See The Tesla Roadster In Space From All Angles

FEB 7 2018 BY C SMITH 73

The launch was impressive, but seeing the car in space is downright amazing.

It actually happened. Elon Musk, CEO of both Tesla Motors and SpaceX, successfully tested the most powerful rocket in recent memory. The Falcon Heavy lifted off from Cape Canaveral at 3:45 p.m. Eastern Time / 20:00 GMT, carrying a Tesla Roadster with “Starman” behind the wheel wearing a prototype SpaceX space suit. Also on board was a Hot Wheels car and special laser disc filled with all kinds of information on the human race, just in case some extra-terrestrial visitors decide to check the Tesla out as it travels to a solar orbit near Mars. Barring anything catastrophic, it should stay there . . . for a billion years.

Tesla Roadster In Space

The only bit of bad news came with the loss of the core booster, which didn’t land safely on the autonomous ocean platform as planned. The Verge reports the booster failed to ignite two of its three descent engines, causing it to crash into the water. The two side boosters, however, returned to the Cape in spectacular fashion with a simultaneous touchdown.

This marks a new milestone for humanity and space travel, and we’ll be the first to admit is full of space nerds. That’s why we spent hours after the launch watching the red Roadster and its occupant boldly going where no car has gone before, via a livestream from SpaceX. In that time, it’s amazing to see how far the Roadster went.

Tesla Roadster In Space

We grabbed a few screenshots through the day, and we’re not ashamed to admit it – seeing the car with the Earth in the background is both awe inspiring and moving. Maybe that’s because we love cars, and silly as it may sound, watching the Tesla in space is almost like being up there with it. Check our gallery of screenshots below.

Source: SpaceXThe Verge

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What affect will the sun’s rays have on the seats and paint? Was the battery pack removed?

Volt#671 + BoltEV

What is SBF?

A home made acronym “Stop burning fuel”

Which is kind of funny coming from someone who owns a vehicle that burns fuel. 😛

Thanks for solving the mystery. Maybe it should be SBF Still Burning Fuel – albeit less fuel.

There was an article stating that radiation was going to make fast work of the car within a few years.

Personally, I would guess the car won’t be there for more than 20 to 50 years. Most likely recovered as a souvenir and put on display in Vegas somewhere like the Bonny and Clyde car…

I guess the tires were removed or not inflated. Perhaps the valve stems removed. Otherwise they would blow up in the vacuum of space.

Volt#671 + BoltEV

No real risk of tires blowing up just because they are in the vacuum of space. Just inflate to about 15 psi less than normal, and all will be fine. Just need to keep differential pressure between inside and outside of tire the same as on earth.

Maybe it will be hard to find!

I hope they charged to battery because this thing is going to just kill the miles/charge record of any other BEV.

This is such a bizarre thing to do and it’s a little silly… but I absolutely love it.

When do I get to go to space!? Virgin Galactic and Space X better start selling affordable space tourism tickets soon! 😉

They’ll have to use MPGe so as to account for rocket fuel though…

The whole thing is very cool. But, they actually blew the insertion orbit for Mars. The car is headed for the asteroid belt instead.

That’s true and the destroyed the center core. But a lot of test went right. 1) Ignited 27 engines simultaneously without fail and cleared the pad with a rocket twice as large as any currently launching today. 2) Powered through the speed of sound at max Q without exploding which was huge in itself. 3) Deployed the side falcons and landed both of them. The falcon(s) have landed. That just sounds crazy! 4) Completed six hour drift test even if overshot the trajectory. The heavy radiation could have fried the electronics yet they test fired to boosters.
It was after all a test flight to gather as much data a possible.

Yeah, maybe they blew the intended orbit, but another way to look at it is that the Falcon Heavy threw not just the car, but the entire second stage 242,730,000 miles (2.61 AU) from the Sun.

The flat earthers got some ‘splainin to do.

They’ll explain it the same way they always do: SpaceX is lying, NASA is lying, the government is lying, blah blah blah.

Yup. The entire world’s gone crazy except the flat earthers. But I can sympathize since entire worlds’s gone crazy when it’s plainly obvious SparkEV is the best car ever made.

Are there really still flat earthers?

btw, tell your buddy steverino I said hi. 😉

Sigh, they recently had a conference in my town:

Bah! It’s all CGI!

