Pure Electric BMW iX3 Spied For First Time, PHEV X3 Spotted Too


Both should debut next year.



Next year will be very important for the BMW X3, as the compact premium SUV from Bavaria is set to receive two new electrified versions. We can now confirm that a plug-in hybrid will be joining the already announced fully-electric variant, as two prototypes, one EV and one PHEV, were caught testing in the snow by our spy photographers.


We are far more excited about the emissions-free variant, which will become BMW’s first-ever fully electric SUV. As these shots reveal, there won’t be any drastic visual changes compared to the ICE-powered models, except for a slightly modified rear bumper with no exhaust pipes and, probably, a different fascia as the car will no longer need a traditional radiator grille for cooling and supplying fresh air to the engine bay.


*Note that the iX3 appears to have a fuel port. We believe this is simply due to a carry-over body being used on the test vehicle. Our spy photographers assure us this vehicle is purely electric by stating:

“The snapped iX3 comes with a huge battery pack below the passenger cabin but is missing exhaust pipes altogether.”

As visible in some of the photos, the charging point is located on the front left fender, while the massive battery pack is mounted under the floor of the SUV, giving it a low center of gravity and not affecting the interior space.

BMW X3 Plug-In Hybrid


Chances are the first-ever iX3 will join the SUV market in late 2019, when we also expect to see a plug-in hybrid version of the X3. It is also under development at the moment and this is the first time we see it out testing. It looks almost identical to the electric X3 prototype, but features exhaust pipes at the back and a slightly different front bumper (gallery below).

We don’t know the identity of the hybrid system that will power the vehicle, but speculations put a 2.0-liter gas engine paired to a small electric motor under the hood. This setup should be good for about 300 horsepower (224 kilowatts), delivered to all four wheels for a better traction. A single charge of the batteries will grant the SUV with a range of about 30 miles (48 kilometers) on purely electric energy.

Photos: Automedia (iX3) and CarPix (X3 PHEV)

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So many choices! I’ll be looking closely at the iX3 and the new Buick EV when the lease on my i3 runs out.

So much for Tesla being ahead of “legacy car makers” with the Model Y…

I bet the X3 and many other CUV/SUV EVs from large car makers will be on sale before the Model Y.

Jaguar I-Pace, Audi E-tron quattro, BMW iX3, Kia Niro EV, Hyundai Kona Electric, Buick EV

So many choices.

meanwhile in China they dont thinks as small as Americans…

Gonna be lots of options when my Bolt lease ends! 😀 I’m hoping the Model Y is one of them, though.

And I can’t wait for all these Bolt leases to end. I’d love to get rid of my 2012 Leaf for a cheap Bolt. The leaf is losing too much range every year to be useful to me in 5 years.

The Bolt has been great so far. B) You won’t be missing your old leaf!

Some California Bolts with short term leases should start showing up early next year.

There are already a few used Bolts out on the market. But the ones I’ve seen are still all priced above $30k. By next spring, used Bolt LTs should be under $25k.

I think Tesla already built a Model X. What’s BMW’s price, range and when will in e available

LMAO at admitted Tesla shorter trollftf.

He conveniently leaves out the fact that it is the THREAT of Tesla’s upcoming Model Y that all the X3 electric and all these other cars are (hopefully) going to happen.

Its all part of Musk’s plan to force the previously very technologically stagnant and wedded to fossil fools laggard, legacy auto OEMs to pivot to sustainable transportation.

There is still a big question on where they will get the batteries to build these cars in large numbers of course or if they even want to.

Of course, trolls and financial vultures like tftf only care about their wallets, not the future of the planet and mankind.

Reminds me of the pos in the WH.

Hehe, its the ‘MOMMY’ of Mommy’s Basement!

Yawn. It isn’t Tesla, but regulations, that are pushing automakers reluctantly into making electric cars.

Musk, Tesla’s Lying Executive Officer, has achieved a lot. But not what you think.

Your post is spot on, unsurprisingly though the usual trolls are out attacking people on this site.

Personally I likely wouldn’t ever buy a Model Y but I would gladly buy one of it’s competitors.

It’s people like Get Real that really do a disservice to Tesla despite the fact they think they’re doing the opposite. They take people like me who are really brand agnostic and turn them off of the Tesla brand. Repeated lies from Tesla also doesn’t help at all but simply put I don’t want to be associated with such people. Much easier to own another car brand that also happens to get me from A to B without all the F’ing drama…

Me too. I just can’t hear the bloody name any longer.

