After driving a Tesla Model Y for 3 years and 60,000 miles, the owners offer advice as to whether or not you should buy one. Do they love it? Hate it? Or a bit of both.

The answer is both, but it's more love than hate, that's for sure.

The Model Y owners who uploaded this video state:

Is the Model Y still the best Tesla out there to buy? After owning ours for 3 years and 60,000 miles, check out our totally honest review, including everything we love and hate about our Tesla Model Y 7 Seater.

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Should You Buy A Tesla Model Y?

We turn to Model Y owners to help answer this question. Most owners say yes but as with any other vehicle, even a Model Y is not without faults. Can you live with them? Probably.

Tesla Model Y Ownership Cons

Build quality is still an issue, with panel gaps being the biggest problem. The interior comes off as a bit cheap feeling for a car that the owners paid close to $70,000 for at the time of purchase. The Model Y can be had for much less now.

Tesla's service can be problematic. Mobile repairs are a huge plus, but booking service at a service center often can mean long wait times (weeks or even months before the next available appointment) and service centers in some areas of the country are few and far between.

In cold weather, the window can freeze and get stuck in the closed position and the door handles don't always pop out.

Lastly, tires seem to wear out quickly and cost a lot to replace.


Tesla Model Y Onwership Pros

These owners love their Model Y. They especially like how the vehicle drives. It has strong acceleration and excellent handling.

They also mentioned that cost savings are substantial. Yes, your electric bill will increase if you charge at home often, but that increase is far less than the cost of gas that would be used in a conventional car.

Then there's the safety of the Tesla. All Teslas score among the highest in crash safety tests.

Technology is a big pro too. Teslas come packed with lots of tech and once new owners get used to it all, they seem to enjoy it.

Would They Buy A Tesla Again? 

Let's keep it quick and get straight to the point here. These Tesla owners say they can't see themselves buying anything but a Tesla in the foreseeable future and would never go back to gas either.

Watch the video for more info advice on whether or not you should buy a Model Y.

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