All Tesla owners absolutely adore their EVs and want to keep them forever, right? Not necessarily. While it seems many a Tesla owner is enamored with electric car life, some owners don't have all the positive experiences others rave about. They still seem to be amazed by some of the positives of EV ownership, but also troubled by the hassles.

While EV ownership is likely to be the way of the future, it's not yet for everyone. Moreover, while Tesla is the preferred brand for electric cars, primarily since it's the only company producing and selling them in large numbers, there are certainly some aspects of Tesla ownership that can rub some folks the wrong way.

No car is perfect, and if a Tesla owner tells you theirs has absolutely zero negatives, they're likely exaggerating. At the same time, we've heard many Tesla owners – and owners of rival EVs – say these are the best cars they ever owned, and we believe it. There are many reasons owning a Tesla and/or a competing EV can be a positive experience, but you'll be hard-pressed to find it free of any issues or concerns.

With all of that said, Tesla Model Y owner and YouTube influencer Erin Robinson has returned to tell the world all about her electric crossover after one year of ownership. She aims to be honest, as she has in the past, and come forward with all the pros and the cons. And, to be clear, Erin doesn't hide the fact that she hasn't had the rosy Tesla experience that other owners speak about.

Erin doesn't often cover cars or EVs on her channel, but a year ago, she published a video entitled, "25 Things I WISH I Knew Before Buying a Tesla Model Y - Pros & Cons of 2022 Tesla." Now that she's owned the Model Y for a year, she decided to produce a follow-up.

This Model Y owner can only hope that most people don't ever have as many issues as she has had with her electric SUV. For this reason, she warns newbies to do their homework before taking the plunge. At this point, Erin is planning to sell the Model Y, but not before making sure to provide as much insight and as many pointers as possible to all the people out there who may be considering buying a Tesla.

Check out the video to learn from Erin all the reasons she's decided the Tesla Model Y isn't for her. Then, scroll down to the comment section below and leave us your thoughts. Do you agree with Erin? Would you buy a Model Y? How about a different Tesla model or an EV from a competing brand?

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