This month BMW introduced a new, facelifted 5-Series, including the 530e plug-in hybrid and a new 545e version with a 3.0L six-cylinder gas engine for more power.

In total, there will be five PHEV versions (more details):

  • BMW 530e Sedan (2nd model evolution)
  • BMW 530e xDrive Sedan (2nd model evolution)
  • BMW 545e xDrive Sedan
  • BMW 530e Touring
  • BMW 530e xDrive Touring

... but only in Europe, as the 545e and two Touring versions are not coming to the U.S.

According to the review, Autogefühl is quite impressed with the latest 5-Series. It's a really strong contender in its class.

The facelift made it more attractive, the new seats are amazing, build quality is high, infotainment is better, and most importantly - the driving experience is outstanding with a very natural feel and unique combination of comfort and sporty driving.

The plug-in hybrids, with silent operation in EV mode and improved fuel economy, seem to be a perfect fit for the 5-Series.

As long as incentives are involved (to lower the price difference compared to the conventional versions), the PHEVs should sell pretty well.

Gallery: 2020 BMW 545e xDrive

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