Nissan & Fastned Expand Partnership – 4 Years Of Free Fast Charging!

JAN 7 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

Nissan LEAF at Fastned fast charging station

Nissan LEAF at Fastned fast charging station

Great news comes from the Netherlands where Nissan and Fastned announced expansion of partnership that earlier resulted in two years of free access to DC fast chargers (similar to No Charge To Charge in U.S.).

The Netherlands is lucky to have Fastned as a solid nationwide charging infrastructure provider, with some 50 well-placed, multi-standard 50 kW chargers along highways. Which is apparently more than enough to seduce Nissan.

The new deal is something to be envied – four years of free DC fast charging at Fastned for every new Nissan LEAF and e-NV200!

The deal concerns only the Netherlands, where Fastned operates, but as Fastned intends to expand to other countries in Europe, it’s expected the program will enable free access at all the stations on the network.

“Fastned and Nissan intensify their partnership. As of today, every new Nissan LEAF and e-NV200 will include four years of free fast charging at Fastned. It marks the start of the era of cheap and green electric mobility. With a nationwide network of 50 fast charging stations Nissan drivers no longer have to think about cost and range. In the near future, they are also welcome at Fastned stations in cities and other countries.”

Michiel Langezaal, CEO Fastned said:

“With this Fastned subscription Nissan drivers can fast-charge for free throughout the Netherlands, and soon throughout Europe. This partnership does not only make electric driving economical, it also makes electric cars accessible to those without their own charging point at home.”

2016 Nissan LEAF & CHAdeMO plug

2016 Nissan LEAF & CHAdeMO plug

The bill for charging will of course be covered by Nissan, who probably negotiated a bulk price reduction, hoping to leverage LEAF and e-NV200 sales.

Four years of access to Fastned network comes as part of Nissan e-Four package, which also includes a rental car for four years (12 weeks total) for holidays, four years of free maintenance and a free charge point at home or at work.

As always, we went inside the details for you to learn where the asterisks are hidden. According to the Nissan press release, there is a 5,500 kWh energy cap for free charging, which should be enough for up to 36,000 km (over 22,000 miles). For a normal user it’s not bad at all, and probably will just prevent exploiting the promotion to build a taxi service, or something similar.

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Does anyone know what Nissan is doing to compete with the Bolt? I’ve checked around and haven’t been able to see anything new coming out this year.

Surely if they do nothing then sales of the Leaf will drop to nothing as the Bold is about the same price as the current Leaf.

Nissan showed their IDS concept:
and here:

Problem I see with that, is the battery pack is quite a bit larger than the more flat pack in the Bolt, and if the Bolt is using similar cooling to the Volt battery pack, may be longer lasting. I don’t know why, but it seems Nissan is relying on air cooling their cells.

This car probably will not be manufactured till late 2017 at the earliest.

I agree. The Bolt will kill the Leaf sales (even if the Bolt is hard to come by), but my guess is that Nissan will lower the price on the current model in order to compete. They have to.

Think plan is the Leaf II will arrive in March 2017 and will be shown in Los Angeles Autoshow end 2016. Will flatten the Bolt ;-). 30.000 Bolt per year are too less, since 2013 Nissan sells more and next LEAF will have:
– wireless charging
– better drag than Bolt and more range
– cam mirrors in Japan version
– autonomous driving features
And last but least, different battery sizes and better prices than Bolt.

The current low end LEAF is more like $15k-$18k after rebates and Nissan discounts… nowhere near $30k. [I picked up mine for $14600 new a year ago with quick charge, after rebates etc]

Wait a year or two and the higher end LEAF will have 75%? as much range as the Bolt and the LEAF have a larger trunk (important in a car capable of vacationing).

Wait a year or two? Chevy will have something else by then. But as of now, if I were thinking of buying an EV, I would most certainly wait for the longer range Bolt. And I have a feeling that most people will wait rather than buy the much shorter range Leaf.

Leaf sales tanked as soon as Nissan announced the 30kWh Leaf because people were waiting. And the same thing will happen again. People will wait for the Bolt rather than buy a Leaf.

Nissan has been quietly hinting that a 200-mile version of the Leaf is coming in spring 2017 for quite some time now. The Bolt will be delivered late this year. That’s really only a head start of 3-6 months on the new Leaf. Yes, it’s possible that the Leaf is late and only goes 150 miles. But they now have strong motivation that it arrives on time and goes 200 miles. And No. Chevy will not have something else by then. Chevy will still be ramping up sales of the Bolt when the Leaf 2 comes on the scene. I will bet money that the Leaf 2 appears before the Bolt is available in 50 states.

I don’t think the 30kW Is going to Cut it.maybe for some, not for Most… Bolt & TSLA have Bigger Plans …I think In the next couple yrs 200 mile range will be a starting point, A Minimum..

Ugh. Free charging is a great way to guarantee the chargers are not available to those who actually NEED them.

I think this is EXACTLY what we need in the short term. Nissan can sell more EVs. FastNed has a larger source of revenue. Sure, the system will be abused in some cases. But the limits seem reasonably aimed at minimizing that. Maybe they could also limit to one free charge per day? Either way, we need a partnership like this (i.e. NCTC with a meaningful charging network) in the US.

They don’t need to give free charge, they can charge some fee. After all electricity is much cheaper than gas/petrol especially in Europe.

All that people want is some charging station on the way. If I have Leaf with 80 mile range and if I drive to a place 70-80 miles away, I just want a charging station in that place for me to drive back home with full charge.

Nissan 30 kWh battery for Europe is produced in Japan. Says everything, they have time WHOLE year in Sunderland preparing to LG cells and who will be first in Europe ?
-> 60 kWH LEAF