With the Honda e, the Japanese manufacturer is aiming to offer the closest automotive interpretation of an iPhone on wheels. And according to the reviewers who have had the chance to try it out at its official launch in Spain, it turns out it’s genuinely good at that.

All those who have tested the car say its range really isn’t that impressive by current standards - Honda claims the e will do 137 miles (220 km) on a single charge of its 35.5 kWh battery pack. However, reviews show that that can drop quite dramatically if the car is driven in lower temperatures, which was the case during the press drive event; with the battery fully charged, the car's range meter showed around (75 miles) 120 km.

This was the only major negative point about the car, though, and given that its main rival, the MINI SE (which we recently tested), has a maximum claimed range of 144 miles (232 km), it’s really not that bad. Then there is also the point, which I’m sure Honda is keen to make with this car, that since it’s aimed at city driving, it really has all the range you need (if you can charge it at home or live in an area with good charging infrastructure).

The other negatives had to do with the awkwardness of having to get used to looking at screens instead of traditional side mirrors and the so-so resolution and sharpness of the two infotainment displays.

But the reviewers also had plenty of good things to say about the car, and after watching these first drive reviews (scroll down to see them all), it felt to me as if they liked the car enough to try to make apologies for its shortcomings. They all praised it for how fun to drive it was, how maneuverable it was in the city and just how nice it felt to sit inside.

The cool, funky exterior is matched by a very pleasant and high quality interior that’s simple, yet it feels expensive. The fact that the car also comes with two big touchscreen infotainment displays adds to the premium product vibe that Honda is going for.

So far, it's proving to be a likable car, even with its limited range, but we’ll have to wait for the Honda e to start hitting local markets so that reviewers can keep the car longer for more in-depth assessments. Right now, it looks like it could be a serious rival for the MINI SE and other vehicles in its size and price bracket.

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