The biggest showdown between EVs in 2020 is undoubtedly that the Tesla Model Y and the Mustang Mach-E will perform when the Ford is finally for sale. No one has seen them side by side in the wild so far apart from Simon Wong. He owns a Model Y and was kind enough to share that sight with everyone through some tweets, including the Everything Tesla Model Y YouTube channel, which decided to make the video above based on Wong’s pictures.

According to the photographer, the cars were pictured charging in Waterloo, Ontario. The video tells us that this location is more precisely the outside of Ford’s Research and Development Center, where Level 3 charging is currently free for all-electric vehicles. Ford is probably testing its chargers that way.

The video and pictures offer a more precise idea of how the Model Y and the Mach-E compare in terms of size. The video also provides charts to compare them in more detail. They also present the ranges of both EVs. Just make sure you pause the video since the tables change very rapidly.


What the charts confirm is that the Mach-E is slightly smaller than the Model Y except in wheelbase. Ford’s is 3.2 in longer than Tesla’s, which could imply it will offer more legroom for the people on the back seat. Curiously, it doesn’t. Despite being narrower, the Mach-E offers more hip and shoulder room both in the front and back seats.


Tesla’s focus on efficiency also stands out with those charts. Despite being a heavier vehicle with a smaller battery pack – about 75 kWh – the Model Y has a longer range than the Mach-E and its bigger pack, which holds 98.8 kWh: 316 mi against 270 mi when AWD versions are compared. Will buyers be forgiving about that when pricing is on the table? Remember that Ford still makes the cut to have the federal tax incentive of $7,500.


Which other aspects of these cars would you want to compare if you could see them side by side like Wong? By the end of 2020, that will probably be a common situation. Until then, thank Wong and Everything Tesla Model Y for helping us see that.

Sources: Simon Wong and Everything Tesla Model Y

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