Prince Charles Drove A Tesla & Jaguar I-Pace, Will Add EV To Royal Fleet

Black Tesla Model S


The Prince of Wales has befriended Kimbal Musk and now wants to get an electric car for his fleet.

In the past, Prince Charles enjoyed test driving a black Tesla Model S. He was hosting Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s brother Kimbal and his fiancée in Ayrshire, Scotland, at Dumfries House. Since then, the two have become friends and the prince has been considering adding an electric car to the royal fleet. Now, it appears the prince is moving forward with those plans.

It’s not news that Prince Charles supports taking care of the environment, and according to Kimbal, Charles is not very happy that people poke fun at the fact that he believes in being eco-friendly. The prince is passionate about the environment and has made this clear repeatedly.

Years ago, Prince Charles had his Aston Martin converted to accept wine-based fuel. The rest of his fleet of some 100 vehicles run on biodiesel derived from used cooking oil. He has also spoken out against the problems caused by plastic waste and has even gone so far as to call people out when they assert that environmental friendliness is a lost cause.

A Clarence House source told The Telegraph:

There is definitely a plan for us to incorporate electric cars into the royal fleet.

The Prince of Wales’ chief driver Tim Williams is said to be setting up a visit to a showroom to decide on an electric car, though it wasn’t confirmed whether or not it will be a Tesla showroom. Jaguar Land Rover holds a royal warrant, so there have also been discussions about securing an electric vehicle through JLR (perhaps a Jaguar I-Pace?). Interestingly, the prince was spotted driving an I-Pace back in April.

Source: The Sunday Times, The Telegraph

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L O L…..I guess the Prince Had to Crunch Some Numbers before making such a Mammoth Financial Move ……………………….R O T F…L MA 0 …

You sound like a dribbling fool with all these capital lettered L O L’s and ROFL’s. Please engage your brain for a second. Even rich people like to test drive cars before buying them. No point buying a vehicle then regretting you didn’t buy a different one. Good to test them first.

“You sound like a dribbling fool with all these capital lettered L O L’s and ROFL’s.”

Thank you. My sentiments exactly. The constant stream of LOLs, ROTFs, and LMAOs from a few of the posters here is childish and annoying.

Being an EV fan, and Irish too, insideevs or just evs in general and the news for it are like a haven in a desert for me. I really was not expecting Royal family news so frequently…

When the I.R.A. says it’s Changing to Electric Cars, you will know the Planetary Magnetic Poles are about to Change Places!

At least Tesla now has a couple Supercharger stations in Ireland!

Don’t forget the car the groom drove at the last royal wedding was an electric car.

Ummm- what took so long, Prince Charles? Why didnt you go electric a few years back? I understand you’d take some flack for driving a foreign made car around if you’d purchased a Tesla or Leaf 5 years ago. Paul McCartney got a custom made electric limo a year or two ago. Did you try to pressure Bentley and Rolls into creating a plug in at least- cause they’re still making gas guzzlers. Oh and how many solar panels do the many royal palaces have? Sure Clarence house has a whopping 32 panels is it? Or would perhaps putting some panels on the perfectly manecured lawns be unsightly? Are the windows double paned or still drafty old glass? A powerwall or 100 perhaps? Sure I understand the Queen still calls a lot of the shots with the palaces but c’mon. Sorry to poke fun. You’ve got your head in the right place pushing for sustainability. I wish the US had such a huge percentage of renewables like the UK does. Nonetheless, make some more real statements. Get ahead of the curve. Fly commercial. Ensure all electricity for the palaces are from renewable sources. At least the palaces don’t use plastic… Read more »

The dutch king drives a model X. Go royals, go!

It will be Jag. National pride

Charles is an environmentalist, albeit not quite the usual type, so I’m sure he would want an electric car, and would probably charge it from some renewable source in his back yard, ie Cornwall. He will however be pressurised by Government to buy a British car, so my guess is he will buy an iPace.

The over the top drug cartel/real estate developer/sexual fetish bad guy, Tom Wyatt, in Goliath season 2 drives a Tesla model S in the series. Seems like a trend with the on screen bad guys these days.