Should the Tesla Cybertruck and the Rivian R1T be worried by the appearance of the GMC Hummer EV? Well, yes, because based on information shared by GM so far, the new electric Hummer pickup ticks many of the same boxes as those other two upcoming trucks.

If you’re not from the United States, then this vehicle may not be that significant to you, because pickups are probably nowhere near as popular in your country. In the States, though, the Hummer EV reveal is huge news because it not only is a truck, but it looks really good, it’s electric and actually has decent range - a claimed 350+ miles on a single charge.

Select journalists and influencers were invited to take part in the Hummer EV’s unveiling and one was Jason Fenske, the man behind Engineering Explained. He published one of the first videos on the new Hummer and he really dives deep into the technical side of many of this vehicle’s features, including Crab Mode, Watts to Freedom and Extract Mode, among others.

So does the Hummer EV have what it takes to really be a challenger in the electric pickup segment? Well, at first glance yes, but GM has yet to release its full specs, particularly those regarding its Ultium batteries.

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