate… They are leaning on that term on their latest press release to pretend that demand in the US is not stagnating, (or they are just not attempting to send cars to all states like a normal cars). They are definitely trying to drag thier feet on hitting the 200k car limit while they lobby to remove the limit. Without $7500 off in the US, their sales would crater with leaf/ion/Kona eating their lunch.

I think what GM has shown is the Bolt sells well with incentives, but not as well without.

There are over 2000 Chevy dealers in the US. They need at least 4500 Bolts to be in inventory to have a decent supply and allow potential buyers to sit in both the base and premier.

While Tesla model 3 @35K never came! Greedy US marketeers never learn not to cheat customers!

Please stay on topic. This is an article about the Chevrolet Bolt, not Tesla.

Nice attrmpt at Jacking the thread………LMAO

The 35k model will get here… eventually. Tesla finally seems serious about profitability. Starting with the middle tier model then rolling out the highest margin next followed by the lowest margin ones afterwards is the best approach.

The ‘short’ sharks are inundating the capital access pool right now with negativity/shenanigans anyway, so Musk wants to avoid that realm at all cost. He’ll just pull in the cash from sales and trim R&D spending a bit until he can ‘clear the waters’.

You wanted to know why US Bolt sales are meh? Now you know.

Yup, that’s indeed what I wanted to know! Riddle solved.

GM is also very close to the 200k mark – just about 10k left. Wonder if they are trying to get into Q4 before they start winding down the tax credit.

GM is gaming the system like a Boss!!
Not a fan of GM but I give huge Props to them holding back to game the best bang of the rebates!!

The thing is that GM doesn’t have a BEV that they can sell as many as they build. The tax credit law is structured so that you can sell an unlimited amount of cars in the 3.1 to 5.9 months after you sell #200k. Tesla is going to be selling cars at a phenomenal pace this next 3 months. They will probably sell 60,000 cars in 3 months. GM couldn’t sell 60,000 Bolts and Volts in four times that amount of time.

Ziv,if that were true Tesla would be selling 3’s quickly now, they have an enormous inventory, they are selling slowly. Hopefully GM will increase production and sell quite a few when the unlimited rebates come. April1st Tesla will be out of rebates, and still unwilling to market a $35K car,GM should do well, especially if 3 quality has been exposed.

*SIGH*….You’re not very good at this are you?

He got you to reply — so clearly he is good enough at trolling 🙂

“…they have an enormous inventory, they are selling slowly.”

1. No, and no. (Not the “inventory” B.S. again!)

2. This discussion is about the Bolt EV. Let’s stay on topic, please.

By the end of the year, they should be revealing at least one new BEV. Heard they have been retooling some Cadillac factories, but not what the retooling is for.

Haven’t they already confirmed that their next BEV will be a CUV based on the Bolt technology?…

GM has already said that they’re increasing Bolt production in the latter part of the year and they could probably switch the factory to all Bolts if they had the demand. Plus, keeping some of the overseas inventory here at home would put a lot more Bolts into American driveways. And when was the Bolt-based Buick supposed to show its face? They really just have to coast into Q1 of 2019 and they’ll be fine.

That’s more than likely, IMO.

That’s bull crap, Bro…and you know it. The US sales have been low all along, nothing changed. They are sending them out BECAUSE thay are not selling well here. Talk about being a fanboi…

Yes, you spoke like a true fanboi indeed.

Of? I drive an eGolf and I’m looking to get a Ionic, Leaf or Clarity as second car to replace my last gasser. Tell me, who am i fanboing for?

You told me before that you drove a Tesla, I guess that was a lie?

That’s good. Maybe they won’t shut down for 3 weeks this Summer to retool the factory.
Do they even make the Sonic anymore?
What was the meme, buy a Bolt to get one now, but apparently you will have to wait a long time.
Still 30k is probably what they will produce this year, about the same as last year.
Incidentally this puts a lie to the often repeated meme, there is no demand for evs.

The report was that they are ending the Sonic production by the end of the year. So probably in line with the timing to increase Bolt production, since they are built on the same line.

Chevy still makes the Sonic and it is done at the same factory as the Bolt…
There is speculation they will end production of it but no official word as far as I know…
Ending Sonic production would certainly appear to free up more production space/time for the Bolt…

I am guessing ending the Sonic also would free up factory space for the Buick AWD crossover version of the Bolt.

