Next-Gen Tesla Roadster Rendered – (w/video)


It looks more like a Tesla than the original Roadster.

Yet this next-gen version isn’t even an official render from the automaker.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed some months back that the next-generation Tesla Roadster is coming, but it’s still a few years away.

Musk Tweets Of Next-Gen Roadster Some 4 Months Ago

Now, via renderer Jan Preisert, we get a glimpse at what the next-generation Tesla Roadster could look like.

Immediately obvious from the render (unfortunately, Preisert offers up just this lone front/side image) is that the Roadster makes use of a Falcon Door setup similar to the Tesla Model X. Other points of interest include the almost-trademark Tesla front end and a rather sculpted side detail.

Preisert refers to his render as a 2019 Tesla Roadster P100D. That’s optimistic in a few regards. First, we don’t expect to see the next-generation Roadster until 2020 at the earliest. Second, it’s very unlikely a 100-kWh battery pack will fit in the small package that is the Roadster. This is reinforced by the statement by Musk saying that a Model 3 can’t fit a pack over 75-kWh.

Preisert states in the video description:

“In 2006 tesla revealed the first high range electric sportscar, its time for version 2.0 / the fastest, lightest and coolest tesla model so far as musk stated. key features are the electric butterfly doors inspired by w motors lykan hypersport, equipped with the p100d from the model s, this super sportscar drives straight into the clean future of fast mobility.”

Check out the time-lapse render video below:

But does it go Maximum Plaid? And if it does, will it get a plaid paint job as confirmed by Elon Musk in the past?

Source: Jan Preisert – Facebook

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Yes it goes to maximum plaid, and yes it gets the plaid paint.

Enough plaid.

Now that they have the render, have they acquired a Model S P100D from which to start their build!

Completely fantasy made up by someone with no inside knowledge whatsoever. *yawn*

It’s simply “Plaid”. Not maximum plaid.

I wish, nice car however Tesla designer is very weak in ideas.

That is quite cool but I am just a bit wondering what happens if the cars rolls and up on its roof. How do you get out with only Falcon Doors?

Love the design. Looks cool. Too bad it’s not the official Tesla design.

Side mirrors? Fail…