You’ve got to be kidding! Which car manufacturer doesn’t lie? Pretty much all the big players were in on the Diesel cheating, just VW got found out and took the brunt of it. MPG figures are always the most optimum you could get, nothing to do with real world and they lie about that on every single vehicle every day of the week. When you get right down to it, a BMW or Mercedes or Audi is no different to a Toyota or Ford or Nissan, do you really think their price reflects the up market materials they use? Of course not, it’s just a snobbish value people place on those marquees. The biggest uphill battle Tesla, and every manufacturer, has is to convince someone to swap their brand loyalty. You show your obvious brand loyalty in your comment. It isn’t Tesla lies that are a problem (because they are all doing the exact same thing), it is your loyalty to the brand you have come to trust. People call them fanboys, but really it is just people are very vocal about the change of brand loyalty to Tesla. They are amazed how good it is and they want everyone… Read more »
Yeah, the other thing about this Rah-Rah group (I used to call them “Tesla Cheerleaders”, but the analogy isn’t exact because Cheerleaders are in general attractive, cheery people). These guys are just a big bunch of constipated Sour-Pusses…… The few legitimate points the make basically boil down to buying a car at a “Steal-er-Ship”, as they say. All of us have probably been taken advantage of at a less than reputable establishment at one time or another. On the other hand, I’ve gotten simply great deals at certain dealerships I could have never gotten at Tesla. EG: Tesla won’t deceive you – it is true – you will pay the MSRP if you want a brand new Tesla, as I had to pay EXACTLY what was listed when I bought my Tesla. I read all the warranties and fine print and I knew exactly what I was getting into. But, on the other hand, you can buy a GM EV or FORD EV, or Toyota EV, and the most you can say is you will only get a few $100 or $1000 off the MSRP. Plus you might rightly say that the car isn’t as ‘good’ as a Tesla, albeit… Read more »

LMFAO. serial anti-Tesla troll DJ accuses me of “..do a disservice to tesla…” when I correctly point out that trollftf is a self-amitted Tesla shorter AND that it has been largely the pressure that Tesla has put on the laggard OEMs for them even coming out with some decent PEVs and hopefully in quantity.

Of course, DJ and the many new username trolls showing up here on hypocrites on many fronts.

DJ’s (and mone own) Bolt wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for Tesla’s pressure.

And of course DJ would never buy a Tesla sinc he has been a shill, shorter or hater from the beginning.

And you have to really question his and the other troll’s BS about “Tesla lies” brought over from Seeking Liars, etc. when in fact VAG, BMW, MB, Fiat/Chrysler have all heavily lied about Diesel as correctly pointed out by Jason.

What a Crock that DJ and the other trolls put out here.

That’s right, trolls of a feather should stick together.

Let it rip baby!


“Spy Shots” … he he

Always laugh when they say “spy shots”, especially when followed by a statement like “huge battery pack below the passenger cabin” which of course is not visible to someone exterior to the vehicle, or likely interior to it.
Spy shots are just manufacturer approved image leaks.

Lol, I was going to say the same thing.

They managed to put big labels on all sides of the car for the camera to pick up. The marketing department, opps I meant test drivers, might have well been smiling and waving at the camera.

Good looking SUV none the less. If they don’t ruin the X3 driving dynamics and price it inline with top trims, the plug versions should outsell the ICE version.

The pictures are taken by automefia.
Don’t know why somebody has added the motor1.com crap on the images..
Automedia has photographers at the wintertesting location, and the ring, and outside factory test areas.
Spyshots? More like car paparazzi..

Putin did it!

It’s also possible that the iX3 will be available with a range extender like the i3. That also could explain the charging and fuel doors.

These prototypes would have already been sold to employees… if this were a Tesla.

BMW iX3 First Production = February 2018 ?

I love spy shots, you aren’t left wondering what happened to an upcoming, or rumored model. Seeing some progress from BMW beyond the i3 is overdue.

Oh man, it’s getting really interesting. May have to get a swapalease for a year just to tide me over 😀

Looks like a normal car then a spacehip that cost 100k and it impedes on your mass market goals

Yeah, looks like a normal brick with aerodynamics that will greatly effect its electric range negatively.