There is no Bolt competing 35k Tesla 3 yet, either. The simple fact is that battery costs have just not come down the way auto makers predicted. In fact, Lithium costs are spiking this year. It is in both Tesla’s and GM’s interests to ease up on production. Otherwise, they will both be left with a lot of red ink at the end of the year. GM is likely pushing the inventory towards countries where the margin is better. ie. largest incentives.

Battery costs are dropping faster than expected.

I wish. They are dropping but pack prices are still high enough that a 60 kWh pack costs Tesla nearly $9,000 and GM $12,000. So they price the car to make a profit and that means the base 3 will probably cost $38k after a token few are sold at a break even $35k. Gm can sell a car with little or no profit but it does cause them to throttle sales by limiting supply.

Recent statements made by Musk at the shareholders meeting (probably at 100 $/kWh at cell level by year end; around 100 $/kWh at pack level in less then two years) suggest that Tesla is totally in line with their expectations about battery cost reductions.

The cost of lithium is not what what makes up the big cost in battery packs.

A minimum two week shut down in the summer and for Christmas-New Years is standard in all major auto factories. It’s not just about tooling. But there is downtime for continuous upgrades and preventative maintenance.

There is only one problem. GM hates EVs. What’s the point of discussing sales when the offer is not anywhere close to demand?

Tesla hates them more, they make em worse,GM lovingly assembles them with love, not hatefully slaps together in a tent!

HAHAHAHAHA! Coming in at the last minute and dropping those cogent tidbits, eh BroncoBet? At least you’re predictable! Have another nickle on me.

very funny, they love them as much as you do

I disagree, GM is investing big in EV’s, they are developing an all new EV chassis, its expensive and takes time (to get it right). It would be foolish to count GM out too soon!

Then explain to me why don’t they produce them in adequate numbers??? Canada, Europe, Korea are waiting in line with little hope the get them. People are waiting with the money ready. What’s keeping them???? Is all mighty GM a startup???
What’s wrong with them? 20% in Q4??? it’s ridiculous .

Gm hasn’t got the pack price down enough to sell them with more than a small profit so they throttle sales by limiting inventory. We saw it with the Volt and now the Bolt. They are both $3k or $4k too expensive to sell in decent numbers but GM won’t drop the price because then they would be losing money on each one sold. There aren’t many people willing to put that kind of coin on the table for a compact Chevy.

GM cares about making money and doesn’t rely on fanatic investors to keep the company afloat.

True, they rely on taxpayers in case of trouble…if I remember correctly the taxpayers were frantic about it back then in opposing the bailout. Each with their own i guess.

It’s called economics. How come Tesla has sold zero of their base Model 3s so far? Same reason.

We’ll know GM is finally getting serious about making and selling compelling plug-in EVs if and when they start investing in their own battery cell factories. It’s very noticeable that they aren’t even talking about doing that yet, even as other legacy auto makers are already putting plans into motion.

Should GM start making tires too? Surely if they were getting serious about cars with tires, they would make their own tires? Glass? Steel? Thats how silly your statement sounds. Batteries are just one part of a car, and suppliers are good at making them, that is why most BEV’s made use battery cells purchased from suppliers, I think BYD and Nissan are the only exceptions to that?

The main difference is it takes a big leap of faith to invest in expanding battery output for a customer like GM. If GM were serious they would be investing in battery plants with their suppliers (see Panasonic/Tesla , Nissan/AESC, etc). GM signed aggrements to buy from LG, but GM is relying on LG to invest in their own factories…

Do you think GM is going to come to us on Insideev’s and tell us their future plans and investments? GM typically tries to be pretty secretive and not let the cat out until they are ready.

Not true
GM is very serious in their next generation battery manufacturing

Nissan sold their battery business.

No – nobody wants it, and Nissan/Renault/Mitsubishi don’t appear to have the cash or the know how to revamp it to meet current needs or the wisdom to ditch diesel vehicles and fuel cells and go all in on EVs.
Looks like they will have to stand the warranty claims on them selves now.

No, that deal flipped…

Another Euro point of view

Jury is still out to know if manufacturing your own cells is the right decision.

Yelp Nissan said f this

Pupu you don’t need the factory, they need better contracts with thier battery suppliers or just go with another one that will be able to or buy them out

Nobody is building cell factories, though many are building pack factories. Cells are a commodity.

Not true, very soon Honda will be buying battery modules from GM on the next generation battery tech that GM and Honda soon to be in production.

