If you don't need the ludicrous acceleration, proprietary charging network, and over-the-air software updates, the latest version of the Nissan LEAF should provide a solid alternative to the Tesla Model 3, right? 

Roadshow takes a look at these two cars to answer the above question. One would think the answer would be yes since the redesigned LEAF is roomy and practical, and it performs more than adequately for most daily driving. The LEAF also has plenty of intuitive tech and safety features, in addition to more driving range than it had in the past.

Roadshow asks: "Can the little Leaf shake Elon Musk fanatics?" In order to answer the question, the YouTube channel dives into the electric cars' range and charging times, power and acceleration, size, and price. It looks at these categories for each version of the Tesla and Nissan, since there are multiple configurations that have different prices and driving ranges.

Pricewise, the LEAF is the winner no matter how you look at it. The car starts at $31,600 (as low as $24,100 with the U.S. federal EV tax credit). You can get a LEAF for even less if you're eligible for state and local rebates, not to mention dealer discounts are often impressive.

Meanwhile, the Model 3 starts at $37,990, according to Tesla's website, though you can still order the off-menu Model 3 Standard Range for $35,000. Tesla is no longer eligible for the federal tax credit, and there are no discounts on new Tesla vehicles. However, state and local incentives may apply.

Check out the video for Roadshow's conclusion. Then, let us know what you think by leaving some comments.

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