Plug-In Electric Car Sales In The Netherlands Tripled In November

DEC 11 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Netherlands: 10% market share for plug-ins (including 8.7% for BEVs)

The numbers are in and it seems that November was the best month for plug-in car sales in the Netherlands since December 2016 (when as in December 2015, a surge of sales was caused by changes in incentives). This year changes of BIK for BEVs also fuels strong growth, especially of the most expensive models.

In total, 3,499 new registrations translated into a growth rate of 221% year-over-year as well as 10% market share!

Great results – which should further improve in December, before expected relaxation in early 2019 – pulled YTD numbers to over 20,500 (up 156%) at an average 4.8% market share.

Plug-in electric car sales in the Netherlands – November 2018

The best-selling models for the month were Nissan LEAF (657), Jaguar I-PACE (607see earlier report) and Tesla Model S (428):

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11 Comments on "Plug-In Electric Car Sales In The Netherlands Tripled In November"

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That’s an insanely spiky graph. What’s going in in the Netherlands

Changes in taxes and incentives… 🙂 There will be somewhat of a spike in December too in the last month before expensive BEVs will get a higher tax than now.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

They’ve had significant incentive changes and companies have push deliveries there late in the year a few times.

It is nice to see Opel Ampera-e, aka Chevy Bolt EV, on the list.

Chevrolet didn’t want to sell more Bolts in Europe, otherwise, there would have been way more. I hope that Opel will be able to bring some other good EV, now that they got away from under GM.

Opel licensed the Bolt EV from General Motors. It won’t stay the same car, it will diverge.

Good number of Konas as well. I guess not all of them are going to Norway

I was thinking just the opposite. When the iPace can outsell the Kona more than three to one that indicates to me that Hyundai is not serious about selling the Kona. This is a bad foreboding of what Kona sales will be like in the USA.

Leaf is still king but I-Pace will take over the lead in December. E-Tron will be a little late to the party but it will sell hard.
I can’t say anything about model 3 as the “minimalist” interior is far from what Europeans like.

I assume you mean cumulatively, and not YTD.

I mean per month.