This is a good move by GM to drive those costs down on batteries.

Investing big in future EVs doesn’t mean they don’t hate them 🙂

Their political actions make it rather clear that they only invest in EVs because they realise they can’t avoid it; but would really prefer not to.

I am going to assume that GM is sending Bolts to Canada and Korea to slow US 2Q18 sales and thus extend the $7500 US government tax credit for as long as possible. Tesla may be doing the same by parking the Model 3 in lots. As we know courtesy of this website, both are close to losing the full credit amount.

Yes,Tesla sold 205,020 by July 1st ,going over,GM is comfortably under and shipping overseas.

Our estimates put Tesla above 200,000 deliveries BUT we can not for certain state that all 200,000 were qualified vehicles that were considered ‘sold’ according to the IRS in June. Does title acquisition matter in this scenario? How many cars purchased in the US over the years were not actually placed into use in the US and instead shipped overseas? How many were sold to cities/government agencies and how does this change the count? Fords reported IRS numbers seem to lag official Ford delivery mumbers by a few months. Teslas might do the same. IRS seems somewhat clear about buyer ‘acquisition’ for the purposes of credit eligibility. But we do not know how it determines a ‘sale’ for the purposes of calculating the 200,000th sale that triggers the phase out. Neither Tesla nor the IRS is willing to speak on the subject. So yes, we do believe 200,000+ Teslas have been sold. We have no indication on where that places the company as far as triggering the phase out. I hope that makes sense? It’s been a long week with us trying to get to the bottom of this and not being able to. If anyone from the IRS is… Read more »

1. Tesla cars accumulating in parking lots is an inevitable result of increased production, and there would be no rational reason to delay sales at this point. We’re already into the 3rd quarter.

2. This discussion is about the Bolt EV, not Tesla. Let’s stay on topic, please.

Yelp stay on topic that’s how fan wars start

Wait, is GM having production problems, or did I misread the premise here? Because it sure looks like GM can’t keep up with Tesla production rates in EVs. Oh wait, it’s a demand issue:

No, that was last year. Is the demand fluctuating wildly? So lost… Maybe GM makes cars regardless of demand, then goes back and sees how the cars are selling and starts up or shuts down based on what the dealers are telling them. What a confusing way to meet customer demand.

Last summers shutdown was not due to a demand issue. They were reconfiguring the Orion plant.

It was actually a bit of both. GM pushed the Bolt in the 3rd and 4th qtr of 2017, and cleared out the inventory.

Well there was some fear that the $7500 credit was going away under the last budget. So there was likely some panic buying in Q4 of 2017.

GM isn’t competing with Tesla. They have their on plans they are sticking to.

really stupid plans

Given GM is very profitable and selling 10 million vehicles a year I don’t think anyone would argue their business plan. EV’s will take time to really start affecting the market. Right now they are fringe sales to the overall market – increasing, but there is plenty of time for others to join in. Everyone said the traditional manufactures were to slow with their 2020 plans back in 2015. Guess what some of those cars are being released next year.

Stupid? Thats your opinion, but I like that GM remains profitable, and healthy moving into the future.

No, it’s a supply issue. GM is dependent on LG Chem for battery cell supply, and isn’t yet moving to create a cell supply which they control.

It’s good to see that GM is sending more cars to satisfy the S. Korean market, but unfortunate that there is a commensurate reduction in U.S. sales. But if that’s a strategy to delay GM going past the 200,000 milestone, then in the long run that may be a good thing.

LG is able to keep GM supplied with the contracted amount of batteries, and the Orion plan has been humming along (on green energy) at the regularly scheduled levels of production. Bolt worldwide sales are up dramatically in 2018 YTD, when compared to the same period of 2017. Up, meaning increased…

Pupu there’s over 3k inventory of bolts in dealers. There’s 2 new and used demo here in Elyria Ohio for the last 2 months. They are not selling for the price they want. I’m wanting for the demo to drop to $27k to make an offer

The new alliance that GM and Honda are putting together for battery manufacturing very much will have GM in control of their battery supplies in the future.

Wait GM says demand is up 40% so they are going to wait for the 4th quarter and increasing demand by … 20%? Huh. i can only think of a few reasons GM would do this.

1. They are having production problems and can’t increase any sooner and any more.
2. They are waiting for the next model year (although, the demand is now, so this doesn’t make much sense). And also, why only 20%.
3. They are purposely keeping production below demand. This is done to large extent with low run exotics, not the Bolt.
4. They are not making money on units and are only building enough to meet the fleet emission requirements.
5. Some combination of the above.

