Nissan LEAF: 429 Million Miles Driven- Zero Emissions – 0 Gallons of Gas


Don’t you love it when one lone image tells the entire story?

When Nissan celebrated the 100,000th LEAF delivery, it put out this image, updating us on the status of miles driven (429,000,000 miles *based on a calculation of total distance driven by all Nissan LEAF vehicle registered to CARWINGS).

Of course, not a drop of gas was burned to cover those 429,000,000 miles.

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Not a single drop? If anyone charged their Leaf from a generator when the power was out, then some gas was burned. Sorry, just playing devil’s advocate.

Okay, we found THAT guy 🙂

The LEAF has no gas tank so it can’t burn gas directly.. Regardless of how the electricity is generated.

What if it was towed by a diesel truck b/c the owner was stupid enough to let it run out of charge?

Does that count?

Towed miles probably wouldn’t be sent to CARWINGS to add to their statistics, since it’s not turned on..

BTW, cumulative Volt EV miles is over 384,400,000.

Very impressive for only a ~40 mile range!!! Plus that is only USA Volts and those USA folks that signed up for On-Star. 613,500,000 total miles.

Indeed, both Chevy and Nissan’s “official” online tallies are way off. Nissan only lists enabled LEAF data as well. 429 million miles is only 4,290 miles per car – which given the average age is about 15 months is fairly impossible. The real number has to be decently over a million by now.

Still, whatever the number is exactly for both cars…it’s a lot and only growing more and more each day.

What is funny is today I saw the first ever electric car using the electric charging station at this big parking deck I got to sometimes. The charging station had been around for two years but now it has a new blue leaf using it and electric cars are extremely rare in my area.

429 Million Miles divided by 100000 cars works out as an average of 4290 miles per car. Is that a complete picture, or is it only the miles of the folks who opted in to Carwings?

We know that there is one Leaf in the USA that exceeds 100,000 miles, and several more in Japan. I struggle to believe that 4290 is the actual average mileage.

From the fine article:

“based on a calculation of total distance driven by all Nissan LEAF vehicle registered to CARWINGS”

Given that the hot seller this year is the LEAF S which does not have CARWINGs, actual miles are likely very much higher. Not to mention that many people simply get tired of hitting “YES” every time they start the car even if they do have CARWINGs.

431 Leafs participated in the national plug in day survey in September 2013. They reported more than 6 million miles, and usage of almost 10000 miles per car per year.

I think if we are able to get two to three million EV’s on the roads in the US out of 254 million gas powered cars it could add enough oil demand destruction that it could compensate for any oil production cuts OPEC tries to do to do what they call stabilize oil prices in that it is in there best interest to keep oil above a $100 dollars a barrel to fiance their home county’s projects. And how they stabilize oil prices is cut oil production from 90,000 to 500,000 a week in a three month period out of say 6 million barrels produced a week. The Saudis alone can produce six to eight million barrels of oil a day and they can do the same thing in stabilizing oil prices by cutting back a few ten thousand to hundred thousand barrels of oil a day. But how we the US can fight back with out using our own oil reserves is we keep building up our EV fleet to a larger and larger numbers of fully electric cars. We could even at some point ten years in the future off set enough of our own oil demand that… Read more »

+1000 Great review!
Cutting oil dependence is about life and death. If the oil kings use their money to by boats, Lamborghinis, tropical islands and have a great live I am OK with that. But they use their money for destructing the world. If you live in area like Eastern Europe (near oil rich Russia) or middle east it easier to understand this.

How many barrels of oil does that cumulative 429 million miles represent?

If you assume that the average fleet mileage of all the cars displaced by the Leaf is 30 mpg (very generous), and given that a barrel of oil makes 19 gallons of gasoline ( you come up with three quarters of a million barrels of oil.

At an average mileage of 22.5 mpg, you get an even one million barrels.

BTW, the design capacity of Keystone XL is 830,000 barrels per day. Gulp.

It does makes me hopeful, though, that given the thin penetration of EV’s so far, we’ve avoided using on the order of a million barrels. And we’re still in the very early days of re-electrified transportation.

I think in the next two to three years the Nissan leaf will go passed a billion miles driven on electric in that the bulk of the 100,000 cars on the road now are less then a year old in that they have only been building them in massive numbers for one year and that also includes Tesla too in that they have only been making them for one year.