Satellite Image Of Tesla Gigafactory


Via, we present this satellite image of the Tesla Gigafactory.

If you look closely, you’ll see the Gigafactory as it is today, as well as on outline of the 10 million square-foot projected footprint that the Gigafactory will occupy at some point in the far-off future (2020).

The current Gigafactory occupies a space of approximately 500 meters by 150 meters (2 stories tall), but the project future Gigafactory is closer to 1,000 meters by 425 meters.

The “small-scale” Gigafactory will open next year, but construction will continue on the site until it reach full size by perhaps 2020.

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The GF is supposed to reach full production capacity in 2020, meaning producing 35 GWh of battery cells and with 15 GWh of cells imported from Japan producing 50 GWh of battery packs.

The building should be fully built way before 2020.

BTW Best aerial shot with supperimposed

IMO, if demand requires, I think Tesla will be producing a lot more than 35GWh of cells from the factory – Musk recently said they figured out how to make the production facilities more floor-space efficient, so they can make the same GWh in a smaller footprint.

And if the chemistry improves the energy density then we will have more electric cars!

I thought Tesla doesn’t produce any cells at all. They will buy them from Panasonic, who leases part of the factory.

It’s accurate to describe the current situation that way, with Tesla buying Panasonic cells made in Japan. The Gigafactory will be much more of a partnership, with Tesla much more involved at every step, including supplying the raw materials Panasonic will use to make the cells.

And it’s Tesla’s Gigafactory, not Panasonic’s.

How fast do they build this thing ? It seems exactly the same size as 6 months ago.

Footprint of the building is not the only thing that counts. It was showed in a resent video that much of the walls was up and the have probably start building more inside to.

OK, thanks.

To get an idea of the size, here’s the Michigan football stadium next to it.

That doesn’t help. Can you put a banana next to it for scale?

You didn’t see the banana?

Oh, there it is. Wow, the Gigafactory looks ginormous next to the banana! Thanks kdawg!

You guys are funny !! 🙂


TeraFactory ?

That’s related to the Red-Dragon project … terraforming Mars / factory. 😉

After all, only electric vehicles operate on Mars; and there’s global need for energy storage on cold nights.

Here is another (big) picture showing the scale.

I like the plan of getting the factory up & running in a small part of it while the rest is being built.

Right. The football field is a very good unit’s like thing for the scale.

Too bad the Wikimapia site doesn’t have any credit — or at least I don’t see one — for whoever superimposed the outlines on the photo. It’s very useful to see the size and placement of the current construction in relation to the planned full-sized Gigafactory.

Placing the first construction at one edge of the planned final shape certainly makes sense. I wonder about the North/South placement, though (assuming North is at the top of the photo). It’s almost but not quite centered. It would be interesting to find out why they chose that exact placement.

can insideevs get access to the plans that Tesla submitted to get a permit to build this factory? 5 years is not “the far-off future”, that’s a current planning window, so Tesla would have filed in the application for permit architectural drawing that show how the layout of the final factory would look. i’m thinking that this is going to be a building complex and not a single building.

Compared to other battery facilities, the pilot plant isn’t really all that large in terms of footprint. 500 metres x 150 metres is 7.5 hectares.

LG Chem’s factory in Holland, MI is also two stories and covers about 350 metres x 120 metres, or 4.2 hectares.

GM’s Brownstown Battery assembly is 150 metres x 400 metres or 6.0 hectares.

Nissan’s Smyrna, TN plant is 200 m x 225 m or 4.5 ha (although only one floor).

So the pilot plant is big, but may not super-ultra-mega-big at this point. If you add LG Chem Michigan and Brownstown Battery together, GM actually has a larger footprint than the Gigafactory (10.2 vs. 7.5 hectares). I know LG Chem isn’t devoted exclusively to GM, but still.

Obviously yes, the ultimate build-out of the GF dwarfs everything else.

ok so were 70000/425000 m^2 = 18% done…
Kinda slow going??