Renault-Nissan, Daimler Might Cooperate On Battery Tech

OCT 3 2018 BY MARK KANE 18

Renault and Daimler consider collaboration on batteries.

The partnership between the RenaultNissan Alliance and Daimler, which was established several years ago (way before Mitsubishi was included in the alliance), could soon be expanded autonomousous driving and battery technologies.

Daimler already uses Renault’s electric motors in its smart electric cars.

Renault Nissan Chief Executive Carlos Ghosn said:

“The industry being in transformation in the area of connectivity, autonomous cars and connected services, there are plenty of areas of cooperation for our entities,”

According to Reuters, talks concerns battery research witan h aim to secure next-generation tech quick, at the lowest possible cost and reduced risk (compared to betting on its own tech). In other words, consolidation of the automotive business is moving forward one way or another.

““The higher price of oil, the more tailwind you will have behind electric cars,” he said, adding that a shortage of battery cells and electric motors means the auto industry is unable to meet demand for zero-emission vehicles, irrespective of short-term oil price moves.”

Source: Reuters

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French and German! The had 2 events in life that we all paid for.

Foie Gras, and Bratwurst?

French beer and German wine.

They can both be a lot better than their reputation.

Massive consolidation ahead in automotive…

At the moment quite the opposite, lots of new entrants in the market.

In low budget cars they already do this. Both with ICE platforms and the Smart/Renault shared stuff. Making cars below 20000€ requires high numbers of shared parts.

This makes sense, Renault is already making ICE and gearboxes for Mercedes.

It’s not only that. They also just finished developing together a new engine. The Infinity Q30 is based on the Mercedes GLA (or another Mercedes). The small Mercedes pick up is based on the one from Nissan.

And as said in this article, it’s a Renault electric motor in the smart electric cars (besides the other structural and mechanical part are also developed with or by Renault, especially for the gas versions). So further collaboration with the batteries was all but not expected.

Another Euro point of view

Daimler realizing they are not the VW group (as far as size/profits are concerned) and that they need to spread their R&D expenses on higher production volumes. Jaguar would be well inspired to do the same. Plus Carlos & Dieter get along very well.

Fully agree. Volumes and sharing developments are the key way to get profits. I wonder what will be the strategy for small makers. Maybe in some years, all of them, even Tesla will have agreements with other companies.

Collaboration makes sense. Share R&D costs. And share the fruit that comes out of this collaboration.

So I hope Mercedes doesn’t pick up the Nissan approach of “no cooling” on its battery design.

While I love my Leaf, I hope so as well.

I thought the Smart ED had Tesla motors and batteries?

No it’s the Mercedes B class with a Tesla powertrain / battery inside

It had and that was quickly stopped which is why so many of the modules ended up with hobbyists. Mercedes didn’t even want to use the batteries ordered. The NCA cells couldn’t handle the Smart specs, 16.5 kWh battery, 30 kW discharge, 22 kW charge. A lot of cycles from full to empty.

Thanks guys!