As you may already know, our own Kyle Conner just set out on a month-long road trip across the U.S. with his girlfriend and their dogs. This means we'll get tons of awesome and exclusive coverage coming our way soon enough. However, before they hit the road, Conner put together a few other videos.

This most recent Tesla Model Y video was published on the Out of Spec Motoring YouTube channel. It's the latest addition to our exclusive series of electric car range tests. However, this one is much different than the others, and unique compared to almost any range test you're going to find online. 

Why so unique? Well, it's typical to try to test EV range in a relatively controlled environment. If you want to be able to compare the range of several different cars, it just makes sense to make sure the road and weather conditions are the same, or at least similar. Mild temps make the most sense since some owners live in cold climates whereas others live in places where it's generally warm.

Once EV adoption started to spread to areas with really cold temps, it became very clear that people couldn't count on range estimates, since EVs lose lots of . For the most part, as the weather gets increasingly warmer, you'll see your range grow significantly. Since there are many electric car owners living out west, in areas that are hot most of the year and surrounded by deserts, Conner's friend Chris – who just bought a Grizzl-E home charger – sets out on a blazing hot Tesla Model Y range test excursion.

The car is a dual-motor Model Y Long Range with the 19-inch Aero Wheels. The temp is 110F. Click the video for the details and results. 

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