Next-Gen Tesla Roadster Rendered – (w/video)


It looks more like a Tesla than the original Roadster.

Yet this next-gen version isn’t even an official render from the automaker.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed some months back that the next-generation Tesla Roadster is coming, but it’s still a few years away.

Musk Tweets Of Next-Gen Roadster Some 4 Months Ago

Now, via renderer Jan Preisert, we get a glimpse at what the next-generation Tesla Roadster could look like.

Immediately obvious from the render (unfortunately, Preisert offers up just this lone front/side image) is that the Roadster makes use of a Falcon Door setup similar to the Tesla Model X. Other points of interest include the almost-trademark Tesla front end and a rather sculpted side detail.

Preisert refers to his render as a 2019 Tesla Roadster P100D. That’s optimistic in a few regards. First, we don’t expect to see the next-generation Roadster until 2020 at the earliest. Second, it’s very unlikely a 100-kWh battery pack will fit in the small package that is the Roadster. This is reinforced by the statement by Musk saying that a Model 3 can’t fit a pack over 75-kWh.

Preisert states in the video description:

“In 2006 tesla revealed the first high range electric sportscar, its time for version 2.0 / the fastest, lightest and coolest tesla model so far as musk stated. key features are the electric butterfly doors inspired by w motors lykan hypersport, equipped with the p100d from the model s, this super sportscar drives straight into the clean future of fast mobility.”

Check out the time-lapse render video below:

But does it go Maximum Plaid? And if it does, will it get a plaid paint job as confirmed by Elon Musk in the past?

Source: Jan Preisert – Facebook

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9 responses to "Next-Gen Tesla Roadster Rendered – (w/video)"
  1. Terawatt says:

    Yes it goes to maximum plaid, and yes it gets the plaid paint.

    Enough plaid.

  2. Now that they have the render, have they acquired a Model S P100D from which to start their build!

  3. bro1999 says:

    Completely fantasy made up by someone with no inside knowledge whatsoever. *yawn*

  4. ffbj says:

    It’s simply “Plaid”. Not maximum plaid.

  5. MDEV says:

    I wish, nice car however Tesla designer is very weak in ideas.

  6. Priusmaniac says:

    That is quite cool but I am just a bit wondering what happens if the cars rolls and up on its roof. How do you get out with only Falcon Doors?

  7. Why Not? says:

    Love the design. Looks cool. Too bad it’s not the official Tesla design.

  8. Mikael says:

    Side mirrors? Fail…