Actually, GM has to accelerate the supply chain, that takes time to keep an even flow balanced system… GM does not run their production in Chaos like some other companies have done recently. Its slow and boring at GM, but great quality, consistent product coming out the end.

Must be some other GM than the one which had a recall of the Bolt EV due to problems with the battery pack, then. 😉

Battery software issue, hardly a widespread issue. What does Consumer Reports say about Bolt Reliability and initial quality? Last I read it was their top EV pick, and most reliable GM car in their survey. .

6. They plan on ending Sonic production in the 4th quarter freeing up more Bolt production (they are produced at the same plant).
7. LG cant supply them with more batteries until the 4th quarter.
8. They make money on Bolts but make much much more one ICE machines.

The is a new GM CUV BEV coming around Dec, I imagine that is the true recipient of any production or plant changes.

GM is dependent on LG Chem for battery cell supply. When LG started selling their new, lower cost cells, they required orders two years in advance. It may well be that a two-year time lag is still in effect for a substantial increase in supply. I doubt it’s much if any shorter now.

So even if GM wants to increase Bolt EV production, they likely can’t do it any faster than they have planned for years in advance.

Increasing production isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. GM isn’t making soda cans. They are making complex machines with thousands of parts with thousands of suppliers (and many of those suppliers have suppliers and some of those have suppliers as well) . Every regular order that goes into the system needs to be sequenced at least a month in advance for the supply chain. Increasing production takes several months of planning, logistics and supply chain management. To co-ordinate all this is very complex and the system has to run in darn near perfect harmony.

“For the first half of the year, Bolt EV sales are up well over 40% globally.”

This is great news! I’ve been rather disappointed to see the drop-off in U.S. sales of the Bolt EV, so I’m glad to see that it’s at least partly due to more units being sent overseas.

Now, if GM could only figure out some way to sell the car in Europe that didn’t involve Vauxhall, which clearly doesn’t want to sell the Opel Ampera-e…

There is no Ampera-e under Vauxhall (as there is no RHD variant). Only under the Opel brand in Europe.

EV adoption is a production issue not a demand issue. We are buying everything they produce and waiting for more.

Love the Bolt EV but I see a lot of drivers glaring at me, cutting me off, tailgating me. Its really bad. Im worried but we have drivecam onboard. Most of the hostility is from pickup truck drivers. And this is in NorCal. They are shelling out lots of bucks for gas and oil, so they believe Im at fault for their pain.

You make it sound like you still have yet to be “Coal Rolled”, by a “DIE-SELL”, vertically stacked dual exhaust,, corn fed, Skoal tobacky dippin’, pick up truck.

The horror and shock will settle in, when you succumb to the thick black cloud of toxic death, coming mostly off the spinning in place, smokin’ rear slick tires.

After the my first Diesel Demon CR initiation, while I was stopped at the railroad tracks, it now seems as though this is par for the course, for going all in, with the EV Golf Cart crowd.

That is amazing. I have a Volt and only once have I seen any negative response. I plugged in at a shopping mall and the guy in the car next to me asked if I had taken $7500 from him by accepting the credit. I told him “No, but I did pay $7500 less of my own money in taxes last year.” But never anything on the road.
I think you may be attributing something to malice towards BEV’s that is more just bad driving on their part. We frequently see what we expect to see.

Its really amazing how naive and stupid some Americans are. Its mostly old folks with that attitude towards EV’s, I have heard conversations in some groups of very smart people that just do not get it. I let some friends of ours drive my Volt, and they were very surprised at what a fun and solid car it was.

Move those turds while you can, GM.

The Tesla Model 3 isn’t on sale in Korea… yet.

Just take notice of what’s happening in North America at the moment. Model 3 outselling Bolt by 5.6 to 1.

Once Tesla starts deliveries in Korea… GM customers are going to… BOLT. LOL

It’ll be about 5 years (or more!) before Tesla 3 in Bolt price range becomes available in Korea. In that time, Bolt will most likely have a new version that’s better than the current one. Meanwhile, Tesla 3 will remain the same.

And there’s no telling where the subsidies will be then. Smart money is to buy the Bolt and take subsidy now and see where things go in the future.

Tesla has enough issues with US Model 3 production to even think about Korea at the moment.