Since Tesla continuously updates its vehicles, you may notice many differences if you compare one car to another. This is especially true if you look at cars built during different years. Most often, the changes are upgrades to the vehicles via over-the-air software updates. However, Tesla also adjusts vehicle hardware from time to time.

YouTube influencer Cleanerwatt researched details about the early 2017 Tesla Model 3 in order to compare it to the current 2020 Model 3. The video highlights what has changed over time.

Cleanerwatt puts the changes in nice charts and infographics in the video. We've put them into a gallery for you below:

Gallery: Tesla Model 3 Changes 2017-2020

Do you own a Tesla? If so, let us know which car you own and when you took ownership. Then, share with us how it has improved over time. Perhaps some updates aren't seen as improvements? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via Cleanerwatt on YouTube:

2017 VS 2020 Tesla Model 3: How Much Has the Model 3 Improved Since 2017?

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