Model 3 fastest car in the world traveling at 18,000 mph

Technically not in the “world”. It left the atmosphere. 😉

OK solar system, galaxy, universe. Pick one. I prefer galaxy. Fastest car in the galaxy.

*Roadster you mean

Original Tesla Roadster. Not model 3.


Musk is a genius with a great sense of humor and a master marketer of promoting his insane projects: Tesla & SpaceX.

Hopefully the traditional car makers don’t dismiss the significance of this Musk “stunt”. The traditionals are up against a competitor with the capacity to launch an EV into deep space on the world’s most powerful and advanced rocket… for giggles.

I look forward to the upcoming Tesla Moon Rover (mission circumnavigate Moon) & Tesla Mars Rover (mission circumnavigate Mars). Tesla does not make slow-poke rovers.

In the scheme of things this isn’t really to crazy. The reason why it’s not crazy is that from what I have been hearing the whole rocket or at least half of it landed down back in Port Canaveral.

So technically all Elon Musk has to do to sell space on the rocket is refuel it and make basic repairs.

He doesn’t have to build a new rocket from nothing like in the 1960’s.

That is the basic idea behind SpaceX. In fact, the two boosters used yesterday we re-used from previous Falcon 9 launches.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

The third (middle) booster didn’t make it back in one piece.

In the immortal words of Meatloaf, ‘two out of three ain’t bad.’

So will StarMan have some paradise by the dash board lights??

No. Just Bowie in his buds.

It’s the boosters that are recovered and not lost at sea like they used to…which is a great deal money wise.

“So technically all Elon Musk has to do to sell space on the rocket is refuel it and make basic repairs.”

Well, this has been greatly oversimplified in the press.

First, it costs fuel to recover the stage.

Second, and perhaps more importantly, using that fuel to recover the stage means that it cannot be used to give the payload more momentum. SpaceX sells the ability to launch payloads to higher orbit by using all of the fuel, and thus loosing the stage(s) entirely.

There is no free lunch.


I’m utterly amazed no one has brought up the visual similarity to the opening sequence of Heavy Metal.

Yes thank you. I’m not crazy. Mentioned it in the previous article.
Heavy Metal rocked and the connection was awesome!
Congratulations SpaceX!

Hey, I’m driving here.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Then use your signal light SIR!

Elon Musk definitely has a taste for the bizarre…

…and clever marketing, he created a talking point for the next billion years or so.

Pretty cool!

This is the ultimate “amphibian”, PHEV 🙂

250 miles of EV range, and 1,000,000+ miles of rocket range.

That Roadster’s battery is surely bricked by now. Assuming it was still in the car.

Cold is good for batteries!

Hate to be the party pooper here but electric cars are supposed to cut down on green house gas emissions. I wonder how many ICE car miles could have been driven with the rocket fuel used for this stunt. Quite a few I suspect.

Well, let me fix that for you. First of all, this rocket was going to be launched with or without the roadster. So the “stunt” in question didn’t really do much of anything in terms of greenhouse gasses. Now, I’m not 100% sure about the fuel used in the Falcon Heavy, but often rocket fuel is made of liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen. So most of the byproduct is H20. Much cleaner than automobile exhaust.

It’s liquid oxygen and kerosene.

The announcer called it “RP1” for “refined petroleum 1”

Yeah, replacing part of the concrete or brick ballast used on this test flight with a Roadster was a brilliant marketing ploy for both Tesla and SpaceX — the launch and the Roadster payload got coverage even from major news networks — and it added precisely zero to the pollution generated.

Go Tesla!

Go SpaceX!

I hope this doesn’t jack the prices of used Roadsters because while I’ll never be able to afford the Roadster 2.0 there is a slim chance that I may one day own a Roadster 1.0.

I’m still bummed that Tesla made the Roadster a car for rich people only. A $50K Roadster would have been easy to design and produce and Tesla would have had no trouble selling all they could build.

I keep hoping for an affordable convertible EV.

“A $50K Roadster would have been easy to design and produce…”

Well then, by all means start your own automobile manufacturing business, and show us how easy it is, since you obviously know so much more than the people running Tesla. 🙄

LOL, so if I can’t design and build an EV then I don’t get to be critical of anything Tesla does?

