Are you curious what it’s like to be behind the wheel of not only the first electric Ford Mustang, but also the first high-riding model to bear the galloping stallion badge? It’s still a bit of a controversial model, although the controversy has died down once people have started driving them (both automotive journalists and owners alike).

In this video, Winding Road Magazine takes us on a POV drive of the Mach-E that highlights just how quick and maneuverable it is around down. From the driver’s seat, the experience is dominated by the two screens - the small digital gauge cluster right in front of the driver, as well as the massive portrait-style infotainment screen that is the entire center console in this vehicle.

You also get to hear what the Mach-E sounds like, because as with all Winding Road Magazine videos, they record all interior sounds with a stereo mic that really highlights even the most subtle of noises - in this case you get to hear the motors buzzing and whirring a lot, especially under hard acceleration and deceleration.

It’s still not the V8 that Mustang lovers have gotten used to, but the Mach-E driving experience is not devoid of auditory stimuli. The vehicle in the video has 346-horsepower dual-motor setup, it’s all-wheel drive, it rides on 19-inch rims and carries an MSRP of $56,200. We’ve still yet to see the most powerful variant, the Mach-E GT Performance Edition, which is expected to have 480 horsepower, 634 pound-feet of torque and hit sixty from nought in 3.5 seconds; oh, and it will be the only Mach-E with a light-up badge.

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