Nissan Sold Over 4,000 LEAFs In Europe In July

AUG 9 2018 BY MARK KANE 36

Sales of the Nissan LEAF in Europe increased in July to over 4,000 copies, which is the second best monthly result ever, after the 6,503 sold in March.

In total, some 4,024 LEAFs were sold by the manufacturer (the number of registrations could vary slightly), which is a healthy 6.9% of total Nissan sales in Europe for the month (58,315).

European consumers really like the new LEAF, as sales in Europe are higher than sales of the LEAF in Japan, U.S. and Canada combined (3,607). Similar situation was noted in June.

Preliminary data suggests that in July Nissan sold no less than 7,631 LEAFs worldwide (probably more after including smaller markets).

LEAF results are solid, but it’s not yet known whether the LEAF will be able to defend its #1 position in the world’s best selling plug-in car ranks for the year, as the Tesla Model 3 is expected to take the lead no later than in September.

YTD numbers through the end of June:

  • 41,775 Nissan LEAFs
  • 39,906 BAIC EC-Series
  • 26,620 Tesla Model 3

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“it’s not yet known whether the LEAF will be able to defend its #1 position in the world’s best selling plug-in car ranks for the year”

Sure, I guess anything could happen. But it’s pretty clear to me that the Model 3 will overtake the Leaf by year’s end. And then I don’t see the Leaf regaining that throne. I’d love to be wrong. But only if it means that Nissan is seriously ramping up the Leaf, not that the Model 3 is faltering. Some good healthy competition is just what we need!

Frankly, I hope Tesla only sell in US and none anywhere else until the tax credit expires at the end of 2019.

Nissan may well hold on to #1 spot as long as they make real EV, not the toy that has simple battery strapped to motor. Leaf 2.0 has to be better than Bolt in all ways, not just “as good”.

Model S and Model X production seems to be almost keeping up with global demand; so I’m assuming you are only thinking of the Model 3 here.

For 2018, it does look like Tesla will be delivering almost exclusively in the US; but that’s certain not to be the case in 2019. For one, US demand is unlikely to keep up with 2019 production. Even if it did, it would mean they would have to focus on building mostly base variants for the US, while forgoing sales of the more profitable variants in other markets. Also, they’d have to build out a massive delivery infrastructure, just to rapidly scale down again once they worked through the backlog; while suddenly suddenly having to ramp up in other markets instead… Very inefficient. And last but not least, it would be simply unfair (and probably bad marketing) to starve all other markets, just because of some badly designed regulations in the US.

As much as i like leaf, i would love to see someone else taking the number1 spot, just so we can shake thing up a bit and help the evolution of the EV car

I’m not sure that “early leaders take home all the losses, just to be overrun by later entrants once the market grows”, would really send a very encouraging message for other makers to invest more in EVs…

I don’t see much chance for Nissan to ramp up. They have just sold their battery manufacturing arm to a third party and now depend on LG Chem for serious battery packs (200mile+ range and TMS).

LG Chem seems to be ramping up to some extent but nothing groundbreaking. They are one of the reasons why the Bolt , Ioniq and the Kona are low volume cars.

No, they are not. The reason these are low volume cars, is that they were meant to be low volume cars; so their makers didn’t order more batteries. If Nissan orders enough batteries, LG will scale capacity to produce enough batteries. Basic market economy.

Nissan and the Leaf cannot defend what is not theirs as the Leaf was the 3rd best selling BEV last year 🙁
BAIC EC-Series 78.079
Tesla Model S 54.715
Nissan Leaf 47.195

When you think that Tesla is around 6000 cars produce per week, 4000 cars sold in a month seems quite low. Nissan was in the first to the EV market but they will need to put much more efforts to keep its market share.

Why? Tesla was only selling 4000 Model 3s per month in April in the US.

And Nissan slept for 8+ years while the customers complained battery degradation and lack of TMS slow fast-charging. And even 2018 Leaf has slower acceleration than 2014 SparkEV. Being one of the first in EV revival means nothing if they’re pushing crap and not doing a damn thing to improve.

Considering how Nissan treated customers I am amazed they sell anything.

VW still sells cars too. In that respect Nissan deserves good sales a lot more.

Nissan pretended their battery packs did not lose capacity, that is not good customer relations.

Nissan has come a long way from the first 24 kwh Leafs. Adding more battery, first to 30, now to 40kwh, is significant, along with other improvements/additions like the heat-pump instead of electric resistance heating.

