Are people really cross-shopping the pricey, flagship Tesla Model X against the much more affordable Tesla Model Y, which is also the most popular EV in the States? Perhaps people who are already EV fans and Tesla followers may know the most obvious differences, but EV newbies may not have a clue about Tesla's various models and how they compare.

It's important to note that just a few years ago, the Tesla Model X was really the only option in the US if you wanted a sizable electric SUV. Moreover, if you wanted an EV with three rows of seats, there was literally no competition, and there still isn't much.

The Model X is one of only a few three-row EVs available today, which makes the Tesla Model Y one of its only true rivals. Sure, most people probably aren't buying the Model Y with its available third row, which is only suitable for small children, but just the fact that an available third row exists is certainly worth sharing.

We'll start by noting that the Model X is currently listed on Tesla's website with a starting price of $94,990. That gets you the Long Range variant with white paint, a black synthetic leather interior, and two rows of seats for five people. The Model X Long Range rockets to 60 mph in 3.8 seconds and has 348 miles of EPA-estimated driving range.

The Model Y starts at just $49,990, though the Long Range version that more closely mirrors the Model X costs $52,990. Again, unless you pay extra, all Tesla models have white paint and a black vegan leather cabin. The Model Y comes standard with two rows and five seats. 

While the cheapest Model Y has a 5-second zero-to-60 mph time and 279 miles of range, the ~$53,000 Long Range variant pulls off the sprint in 4.8 seconds and has 330 miles on tap.

With all of that said, while there are many similarities between the Model Y and Model X, there's also a lot that sets them apart. Check out the chapters and timestamps below as you watch the video and learn all about these Tesla SUV siblings. When you're finished, head down to our comment section and let us know which Tesla model you like best, and why?

  • 00:00- Intro
  • 00:21- Specs
  • 03:40- Wow Features
  • 06:00- Exterior Dimensions
  • 08:05- Interior Dimensions
  • 11:27- Seating Layout
  • 11:44- Interior
  • 16:47- Storage Space
  • 20:39- Driving Comfort
  • 23:08- Headlights
  • 25:18- Software
  • 28:54- Bonus Depreciation
  • 29:37- Insurance
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