Tesla Model Y owner and YouTube influencer Andy Cheng performs a real-world range test in his new Tesla Model Y Performance with the free Performance Upgrades package.

According to the EPA, the dual-motor all-wheel-drive Tesla Model Y Performance has an estimated driving range of 315 miles. The agency doesn't have a figure for the Model Y Long Range AWD, though Tesla puts it at 316 miles, which is strange since it's not longer than the Performance version.

If you upgrade the Model Y Performance with the Performance Upgrades package, which comes with 21-inch wheels instead of 19s, the range drops to 280 miles, according to Tesla. The EPA doesn't yet list the Model Y Performance's range with different wheel sizes.

For comparison, the EPA shows variants with different wheel sizes. As you can see, the estimated range drops accordingly, from 322 to 304 to 299 miles. 


Cheng takes the Model Y Performance on a day trip from Culver City to San Diego, California. He also stops at a Supercharger before heading out to Monterey Park and then coming back full circle. In total, it's a 282.4-mile trip. Is the Supercharging stop even necessary? Can the Model Y cover 280 miles?

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