Nissan Releases Canadian Pricing For 2016 LEAF

SEP 27 2015 BY JAY COLE 11

Hot on the heels of the US pricing release (Euro/UK here) on the new 2016 Nissan LEAF, complete with a longer range/30 kWh battery on the SV and SL trim, Canada has now followed suit.

2016 Nissan LEAF New 30 kWh Battery Module

2016 Nissan LEAF New 30 kWh Battery Module

Here are the particulars (with 2015 pricing in brackets):

  • –  S Trim – 24 kWh – $32,698 ($31,998)
  • –  SV Trim – 30 kWh – $37,398 ($35,248)
  • –  SL Trim – 30 kWh – $40,548 ($38,748)

Thankfully, Nissan Canada has dropped using overly optimistic range estimates in the country, and now quotes the US EPA figures verbatim…but in kilometers of course – 173 km/107 miles (unlike in Europe where 155 miles/250 km is still quoted)

“Since Nissan LEAF launched in December 2010, we’ve become the global leaders in electric vehicle (EV) sales with an all-electric car specifically designed for the mass market,” said Steven Rhind, director of marketing at Nissan Canada Inc. “We know that to maintain that leadership, we must continue developing battery technology that strikes that ideal balance between capacity, packaging, durability and affordability.”

In Canada, the 2016 Nissan LEAF is eligible for rebates of up to $8,500 depending on which province you reside in.

2016 Nissan LEAF Pricing And Rebate Chart

2016 Nissan LEAF Pricing And Rebate Chart     ***Electric vehicle provincial incentive of $5,000 combined with $3,250 rebate part of the B.C. SCRAP-IT® program offered to consumers purchasing a qualifying new electric vehicle, and who scrap their model year 2000 or older vehicle.

Key differences in the Canadian spec LEAF over the US:

Nissan Canada Is Now Using EPA Ratings Converted To Kilometers!

Nissan Canada Is Now Using EPA Ratings Converted To Kilometers!

Canadians don’t get the “Forged Bronze” color option, they also lose the “Glacier White” color option that is still available in the US.  17″ wheels are standard on the SV for the first time, bringing that trim level in line with the 2015 US models.

As a special 2016 perk, Canadians don’t have to buy the “Quick Charge” package in the base S trim, because it now comes standard with both 6.6 kW L2 charging, and the quick charge port.

As it is significantly colder on average in Canada than the US, all LEAF models come standard equipped with a heated steering wheel and both heated front and rear seats – something only available in the highest rim level in the US.  Only the black interior is available because…well, who know.


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Well the pricing with incentive is wrong.
Because the province taxes is calculated on the M.S.R.P.
At least in Québec, but I suspect it’s the same in B.C. and Ontario.
You have to pay taxes on the M.S.R.P fist and then applied the incentive.
It make a lot of difference.
For the SL trim in Québec you would have to pull 38 620 $C instead of the 32 548$ (taxes included)
It’s 33 589 $ + taxes
Not so cheap!

This is correct for Ontario as well. The rebates are deducted *after* the tax. So for the SL trim:

MSRP: $40,548
MSRP+tax: $45,819.24
Minus incentive: $37,319.

Really not worth it for the gas savings. Much better option is to by a 2013 Used leaf, if your commute fits.


Also, here in Ontario we pay 13% tax on used cars! Something to consider when buying that used Leaf.

For BC it is $5,000 pre-tax (equivalent to $5,600 after tax incentive with our 12% gst/pst)

SV is $32,400 + taxes.
SL is $35,550 + taxes.

The “Quick Charge” package for the base S trim, became standard with 2015 MY in Canada.

I bought a slightly used Leaf in the US and brought it over to Canada. I saved a small fortune.

Does anyone know the date when 2016 models will become available?

First delivery schedule in november for canada.

Canadians can be thankful that Nissan has absorbed the impact of the CAD $ decline from a year ago, worth about $4000, going up the same 2K as the U.S., but in reality only 1.5K in U.S. terms.

+1 We’ve complained that we received the wrong of the stick when our dollar went up. Now that the tables have turned… I hope we show gratitude.

Hi, I live in uk and we get £5k grant at moment. Last year I got acenta model for £14k and gas saving In your speak £300 a month so does work. You do need access to good rapid charge network. Nissan are doing a great job looking forward to new 30kw model due out soon