The Tesla Model Y is by far the EV maker's best-selling vehicle, and in some markets like Europe it has even become the best-selling car overall, not just in the EV category. In the U.S., the Model Y was the second best-selling vehicle overall in the first four months of this year behind the Ford F-Series, which is an outstanding feat.

But what makes the Tesla Model Y so successful? Well, as this one-year ownership review from YouTuber Ryan Shaw shows, it's a compelling package – an electric car that does everything an average owner would need a vehicle to do.

Ryan has a 2022 Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD that he has been driving a lot over the past year as it's his daily driver; he doesn't say how many miles he's covered, though. His vehicle offers a real-world driving range of around 300 miles and a 0-60 mph time of 4.2 seconds – he upgraded his car with an acceleration boost he got through the referral program (normally that costs $3,000).

The owner is satisfied with the Model Y's decent range and sports car acceleration, noting that he's a big fan of the instant torque that makes merging on the highway and overtaking a breeze. He also likes how the electric crossover handles and how easy it is to drive.

The Model Y's ride quality is known to be tough, but that doesn't bother him, even though the car has received criticism from many owners and reviewers for its stiff suspension. However, Ryan's Model Y rides on the smallest available wheels that are 19 inches in diameter, and that's probably a factor.

The 29-minute long video showcases many of the Model Y's strong points, including the very practical and roomy interior, the software updates that constantly improve the car, the fast user interface, one-pedal driving, and more.

But has anything gone wrong in one year or ownership? Ryan has several complaints, but they seem rather minor in the grand scheme of things. While he's happy with the car's build quality, he noticed two annoying rattles – one from the rearview mirror, one from the passenger-side B pillar – but fortunately, both have been taken care of under warranty.

In addition, he's not a big fan of the auto windshield wipers and voice command feature because they are not that reliable. He also finds the wireless phone charger to be annoying because it overheats the phone every time. Ryan's Model Y also has FSD Beta, but he wouldn't advise people to spend money on this option yet given how many basic mistakes the system is still making.

Overall, this owner is happy with the choice he made and says the Model Y is the ideal EV for him. He has driven many other EVs, including from Tesla and its rivals, but he says none of those offer a complete package like the Model Y.

Check out Ryan's video if you want to learn pretty much everything there is to know about the Model Y. The owner shows how everything works on the electric crossover, offering detailed explanations in the process.

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