I do agree they could and should be farther along with the current model, but they also deserve some credit for continuing to push the platform forward. The 60 kwh version due out this year, IINM, will vastly improve the highway functionality of the Leaf, and I sure hope they improve the temperature management systems so that you can make steady progress on a trip, fast charging and driving to the next charging station without undue delay because of battery over-heating.

The 30 kWh were even WORSE than the 24 kWh.

Mine managed to get to 98% in 20 minutes yesterday.

From what starting point? 80%? 50%? Certainly not 20%…

The SparkEV was a money losing compliance car with less than 8,000 units built. GM put a strong motor in it for PR, with no intent to make a profit or sell many, so it means nothing. It weighs 400lbs less than a 2018 Leaf because it’s so much smaller and has such short range.

Your comparison is utter nonsense. Please stop. Everyone is sick of it.

Note that this article is for Leafs sold in Europe. All other EVs that are quicker cost at least 50% more (the i3, since there’s no Bolt or Ampera-E). In its price bracket, everything has at least 15% slower acceleration above 30mph: eGolf, Ioniq, etc, FFE, etc.

Performance is fantastic in the 2018 Leaf.

Nissan is delivering all the cars they can.
Production should be optimized, to increase production.

They sell 100 LEAF a day in Norway now, according to Norwegian news. Still a long waiting list.

Model 3 may not come to Norway this year either..

For 2019 Model 3 should easily take the lead.
Unless something special happens.


What is the article’s source? Can you provide a link or at least state the source in the body text?


The Tesla Model 3 will take over the number one position from the Nissan Leaf after 8 months (with 4 months remaining in 2018).

That is if total global Nissan Leaf deliveries in August will not be more that 8,000.

Leaf is a better fit for Europe due to generally smaller distances and cooler temperatures.

Nissan lost a lot of sales with rapidgate.

I actually doubt that. Many people probably haven’t even heard of that; and even if they did, to most it doesn’t really matter. For those in the market for an EV that can realistically do long trips, the current Leaf wouldn’t be a very convincing option even without these added problems; while commuters are pretty much unaffected.

No surprise they’re selling better in Europe. There is at least a 3 month wait in Canada after placing an order. Sales will plummet further with the cancellation of EV incentives in Ontario. To bad governments in Canada and U.S. wouldn’t cancel tax breaks and grants to oil companies. Then we’d see EVs gain traction.

“100,000 Nissan Leaf deliveries in 2018”

How likely is that?

Seems rather unlikely at this point… They’d have to deliver 10,000 per month *on average* in the second half of the year — and going by the slow ramp over the past few months, they seem pretty far from reaching this number.

Probably a little over 80k (+ 5k ) in World wide Nissan Leaf deliveries (sans China) for the MY 2018 40 kWh battery EV.

I hope they get over 100k Leaf deliveries World wide, in 2018, but the Tesla Model 3 is just starting to be one of the big 2018 Leaf sales disrupters, here in the US.

Why 26k Model 3 YTD?
From sales report card for USA are 38600 Model 3, Canada excluded.

26k is only the total of the first 6 months.

July deliveries are not included in the 26k.

Nissan Leaf sales hit 300,000 mark around 1st week of 2018-01. By now they it must have racked a total of 340,000+ in sales while Tesla Model-3 crossed 40,000 at the end of 2018-07. This still leaves a huge gap of 300,000 which is not easy to catch up. Next year Model-3 standard version launches and at the same time, the higher range Leaf (60 KWh) with around 220 miles also launches and we can expect a price of around $35,000 and it will also have the TMS which will make it a formidable competitor.

If Nissan can make their dealers sell actively, then Leaf will be able to match Model-3 in sales thereby keeping the difference of 300,000 in tact and maintaining #1 status.

At least Nissan is able to sell 3 times as many Leafs as the Volt which is reduced to just 2 markets Worldwide (USA, Canada).

You are comparing Leaf sales with “Volt” sales?

An EV (Leaf) sales comparison, with a PHEV (“Volt”)?

Kinda an Apples and Oranges sales comparison.

Maybe you possibly meant Chevy Bolt sales? Bolt EV sells in S. Korea as well, which you probably know.

The delivery of the 500,000th Tesla Model 3 just might happen sooner than the delivery of the 500,000th Nissan Leaf.