Rimac C_Two Arrives In Geneva In Flashy New Hues


The showcar for Geneva wears a new Arctic White livery with blue carbon accents.

Supercar enthusiasts have a lot of reasons to get excited about automakers embracing electrification as plenty of zero-emissions machines have been announced with staggering technical specifications. Case in point, Rimac unveiled the C_Two nearly a year ago in Geneva and now they’re about to show the bonkers electric hypercar with a fresh new coat of paint.

Dressed in Arctic White with exquisite deep blue-tinted carbon fiber body elements, the C-Two for the 2019 Geneva Motor Show represents Rimac’s way of telling us everything is going according to the plan. Prototypes of the electric beast are already in production, and the Croatian marque hints at powertrain improvements set to be implemented in the customer-spec production cars due in 2020.

The showcar’s interior cabin is also a sight to behold thanks to a matte carbon fiber theme combined with petroleum blue for the leather noticeable on the seats, door cards, steering wheel, the central armrest, and even on the floor mats.

Rimac isn’t willing to go into any details for the time being regarding the upgrades they’re planning for the powertrain, but they do say these will be possible thanks to “new development efforts.” For the time being, we know the C_Two has four electric motors with a combined output of 1,914 horsepower and an instant torque of 2,300 Newton-meters (1,696 pound-feet). It’s enough electric punch for a sprint to 60 mph (96 kph) in precisely 1.85 seconds, with the 0-186 mph (0-300 kph) taking just 11.8 seconds.

Thanks to a large 120-kWh battery pack, the Rimac C_Two can travel for 550 kilometers (342 miles) as per WLTP or 650 km (404 miles) according to NEDC.

It will be interesting to see how Rimac is going to improve these already amazing specs.

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Maybe some Porsche know-how comes with Rimac 2.0. 800V?

Many would be lucky to retire, with the equivalent of this car’s price tag.

The opposite, some Rimac Know-How comes with the Taycan.

Everybody is talking about the Tesla Roadster but the underdog is this car because will be very fast also in a track race. Probably the Roadster will be 300kg heavier than the Rimac, but on the other hand Tesla has an unbitable price on its side. Both will make a huge impact.

OK, I’ll bite. What is Tesla’s price?

Correlation is NOT Causation.

$200,000 for the base version, $250,000 for one of the first 1,000 “Founders Edition” vehicles.

Another Euro point of view

I will believe this when I see it. It might as well cost 2 mio USD a piece to build them this could explain why they stopped the referral program. They were busy making 2 mio USD presents.

Tesla roadster-2 = $250K founder series, Rimac C2 = approx $ 2 million.

This Rimac is awesome but it is much more expensive than the Tesla Roadster though.

I was very surprised when Tesla announced the price for the Roadster, because I think they could easily have priced it a lot higher, added a few extra touches of luxury, and made it even more of a halo car without losing any sales.

All assumptions… probably wrong too. Just pulling numbers out of nowhere. Maybe the roadster will be an unbeatable track monster… Maybe Tesla has figured out how to do as many laps as you want without any heat issues… Maybe wait and see what the actual cars will do before drawing any conclusions. Elon said he wanted to give “a hardcore smackdown to gasoline hypercars” meaning it’s not just acceleration but also lap times he was referring to.

Looks really good. Art.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Cost prohibitive for 99.98% of us.

Nice, also the Geneva presented Fiat electric concept looks promising

This is probably a weird take on the car’s specifications, but when I look at it’s potential performance I am amazed that a small company can quietly produce an EV with such all-around amazing performance. 2000hp and a mi/kWh that is better than the all the previous Leaf iterations up to the e+ (ya, ya, lower CdA but it isn’t like an ICE version would get the same mpg as Versa).

It gives some confidence that a small company like Rivian can really engineer and build a groundbreaking product. It also kind of suggests how rushed the first round of EVs from the legacy company has been. A company like Audi or MB have incredible engineering talent and massive resources yet they still seem to be a bit behind the curve.

120 Kwh battery for 1914 Hp means you WILL destroy your cells with more than 10 times the current they can discharge. Either Rimac has a new battery tech, or they never intend to run this car on full throttle. Running 10C discharge from a battery is a SURE WAY to fry the battery module…