Typical ICE-maker who doesn’t get it.

Yeah ice maker that knows how to market and produce thier vehicles.

Americans love thier brick cars then thier super duper ying yang go to the moon car that cost half your house mortgage

Yes, with that heavy legacy body, i’m afraid to ask about the range. And it’s not the BMW i3 REX hybrid solution either, with a big gas engine and a small electric motor.

Not going to be as fun as an i3.

The G01 (third gen X3) was designed from the start to be an electric, hybrid, and pure ICE vehicle. It is not a legacy body – its completely new. Manufacturers need to plan for the future as they are stuck with the platform for 10 years or more.

Typical moonbat who thinks range is everything.

Like i said americans love thier bricks. 1 segement is trucks and suv

Really, range doesn’t matter–what an idiot!


“Typical moonbat who thinks range is everything.”
Aren’t you driving a Volt? Fing hypocrite!

Umm, no. I drive an i3. Why do you get so easily triggered?

You literally have to read the first comment in the thread to know what I drive. Then again, Canadians.

The new petrol X3 has a Cd of about 2.8, which isn’t bad considering the need for a larger grille.

Translate that to an EV and it’s not going to be much worse that the best EVs.

Sure Cd A will be higher than on a Model 3, or Inoiq, but that comes with the body style…

Maybe one day when CCS is common but currently CCS is a joke.

CCS is everywhere. Maybe you just live in a third world country when it comes to infrastructure.

I live in the PNW…

I am not sure what you are smoking but you are incorrect.

PNW does look third world-ish on Plugshare. Lol.

There are only 55 CCS locations between Vancouver-Seattle and Portland. Look on the east coast and there are 280 between Boston-New York-DC.

The US is pretty much thirdworld when it comes to charging infrastructure compared to Europe. But to your point, the east coast is way more populated than the PNW. Which is why I like it here. Too many people too close together in the east.


Why does BMW puts Chademo ports into cars for Japan?

In 2017, BMW sold a total of 800 i3 in Japan, and 1000 of the 330e model, which AFAIR doesn’t have a DC charger at all for its tiny pack.
If BMW equips the i3 with ChaDeMo there, it’s probably because it’s a legal requirement, and there are no CCS stations whatsoever…

Where will they house the battery? Under the hood?

Read the article before posting. It says “under the floor”.

I would love a PHEV one of these, but my fear is that it will have the typical 15-20 miles of EV range and I’d like something with about double that in order for it to be compelling. Indeed, I really like the idea of the new Volvo XC60 T8, but at 18 miles of range, less than 25% of our driving would be on electric.

Agreed. I’m done with these puny teens for EV mile range. Even 20’s isn’t going to cut it much longer.

It has a 11.685 kWh battery so range should be above your values.

Source? Unlike the BEV X3, which has been officially announced (although without details), the PHEV hasn’t been.

Will it have a frunk? i3 has a little frunk. One thing Tesla is doing is showing an EV didn’t need to be like a traditional car. All the ICE conversions are missing on some really valuable redesign cues, like an the motor and electronics don’t need to be in the usual engine bay, they can be secreted around the vehicle in different ways that can improve the utility and space available to the passengers.
It seems to be taking ages for them to get onboard with these simple design changes.

Actually because of the frunk Tesla’s look like ICE vehicles. Currently the Bolt is the best example of a car that loses the heritage long hood that would have traditionally housed an ICE. The Volkswagen I.D. also loses the long hood. No unnecessarily long hood – no room for a frunk.


Notable difference between the EV and PHEV versions, is that the PHEV variant has a trailer hitch kit, but the EV version does not…This seems to be the area that most EVs/PHEVs are lacking…Towing capability….

The way the battery hangs down below the ICE chassis is just like my RAV4 EV. How 2012. No thanks.

Hopefully they can do better than the 76 MPGe of the 2012 RAV4 EV. I wouldn’t count on it though.

“the charging point is located on the front left fender” – it is good they have a clue to at least to place charging port in front, not back like some other plugin SUV makers.

And since you don’t drive a PEV zzzz the fool cell shill and troll, what does it matter to you?

Anthony Karr:
What’s your source on the AER of the PHEV version? According to what test standard?
What battery capacity does it assume?

She’s expected out when this X5

The Styling is not my cup of tea. Looks like an old British tea sipping grandma might like it though.