Kyle Conner of Out of Spec Reviews attended the 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5 first drive event earlier this month and put together this nearly hour-long first drive impressions video. 

The Ioniq 5 recently launched in the US, and it's one of the most highly-anticipated new EVs this year. Hyundai has also just released the pricing, and the aggressive MSRPs should only serve to increase demand. In fact, we wouldn't be surprised if we hear dealerships charging "market demand adjustments" and tacking on $5,000 or more to the price for the first year or so, as the vehicle will be in limited supply.

Overall I'm very pleased, there's really nothing bad with the car. - Kyle Conner

We weren't expecting Hyundai to offer the smaller 58.2 kWh battery option in the US, but they are, in a rear-wheel-drive "Standard Range" SE model that is expected to have an EPA range rating of approximately 220 miles per charge. The rest of the Ioniq 5 models have the larger 77.4 kWh pack.

Ioniq 5 Model  *Estimated  EPA Range Base Price Dest. Charge Fed Tax Credit Effective Price
2022  SE SR RWD 19" 220 miles
$39,700 +$1,225 $7,500 $33,425
2022  SE RWD 19" 303 miles $43,650 +$1,225 $7,500 $37,375
2022  SE AWD 19" 256 miles $47,150 +$1,225 $7,500 $40,875
2022  SEL RWD 19" 303 miles $45,900 +$1,225 $7,500 $39,625
2022  SEL AWD 19" 256 miles $49,400 +$1,225 $7,500 $43,125
2022  Limited RWD 19" 303 miles $50,600 +$1,225 $7,500 $44,325
2022  Limited AWD
256 miles $54,500 +$1,225 $7,500 $48,225

One of the Ioniq 5's biggest strengths is its charging capabilities. On Level 2 AC charging it can accept 10.9 kW which is good enough to fully recharge the 58.2 kWh pack in about 5 hours and the 77.4 kWh pack in about 7 hours. 

However, DC fast charging is really where the Ioniq 5 shines. Its peak charging rate is 235 kW and Hyundai claims a 10% to 80% recharge time of only 18 minutes. Going by the estimated EPA range figures, the RWD Ioniq 5 with the 77.4 kWh pack can add back about 212 miles in 18 minutes, while the AWD versions add 179 miles in that time. 

While that really fast, it's not quite as good as our findings on the Porsche Taycan (200 miles added in 14 minutes) or the Lucid Air (200 miles added in 12 minutes), but it is slightly better than the Tesla Model S Plaid (200 miles in 22 minutes). However, we still need to do our 70-mph highway range tests on the Lucid Air and the Hyundai Ioniq 5 to make a fair comparison. We're using the estimated EPA range figures for those vehicles since we haven't had the opportunity to range test them just yet. 

Gallery: 2022 Hyundai Ioniq 5: First Drive

So check out Kyle's lengthy first-drive video review and let us know your thoughts. Have you been considering getting an Ioniq 5? If so, did the video solidify your intentions, or discourage you in any way? Are you concerned about possible dealer markup? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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