Plug-In Electric Car Market Share In Netherlands Hit 31% In December

JAN 10 2019 BY MARK KANE 11

BEVs dominated the Dutch market in 2018

The Netherlands experienced a stunning 31% market share of plug-in electric car sales for the month of December. The total number of passenger car registrations increased more than four times to 6,232.

The spike was caused by a great run for more expensive all-electric models (with prices above €50,000), which from January 1, 2019 are taxed higher. This is why Jaguar set a record of 2,621 registrations of Jaguar I-PACE, and Tesla set a new record for both the Model S and Model X.

The Jaguar I-PACE in fact was #1 best selling car in December – the first time for all-electric model. Tesla Model S was second best, while Tesla Model X was fifth!

Another finding is that 98% of all plug-in car sales for the month were BEVs.

Plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands – December 2018

For the full year 2018, some 27,079 new plug-in electric passenger cars were registered (89% were BEVs) – up almost 200% – at an average market share of decent 6%.

Additionally, around 1,000 commercial delivery vans were registered (up 91%) and roughly half of those were German StreetScooters from DHL!

In model rank Tesla Model S (5,636) took the first spot, followed by Jaguar I-PACE (3,495), which managed to overtake Nissan LEAF (3,370) on the last straight. Tesla Model X (2,970) ends fourth.

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Love it!

Also, note that 163 Audi e-Trons were sold (ahead of delivery start in Germany :-))

Tesla killer “selling” 163 cars…. what a revolution….

While I don’t like Audi, Tesla will not stand a chance when Audi will launch competition in all segments.

I think the Audi will sell very well. Even though taxes are higher, they are still relatively low in the coming years. Many people are used to Audi as a luxury business car. They like it and will buy into an electric Audi much more confident than into a Tesla that has a bad rep over interior and exterior finish. The Audi might even be reliable without all the faulty turbo engine and double clutch transmission parts. Also: CCS Fast Chargers are getting more common, especially in the Netherlands (FastNed) so the supercharger advantage is getting smaller.

there is more in life than Tesla, you know?

Tesla just has the production capacity to take the market at the moment. The rest just doesn’t have the batteries yet.

Great news for the market. Good to see Jaguar deliver so many!

The best thing is the fact that the number of models is growing. Kona, I-Pace, E Niro, E-Tron + longer ranges for I3 and Leaf. All great new long(er) range offerings that will grow the EV market.

BTW, for 2019 we finally get the Model 3 that has taken the US market to new levels. I expect great new hights in 2019, even without the hatchback version available. Any ETA on that Model Y?

oh wait till the model 3 hits….. boom.

Netherlands population is 17 million and their monthly car registration is 6 232?