Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales In France Remains Strong In August

SEP 11 2017 BY MARK KANE 4

Plug-in car registrations in France – August 2017

Good news!  Plug-in electric vehicle sales in France have increased over the typically slow summer months.  Up 45% in July and now by 51% in August, to 2,798 and 2,367 deliveries respectively.

Renault ZOE

Market share of plug-in passenger vehicles also now stand near record levels – up to 1.78% for August.


  • Passenger BEVs: 1,510 registrations (up 42%) at ≈1.0% market share (PC)
  • Passenger PHEVs: 822 registrations (up 87%) at ≈0.6% market share (PC)
  • Light commercial BEVs: 466 registrations (up 10%) at ≈1.4% market share (LCV)


  • Passenger BEVs: 1,266 registrations (up 38%) at ≈1.2% market share (PC)
  • Passenger PHEVs: 651 registrations (up 108%) at ≈0.6% market share (PC)
  • Light commercial BEVs: 450 registrations (up 34%) at ≈1.9% market share (LCV)

The best selling model for France is no surprise – the Renault ZOE, which noted more than 1,600 registrations over the two months – nearly twice that of a year ago!

Plug-in car registrations in France – August 2017

Plug-in car registrations in France – August 2017

Plug-in car registrations in France – August 2017

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4 Comments on "Plug-In Electric Vehicle Sales In France Remains Strong In August"

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Now, I wanted to write:
“But imagine how many Zoe they would sell if they sold them at a reasonable price”.
In France it starts at 23,700 euro + Battery rental.
I think it should cost that much WITH BATTERIES.
No rental fees.
It’s about 8-10,000 euro premium over a comparable ICE car. Shouldn’t that be enough for a 41 kWh battery (and probably cheaper drive-train) ?
But I think they fear the subsidies would be reduced if they sold lots of them.

(Of course, there’s also the cannibalization of the Clio, but they would steal lots of sales from all competitors in the segment. Huge market.)

Then the cost to the customer would be similar, and similar demand and sales, and they would just be making much less profit.
So, I think we need more competition to see them lower the price.
Leaf 2 should also make some difference (yes, from an ally). Similar range and price, for a bigger car (I think). Only, it’s not French…
We’ll see.

That’s the manufacturers wishful thinking price, not what people actually pay. I have an open offer on a Renault Zoe Dynamic so mid level of £12,689 on The i-Dynamic as in including the battery so no rental is £15,780. A Renault Clio base model ICE is £10,097.
So today you pay an EV premium of £5k-£6k and your servicing is reduced and you don’t have to pay for fuel. Over the lifetime of the vehicles you are already the same or probably the EV is a little cheaper depending on how much you use it.

There is a relatively large EV bonus for purchasing a electric car in France if you trade in a 10 year old diesel. I think it can get up to 10k euro off the purchase price, which is ridiculous.

The car is also sold with the battery for 8.5k more, which is apparently what it sort of costs. However, the car is then about 32k euro. Which is kind of silly because you can get a base line Hyundai Ioniq for 33k euro.

why not increasing taxes on ICE vehicles and increase standard bonus to 8k instead of 6K for people who don’t have a 10-year old diesel to trade?