Plug-In Electric Sales In Sweden Maintain Double Digit Market Share

NOV 6 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

More than 1 in 10 new cars sold last month was a plug-in.

Sweden maintains its plug-in car sales momentum with 2,625 new registrations in October (up 19% year-over-year).

The market share stands now at 11.4%, which is one of the highest in the world.

Sales increased mostly due to the rise of all-electric models (up 122%) as the more favorable incentives made BEVs more attractive. Plug-In hybrids remain on the same level as a year ago (down 1%).

After the first ten months of 2018, 22,941 plug-in cars were sold in Sweden (up 48%) at an average market share of 8%.

The Volkswagen Passat GTE is the top-selling model with a high advantage this year, but in October more customers purchased the Kia Optima PHEV and Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

Among BEVs, Renault ZOE and Nissan LEAF shine in October:

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I am waiting to see what happens with the 60 kWh Leaf. I am thinking that it will be the first “Goldilocks” car. Just enough of everything to be the first mass market EV, though lack of AWD might be its problem in Sweden.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

It’s going to be interesting, but I suspect it’ll be supply-limited just like everybody else.

California’s Sept percentage of EVs may have been close to double that of Norway and its market is many times larger.

Hmm… Norway had 60% EVs in September. Double that would be 120% for California….impressive. 😉 Just counting BEVs would “only” lead to a 90% market share in California.

“Hmm… Norway had 60% EVs in September.”

(Blush) I meant Sweden . Kudos to Norway.

12% for Sweden in September. So California would be close to 24%?

Wasn’t the sales in California ~20k EVs in September and the market in total is somewhere around 200k per month? If you have better numbers and exact percentages I’d love to see them. But that would put it at par with Sweden which is impressive, matching one of the most environmentally aware and progressive countries.

No Model 3 sales in Europe and Sweden yet though, so a bit unfair since it is a huuuge portion of California sales and hopefully will be a top seller in Sweden. But life isn’t fair. 🙂

I believe I’m off on being near double but as a percentage California is probably higher. I do t have exact numbers but I have better numbers.

Per California New Car Dealers Association sales for the year are projected to be 2.01 million for 2018 so your 200k estimate is in the ballpark but likely too high. They do not break down sales by month or if the do they do t publish those numbers for free but CA sales likely follow the national trend which would put sales below 170k.

cNCDA published Tesla M3 registrations for the first six months of 2018 and Ithey were over 50% of Tesla’s first six month deliveries. Their site is down now so I can’t get exact numbers but normally in the last month of a quarter (like Sept) The US and CA are going to receive a larger share of Tesla’s deliveries. Based on IEV’s Sept numbers I believe 24k would be more accurate than your ballpark estimate of 20k.

That yields an EV percentage of~14% which is higher than 11.4%. But not close to double.

Still awesome. Imagine ~14% for the whole US or the world. 🙂

The incentives made both BEVs and PHEVs more attractive. The big difference for the PHEVs is the WLTP introduction making a number of PHEVs unavailable and also more expensive since WLTP is less forgiving.

If the models were available for delivery then PHEVs would be up too.

It is sad to see car manufacturers holding back and the ones wanting to sell not having production or batteries to do so.

Interesting. The first 6, and all but two of the first 10, are all PHEVs (and not the low end ones either).
To me, the far more interesting statistic would be what % of the yearly km traveled by the total PHEV fleet (and total EV fleet) was on gas vs. electricity.