Despite No Model 3 Yet, Tesla Outsold Lexus In Europe In September

OCT 24 2018 BY MARK KANE 18

Lexus can be beaten by Tesla in Europe even without the Model 3.

ACEA reports that new registrations of Lexus cars in Western Europe (EU15 + EFTA countries) stood in September at 4,837 (down 10.7% year-over-year) and at 31,714 in through the first nine months of 2018.

According to industry analyst Matthias Schmidt ( strong Tesla sales in the last month of the third quarter enabled it to outsell Lexus, although theĀ California company still is some 10,000 below Lexus YTD in Europe.

In other words, even without theĀ Model 3 available in Europe yet, Tesla is above Lexus. However, when the Model 3 finally hits the market, Toyota’s premium brand will maybe then understand that the future is electric, not hybrid.

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If Tesla can sell an average of 300,000 vehicles a year in the USA, that would put them on par with Lexus here. I don’t see that happening. I see a peak and a decline for Tesla due to the loss of the federal tax incentive, loss of a waiting list, and upcoming EV and hybrid competition. If Lexus has already peaked, I see a much slower decline. More Lexus models will soon be electrified, but the head of Lexus, Yoshihiro Sawa, doesn’t want to go fully electric just yet. His reluctance to do so may change sooner than he wants, however.

Maybe Yoshihiro is well aware of everyone currently clamoring to LG for li-ion battery supply. And they’re seemingly waiting sitting on their hand with their thumbs up their – – – , they could be waiting for a stroke of genius. But at the very least, it’s agonising to see Lexus hv packs still rated at 36 bhp peak. They would be far more dynamic vehicles if the batteries could at least support a load of 75 bhp.

Still, it’s a shame they can’t offer a 8+ kWh pack like some Mercedes and BMWs have. Unlike the german names, /LexusToyota hybrids are constantly competent hybrids, and they feel so effortless with a fully charged battery on board, whereas the Merc and BMW phevs only seem to operate fully when there’s useable battery range. Parallel machines like those plummet into the 20 mpgs in charge mode. It drags all the electrification efforts back to square one.

Toyota/Lexus is a long time Panasonic battery partner for their hybrid traction batteries and they’d probably stick with Panasonic for pure EV.

Toyota/Lexus is taking a go-slow approach on pure EVs because they are a hugely profitable company at present and they have a longer-term plan to electrify their fleet first with mild hybrids like the Prius, then plug-in hybrids like the Prime (second leading plug-in car in unit sales in the US so far this year), and then pure electrics and/or fuel cell vehicles.

They are the largest and most profitable car company on earth, so while I do wish they would go faster, it’s hard to argue with their success at present.

The same tactics than Nokia

I hope they stay in the FOOL CELL dungeon

No one cares a damn about the fed rebate and that’s why average Model-3 transaction price was $60,000.
Lexus will soon see a rapid decline while Tesla will keep increasing.

Time and again, 1 Lexus executive after another said “No need to plugin”.

Yep I heard the same talking points from shorters and Russian trolls. Good luck with that.

People want a good BEV ,not some mongrel , amphibian ,dual sources means of propulsion or hybrid as they call it , Toyota is stuck in land of the fossils and in love with FOOL CELLS, let them stay there.

Lexus is a brand I can drive for days without seeing. . . Just a bit more common then Lambo, Ferrari, Aston Martin and so on.

Lexus is not a brand with any significant sales in Europe. 0.3% market share

And even less of one now. They sell quite well in the U.K., or at least did.

Who knew that Lexus sells in Europe.

I didn’t. I thought you have to import it yourself. Never seen one there.

I only seen them in the UK and thought that it is a RHD drive thing so they would get them. I knew that Lexus was a thing in the US but assumed that those would be models that are non starters in Europe anyway because of being oversized.

Lexus does not compete on the same level as Audi, BMW and Mercedes in Europe. They are trying to exploit the end of diesel at the moment in media campaigns promoting their “self charging hybrids”. Which just makes them look bad in the process.

Serves them right for all their negative advertising. Self charging hybrids indeed. FFS.

Lexus hybrids are no match for Tesla electrics.
When Model-3 goes on sales, Lexus IS & ES will also suffer sales decrease.

I guess Lexus will stop plugin and just get out of Europe.
Infiniti is another laggard which is descending rapidly in Europe.

This is just the beginning…