Rimac Concept_One Expected to Go On Sale in 2015


The Rimac Concept_One

The Rimac Concept_One

Rimac Concept_One

Rimac Concept_One

The stunning electric supercar from Rimac Automobili is now slated to enter production before the end of 2015.

The car has now been in development since 2009 and was originally slated to enter production in late 2013  – so it’s not exactly quick to market.

Called the Concept_One, this is certainly the most lustworthy pure EV on the planet.

Here are some of its jaw-dropping specs:

  • 1,088 horsepower
  • 92 kWh battery
  • Four electric motors
  • 0 to 60 mph in 2.8 seconds

It’s believed that only 88 will ever be built.  Price for admission?  $1 million plus.

Below:  Here is a video to make you feel bad about what you drive now.





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[goes to grab check book]

Meh. It’s not good looking and the price is ridiculous.
At the very least they need a better design. The design version they did for Applus was dramatically better and should be adopted immediately instead of this misguided spatula design.
Lose the red interior as well. Leave the aesthetics to someone without arab genes.

Hate that red dash and rear tail lights. Looks too much like a kit car.

You’d think for a million bucks it would have AC/Heat, but I don’t see any vents. Someone enlighten me.

Can’t really as there are no cabin lights. Oh, and the doors don’t have any window switches so no ventilation from outside either 😉

Maybe one can bolt on a $9 trucker fan on that red vinyl dashboard and call it a day. 🙂

I love the looks,although for the price,buyers should have many options. Dan…Your quite the racist douche…aren’t You?(he rhetorically said : )

Car blogs are full of racists … most of them are Asian Supremacists who only buy ore recommend cars made by Asian people. 😉