I’m interested to know why would you think a $50K sports coupe would be harder to do than a $35K sedan. What’s your reasoning on that? Seems to me that Tesla would have an easier time meeting demand for a niche car instead of a family sedan.

I really like the pictures and the simultaneous boosters returns was just like in the simulation movie.

The return view camera on the boosters were showing a duplicate of the same video though not two different video because the flame and smoke patterns are 100% identical which is impossible. They probably just put two times the same video to indicate that two boosters were coming back. There was likely only one communication channel available for only one of the boosters. One would wonder why not two though?

@Priusmaniac said: “The return view camera on the boosters were showing a duplicate of the same video… the flame and smoke patterns are 100% identical which is impossible.”

Not a duplicate video feed.

Amazingly near identical but close observation shows very slight differences. Example: See Frames @26:49 & 28:20-28:23

Also, the launch commentary pointed out that although the two video feeds looked identical that they were indeed separate feeds for each of the two side 1st stages.

You are right, it is two different cameras.
The landing pads are different.
I was wrong.
Incredible that flame and gas flow look so identical.

Hey, the YouTube video you indicate is different from the one that was shown during the live event yesterday. Yesterday it was two times the same video and now it is two different videos. So, not wrong after all.

@Priusmaniac said: “Hey, the YouTube video you indicate is different from the one that was shown during the live event yesterday…”

They are both the same video…

The link I posted was streamed on YouTube Live (from the SpaceX Live Feed at the launch event yesterday) and that live feed was automatically archived by YouTube (unedited) as a regular YouTube video on SpaceX’s YouTube Account channel.

A fantastic show what’s however!

I want to see how Tesla does the over the air updates LOL talk about taking it to the the next level LOL

Not bad for an Immigrant. Wasn’t Nikola Tesla also an immigrant?

Just sayin….

anyone in the USA, other than native Americans are immigrants.

I can trace my family back to pre-revolution days, but still proud of my immigrant background.

One half of my family fought for the colonies, the other half were mercenaries paid by the British.

Trivial hair-splitting. Whether your ancestors immigrated to America just a couple of centuries ago or less, as my various immediate ancestors did, or several thousand years ago, as the ancestors of the Amerinds did, we’re all descendants of immigrants.

The term “native American” means anyone born in the Americas, including me. Any other use of the term is an abuse of good English.

Oh, nevermind about the Roadster used for ballast. What got everyone so excited that even news anchors showed excitement, was SpaceX landing twin booster rockets on their tail back on the launch pad, and landing them in perfect synchronization! Watching that sent chills up and down my spine.

How wonderful to see a return to the days when a space launch was something special!

Space firsts
1957-10-04 – Man made satellite – Sputnik 1 (USSR)
1957-11-03 – Animal – Laika (USSR)
1958-03-17 – Solar powered satellite – Vanguard 1-NRL (USA)
1961-04-12 – Man – Yuri Gagarin (USSR)
1963-06-16 – Woman – Valentina Tereshkova (USSR)
1969-07-20 – Men on moon – Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin (USA)

2018-02-06 – Car to space – Tesla Roadster (USA)

Congratulations SpaceX and Tesla teams.

Oh wait, now other automakers have to do something similar.
GM – Drive a Hummer-H2 to the middle of Sahara desert and leave it there to rot in sand dunes.

Toyota – Take the FJ Cruiser in a boat to the middle of Pacific ocean and push it to the bed of the ocean with the windows open so that fishes can have some fun.

Volkswagen – Fill VW-Toureg, Audi-A7, Porsche-Cayenne with tank full of diesel and drive it inside of Bundestag (German Parliament) and leave the engines running with a few German Shepherds inside. After the fuel runs out, VW will get a chance to study the effect diesel emissions on their elected lawmakers and their favorite dogs.

A stupid, idiotic stunt.

Putting an object into a solar orbit has only been accomplished by governments before SpaceX did it.

If you think that’s a stupid stunt then maybe science and engineering just aren’t your cup of tea?

Interesting to see intermittent fogging of portions of windshield, presumably from outgassing dashboard. Fog came and went– change in temperature of windshield?

A middle aged man places his shiny red sports car atop a giant rocket, to blast it into space. Let’s ponder the phallic symbolism and any subconscious psychological issues which would lead to such an event.

Interesting to see there’s no rear view mirror, anyone got any ideas as to why they would remove it?