Tesla Cybertruck deliveries began on November 30 at the event held at Giga Texas, but we didn't get to learn much about the people who took delivery and what the experience was like for them.

While the first handovers happened in a controlled environment, people are starting to take delivery of Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series models the old-fashioned way, and videos documenting their experience have started to surface.

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Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series is the only way to take delivery quickly

Limited to 1,000 units that will be the first to reach customers, the Foundation Series Cybertruck costs $20,000 more than the regular Cybertruck AWD and Cyberbeast tri-motor variants. Deliveries have already started in California and Texas, with more states to follow in early 2024.

The Tesbros YouTube channel has filmed one of the first deliveries of a Foundation Series Cybertruck that took place after the November 30 delivery event. The electric truck was handed over to its owners, Zach and Ella, at a Tesla store in Austin, Texas.

The lucky owners opted for a Cybertruck All-Wheel Drive in the Foundation Series launch edition, which starts at $99,990 plus shipping. That's a $20,000 premium over the regular Cybertruck AWD, but customers get a lot more than the "Foundation Series" lettering etched into the stainless steel front fenders and tailgate—the launch edition-specific features are detailed in this article.

As you can imagine, the owners were very excited about finally taking delivery of their Cybertruck, even though the experience was basically the same as with any Tesla.

After finishing the paperwork, which isn't exactly the right word here because things were mostly done online via the smartphone, and accepting delivery, the owner was able to have the Cybertruck transferred to his Tesla app.

The owners were then given a tour of the vehicle and its features by Tesla service employees, which is useful considering that the Cybertruck is the company's most technologically advanced vehicle yet.

Like the video's creator, I have to admit that seeing the happy owners drive off in the Cybertruck from the Tesla store was a bit of a surreal moment. It certainly helped drive home the fact that the electric pickup Tesla fans have been waiting for four years is finally in customers' hands, and that we'll see many more of them on U.S. roads soon.

While Tesla won't have it easy building the Cybertruck and reaching the promised output of 250,000 units per year, the wheels started turning and there's no stopping that now. Watch this space for ownership experience videos soon.

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