Alex Dykes (Alex on Autos) recently reviewed the Tesla Model Y, and of course, people want to know how many miles of range he got. He says no one ever asks him for a range test on the gas cars he reviews. They never ask if he actually achieved the gas mileage the EPA estimates. If they did, he'd tell them in most cases he gets 3 to 4 fewer miles per gallon (mpg) than the EPA's numbers. He also says he doesn't get hate mail when he reviews a gas car.

When it comes to EV reviews, and more specifically, Tesla vehicles, people want to know the range. And, if Dykes says he got fewer or greater miles than the EPA estimates, he'd better prepare for nasty comments and hate mail. The thing is, every driver and every situation is different. That's why range estimates are referred to as 'estimates.' The best plan is to look at several range tests to get an idea of how much range you might get.

With that said, Dykes tells us the EPA range test is somewhat contrived, doesn't take into account all driving styles, weather, etc. According to the EPA, the Model Y has a 316-mile range. Dykes says most people aren't going to be able to travel 316 miles before charging the car. This is especially true if they're using the heat or air conditioning or are up against other obstacles.

Check out the video to learn the details and results of Dykes' test. Also, it's important to note that his full Tesla Model Y review is coming soon. As always, leave us a comment below.

Video Description via Alex on Autos on YouTube:

Tesla Model Y - Real World Range Test! How Far Will It Really Go?

Let's be frank, no vehicle (gasoline, EV or otherwise) is likely to get the manufacturer rated range in the real world, it's the nature of the beast. But logically the shorter the range, the more important it is. Can Tesla's Model Y make it over 300 miles? In a nutshell: not for most folks.

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