CarPervert Jonny Smith reminds us that the Volkswagen ID.3 is just the beginning of a brand-new era for Volkswagen. This is because it's a ground-up EV that will welcome a whole lineup of follow. Volkswagen is a powerhouse in the automotive space. It has the finances and ability to be a world leader in electrification. Moreover, VW respects Tesla and has watched its ups and downs enough to know exactly what might work.

The ID.3 is arguably not incredible to look at, but neither is the Golf. These cars are designed for a global audience of mass-market buyers. It banks on compact, practical, and affordable, which are all keys to adoption. Smith wrote:

"The exterior is pleasant, with its side profile being a grower. The space inside is phenomenal, given its dimensions. The layout of the interior is pleasing, however there are more hard plastic surfaces than the equivalent Golfs. An e-Golf probably feels more premium inside."

However, he says VW's latest infotainment system leaves a lot to be desired. It's complicated and requires plenty of operations for the simplest of functions. It's even hard to turn on the air conditioning. Plus, there are few physical buttons and knobs. While Tesla has gone this route successfully, Smith calls it a mistake.

In terms of driving, the electric VW performs as it should. It has the Golf's DNA behind it, so it's fun to drive, agile, and peppy. Interestingly, however, he says the ID.3 handles, brakes, and steers quite well, but his Kia Soul felt sportier, as well as the Mini Cooper SE. We can understand how the Cooper could edge it out in performance, but the boxy Soul?

At any rate, we're excited to learn more about the ID.3, especially related to specific price and range for various trims. Check out the video and leave us a comment.

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