While the Peugeot e-208 is one of the best small electric cars currently available in Europe, many people won’t buy it because it’s not a mini-SUV. Peugeot is well aware of this and thus has created an all-electric version of its 2008 crossover, dubbed the e-2008.

It is essentially an e-208 on stilts, but it does have its own unique design that is at least as visually successful as its lower-riding brother. In fact, I’ve seen the e-2008 in person and it looks quite a bit more imposing than the e-208, with its fang-like daytime running lights grabbing a lot of attention.

And apparently it’s a very solid choice for a small, high-riding EV, according to AutoTrader’s Rory Reid. He argues that while the e-2008 isn’t quite perfect, it really looks the part, both inside and out, and it has the all important range to make it a desirable electric buy.

In Rory’s view, the relatively affordable e-2008 (which starts at around €35,000) offers much of the same experience you get in larger, premium electric SUVs that cost a lot more. It is let down by some questionable interior choices, but it looks good enough so that you can easily forgive its quirks and out on the road it has impressively controlled handling and decent punch from its 100 kW electric motor.

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