Porsche is serious about squeezing more range out of its upcoming all-electric cars. At least that’s what we got from the video embedded above, where a pre-production prototype of the soon-to-be-revealed Macan EV was put to the test at highway speeds and made a pretty good impression when the state of charge indicator hit 1%.

The German luxury sportscar maker isn’t new to the EV game, with the Taycan being its first mass-produced battery-powered car. But while the Taycan is capable of charging down a racetrack and then happily transporting its driver home in comfort, it’s not exactly a range champion.

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Porsche's upcoming Macan EV crossover drives the distance

A pre-production Porsche Macan EV crossover drove a smidge over 320 miles in a highway range test that took over 5 hours to complete.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Taycan can drive a maximum of 246 miles on a full charge, which is well below the 300-mile psychological limit. But here’s where the new Macan EV and its state-of-the-art Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture comes into play. It includes, among other things, an 800-volt battery pack with an estimated gross capacity of 100 kilowatt-hours and the ability to recharge at up to 270 kW, which translates into a 10-80% top-up in fewer than 22 minutes, according to the German company.

Porsche has been mum on details such as the driving range, but InsideEVs alumnus Kyle Conner from Out of Spec Reviews got the opportunity to drive a pre-series prototype of the Macan EV on American roads and see how far he can go on a full charge.

After topping up the battery to 100%, Kyle and Dr. Robert Meier from Porsche set out for a highway range test that took over five hours to complete. At the end of the test, the trip computer displayed the following results: a total distance of 322.5 miles, 1% left in the battery, an average energy consumption of 28.9 kWh/100 miles, and an average speed of 60 miles per hour.

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The AC was on, the ambient temperature was 73 degrees Fahrenheit, and the adjustable ride height was set to its lowest position to increase efficiency. However, brake regeneration was off.

Compared to the Tesla Model Y, Porsche’s crossover managed to trump even the Long Range version, which is rated at 310 miles in ideal conditions. That said, the Macan EV will probably cost a lot more than the Model Y when it comes to the United States later this year.

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