NHTSA Finally Issues Official Recall Notice for 2,456 Ford Focus Electric Vehicles


Ford Focus Electric Official Recall Notice

Ford Focus Electric Official Recall Notice

The recent government shutdown, which temporarily cut funding to the NHTSA, delayed the issuance of this formal recall notice until late last week.

On November 21, the NHTSA formally acknowledged Ford’s notification to the NHTSA that it was recalling exactly 2,456 Focus Electric built from September 15, 2011 through August 23, 2013.

This latest post on the Focus Electric recall does not imply that an additional recall was announced.  Rather, we’re simply getting out the official NHTSA response, including the precise amount of vehicles affected.

The entire backstory, which we’re certain is well known by now to our regular InsideEVs readers, can be read in its entirety here.

NHTSA Ford Focus Electric Official Recall Letter

NHTSA Ford Focus Electric Official Recall Letter


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7 Comments on "NHTSA Finally Issues Official Recall Notice for 2,456 Ford Focus Electric Vehicles"

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I suppose that’s better than recalls for leaky gasoline fuel systems… Opps, Ford has recalls for that, too. 😛

Luckily it’s only 2,456 vehicles. Imagine if they had sold 100 times that!!!

Ford’s next EV will be a winner due to what they’ve learned from this one..skateboard battery design coming !!!

Yes, silly Nissan selling 85,000 Leafs. What were they thinking?

And Telsa! How could such a small company risk so much by selling over 15,000 electric cars. Think of the recall potential!

Wise Ford avoided all that by prudently selling so few!

Typical Ford Globally, have to be told to take action.
Maybe one day they their inner culture will change & be proactive.

Just wonder which decade or century this will occur LOL 🙂
ex Ford customer – for life.

I also am an ex-Ford customer after they left me adrift with a blown 4.6l V-8.

Sounds normal…. they have a fair amount of dealer warranty assessors running around to deny claims from sub standard factory work / parts.

The then you go onto the their dealerships, don’t know how the N/A ones are but in Oz they have got to be one of the worst in general (never visited so many with one brand and never again) Ie to fix one warranty item badly they then create many other issues and yes our Ford engine building locally is very sub-par when you have the chance to take one apart – built to a price sadly.

Here in OZ I’m not sure who is the worst Ford or VW ?, It’s cheaper and less stressful just to buy another reliable quality brands that in some cases are similar price.

I’m helping my son-in-law with the problems he’s having with his electric Focus. Three different incidents of “Stop Safely Now” and a near stall. The car was towed to a local Ford dealership where they worked on it for 12 days doing the recall work. Leaving the dealer after the car was given a clean bill of health he drove fifteen miles and the car failed again, same reason, on the way home. It has been towed to a Ford dealer again and they expressed confusion over what to do, waiting for Ford corporate to give them an idea of how to proceed. The car is beyond trusting to family and I now consider each one a potential hazard on the road. It has been in the service department 30 days out of one year. We are now sure that we have the documentation to prove 5 total safety issues which should be enought to have the car described as a “lemon” in California. It is time to return the car and end the lease immediately. It is pretty and shiny though, maybe because it doesn’t get dirty in a dealer’s repair stall?