Nissan LEAF Sales In Japan Hit New Record In 2017 (Nearly 8,000 In 3 Months)

JAN 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 12

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – December 2017

The new Nissan LEAF became the 27th best-selling full size car in Japan last month, hitting a solid 2,306 sales (up 87% year-over-year).

After the introduction of next generation LEAF in October, Nissan achieved almost 8,000 sales in three months – which was 46% of total LEAF sales for the year.

Hopefully, the new LEAF will enable at least a doubling of sales in 2018 in Japan, to some 25,000-30,000 units.

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – December 2017

In 12 months, Nissan sold a record 16,925 LEAFs (up 14%), while the total number moved since December 2010 is 89,419.

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – December 2017

Nissan LEAF sales in Japan – December 2017

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Looking forward to seeing the North American numbers for Jan!

Me too

If Japan is going to lead in EV production, they need FAR MORE than that in their home market. This is a joke.

Although sales doubling from last year for December is excellent. Maybe they just don’t have the inventory yet.

With a “build to order” sales model, inventory should be zero.
Having inventory on dealers lots is wasteful and limits customers choice.

It would be higher except that Nissan got hit by an inspection scandal at the end of October that halted all production for the home market. That crippled sales quite a bit when it happened.

We really needed a tax credit for 2017 and we would have gladly bought it in December and waited 6 months for delivery. But now it will noe help us we will wait a few years before upgrading again. We have 2 2012SLs and a 2016SL in the family already.

great cars, not for everyone especially if you are not willing to change your lifestyle a little. But for most people great cars. We have found that our range is increasing as more and more chargers are being installed.

“full-size”? The Leaf? It’s a compact, or mid-siz at most if you go by the US EPA’s naming scheme.

Or does that just mean non-Kei-cars?

Either way, it doesn’t seem to fit the available classifications.

8,000 sales in 9 months (older model)
8,000 sales in 3 months (newer model)
Big difference and welcome news. Definitely 2018-01 will see much better sales.
Bravo Nissan.

Meanwhile 163,000 new energy vehicles were sold in China in 2017-12 and 777,000 vehicles in 2017-YTD. So happy.

This includes heavy vehicles (buses & trucks) and details will come in soon.

Really looking forward to seeing the new leaf here in Ireland I believe it will take off big time to me it is a winner well done Nissan great car

Looks like a steady climb, Well done Nissan! Outside of NA. It will be more EV Leafs are sold than Model 3’s Just wait in a couple more years when solid state batteries arrive from Japanese brands. It truly will be a revolution. This is what GM should have done slow an steady and at it. Not give up in Europe or Right hand drive markets. Nissan and Toyota never gave up and both are being reworded now and in the future with more sales. That being said Toyota is way behind Nissan in the true EV stakes. The Hydrogen fool cell detour has not helped Toyota. They are however getting back on track so watch this space. 🙂