Nissan LEAF Sales In Europe Exceed 4,500 In September 2018

OCT 22 2018 BY MARK KANE 19

Close to 10,000 total LEAFs were sold globally in September.

Nissan finally significantly increased sales of the new LEAF in Europe to 4,596 in September (the 2nd highest result ever), which probably means that almost 30,000 new LEAFs have been delivered thus far.

For Nissan, LEAF sales represent 8.05% of total volume, which is a big result (and that doesn’t even include sales of the electric Nissan e-NV200).

Total Nissan LEAF sales in the four biggest markets amounted to 9,575 in September:

  • Europe – 4,596
  • Japan – 2,811
  • U.S. – 1,563
  • Canada – 605

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Am I the only one surprised by these numbers?

European buyers must know that alternatives to the Leaf is coming: Niro EV, Kona Electric, Model 3, …, even Leaf 60 kWh might arrive soon. Why are so many people buying now and not waiting a few months for a ‘better’ EV?

Why? The Leaf is a good car and the price is right.

Europe density is far denser the here in US west of NE corridor

4500 peeps in whole Europe are not so many people.

And talking about electrics we will be on the eve of a game-changer spec for some years, so the people that need something TODAY won’t wait forever. Maybe those ones buying today were the ones who waited when the 33kwh Leaf was the one available and the today’s Leaf the one forthcoming. Like buying a PC in late 90’s, you knew it would be outdated the day after, but you needed it in the end.

I can think of a lot of reasons. Europe is a lot more densely populated and has a more developed CHAdeMO charging network than America, so the need for increased range is not as great. Europe is generally colder, so slow charging speeds with a hot battery is not as much of an issue.

The 60 kWh is going to cost more, so why wait to pay more when the car you can buy today meets your needs?

The 40 kWh Nissan Leaf is good enough for many people in many countries.

These people don’t need to wait any longer for the arrival of another better EV model.

Nothing to be surprised about. Best Datsun/Nissan ever made. Just make sure the range suites your daily needs.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

Waiting a few months? There are already 6+ month waiting lists in Europe for shorter range BEVs.
Who knows how long the wait will be for the other BEVs.

There are no alternatives to leaf, the model 3 will be probably over €50k in most countries – a premium of €15k to €20k.

Drop that FUD — there is nothing to suggest the entry variant would be more than ~€40,000.

Neither is there anything to suggest that the “entry variant” would be available any time soon in Europe – before all US and PRC demand has been satisfied.

Pretty sure it will happen some time next year. When exactly is beside the point.

(Also, I don’t see why Tesla would prioritise PRC… Not to mention that with the trade war, it’s likely close to zero. PRC won’t become a significant market for Model 3 until they have the local factory running.)

Seriously I would never want to pay the extra to go from 40 kWh to 60 kWh at todays prices, that would be like paying $500 ~ 1000 each time for the one or two extra times I had to fast charge on my annual road trips. I think I’d prefer to just hahe a $5 cup of coffee while my car charges thanks!
Batteries have to come down in price ALOT before 60 kWh makes sense for me!

A sane person. That is rare.

Great news for the New Model. I wish they had continued the original model with the 24kWh battery and dropped the price $15K USD. This is great news for all the other EV brands as well. Rising Tides Lift all Boats. Hopefully this will result in increased sales of all brands of EVs. Meanwhile, I am continuing to have excellent service from 2012 LEAF’s lizard replacement battery I got over 3 years ago. It seems immune to heat when used in the 20-80% charge range. Excellent battery.

My 2013 Leaf has lost close to nothing in the two years I have had it. I keep it at <80% until early morning before going to work, rarely DCFC, and drives easy. It was a cheap, available and reliable EV unlike more fancy EV´s from Hyundai and Tesla. I have spent $0 on repairs/service so far.
I will buy a Leaf anytime again – be it 40 or 60kWh.

Obsolete batteries aren’t cheaper to make. If they wanted to keep selling a lower-range variant at a lower price, they would have to design an entirely new smaller battery. And the cost savings would be maybe $3,000 or so, not $15,000…

The 40kWh or even the 60kWh costs just marginally more to make than a possible 24kWh battery in the new Leaf and the profit margin could be non-existent if they dropped $15k of the base price for such version that would cost at best $4000 cheaper to make.
Besides very few people would buy it since this car would be restricted mostly to people who can afford a place to charge them every night and will not take it in longer errands or trips, which tends to be a wealthier public (house owners with a second car for trips, for example) than the ones who would eventually buy them second hand, who would rather have a car that is charged only a couple times a week when they drop by a CHAdeMO station while going shopping, which means that even with the discounted price new, the second hand price would be very small too, which voids the initial savings.

Glad to see production ramp finally pick up again, after months of stagnation…